Nature’s Gate Organics
Advanced Skin Care
By Kathy DeSantis



I’ve always liked skin creams, the way they feel, the packaging, the reassurance they provide. In recent years I have been using  creams with natural ingredients, as I find the ingredients and manufacturing process more wholesome without chemicals.

A leader in the natural skin care industry is Nature’s Gate Organics, the company that pioneered natural personal care products with Nature’s Gate Classics, Organics and Organics Fruit Blend lines. Nature’s Gate has led the way again by merging science and nature to produce the new Advanced Skin Care line, which I am now using and finding it to be very effective on my aging, peri-menopausal skin and face.

They have launched five new creams in this line that are helping to shield against early visible signs of aging. All of the creams combine natural elements with state-of-the art ingredients such as an age-defying Amino-Peptide Complex, Alpha Lipoic Acid and phyto-actives that defend, shield and nourish skin. Best of all they contain no preservatives, are cruelty-free and made with Certified Organic botanicals, making them unique.

The five products are designed to be used in a daily and weekly regimen with overlapping functions.  I have used them faithfully now for eight weeks, by themselves, and see that my face looks more hydrated and toned, less blotchy and feels smoother too.

Nature’s Gate products are reasonably priced and available at health food stores, pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide. E-mail us for more information:

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