Prosperity Flows from Within
By Judy De Prete



Prosperity is not just about accumulating possessions nor having monetary resources. It is much deeper than “I Want to Be a Hilton.” It is about a consciousness that knows all life, all love, all wisdom, all ‘things’ flow from within. In his classic book, “Spiritual Economics,” Eric Butterworth, a highly-respected New Age pioneer and innovator of New Thought, broadly defines prosperity as ‘spiritual well-being;’ well-being that involves the whole experience of a healthy life, fulfilling relationships, a deep sense of peace and harmony, and enough of what Aristotle called the ‘furniture of fortune’.

By using this definition of wealth, real prosperity is available to anyone whose inner state of consciousness includes a truly prosperous attitude toward all of life. And, it is an absolute truth that the focus of a person’s consciousness determines the way in which prosperity shows up at any given moment in time. As a ‘prosperity shaper’ individuals are limited only by their attitudes and states of awareness.

The amount of attention a person places on personal growth and transformation of consciousness dramatically impacts stages of development and states of consciousness; and, ultimately determines the degree of realization of ‘spiritual well-being’ and sense of a prosperous life. Rollo May, pioneer of the humanistic school of psychology, says a truly prosperous person is a ‘fully functioning person,’ what Abraham Maslow’s work in the hierarchy of needs would call ‘self actualized.’

Yet, becoming a ‘fully functioning person’ is a complex process. It requires awakened awareness, mature spirituality, and solid spiritual and personal practices to strengthen body, mind and soul. In this journey toward wholeness, prosperity: money, cars, houses and luxuries of all kinds, is redefined. The definition of prosperity expands beyond financial matters and economic fluctuations to include a balanced healthy state of consciousness; a consciousness which unfolds from within.

This unfolding process results in refined awareness rooted in being not having. Progress toward ‘spiritual well-being’ begins to ‘punch a hole in heaven’ so that an abundant flow of all that supports a rich life becomes a prospering presence. True prosperity and ‘spiritual well-being’ unlock a vast storehouse of creative ideas, opportunities and inward spiritual power, which become powerful influences for prosperity and success in life. In a very real sense, true prosperity, or lack of it, reflects in how a person shows up in all areas of life: the material world and also in thoughts, feelings and relationships.

When focused on true prosperity, abundance becomes an ever-present reality. Yet, there is a dynamic relationship between consciousness and prosperity, which can include a subconscious fear that there is ‘not enough’. This pervasive concept of ‘not enough’ appears to be a norm in a competition-based political, economic and social climate. Many fall into the trap of ‘economic hypochondria’ in which there develops a tremendous emphasis on ‘how to get’ and ‘how to keep’. The fear of ‘not enough’ is displayed in struggles at every level of relationship with the experience of life.

A conscious shift  away from the idea of ‘what’s in for me’ to the idea that all of life is a delicately-balanced system working together in interdependent relationships of giving and receiving fosters awareness that wealth, well-being, is necessary for the flow of prosperity and abundance to sustain the whole of creation.

The wisdom of nature continually demonstrates this principle. As trees take in carbon dioxide and give out life-sustaining oxygen they become elegant symbols of this important relationship of giving and receiving. So, too, in human experience there comes a point in mature spiritual awareness where the concept of ‘what’s in it for me’ simply evaporates into a commitment to a prosperous consciousness without any thought of return.

When individual awareness expands into true prosperity, ‘spiritual well-being’, it becomes a powerful influence for prosperity. The heart of the question of prosperity is not ‘out there somewhere’ but in the consciousness of each person. In awakened awareness there is a shift in emphasis from getting and having to giving and being. This transformation of consciousness results in the feeling of being a channel for the flow of good in life. It involves not only opening to the flow of material wealth, ‘the furniture of fortune’, but also it involves going the extra mile in meeting obligations, forgiveness, and keeping the high watch on positive thinking and loving reactions to the complexities of the human condition. True prosperity flows from within and begins with awareness.

Rev. Judy De Prete and Rev. Glenda Knox are co-founders of Common Ground Interfaith Spiritual Center located in Tustin. They offer regular weekly services on Saturdays at 6 p.m. and Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Visit for complete information.

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