The Light and Sound Teachings
By Sri Gary Olsen    



MasterPath, the Divine Science of Light and Sound, is a spiritual doctrine whose expressed intent is the liberation and Salvation of one’s Soul, and the ultimate realization of God. Its authenticity and credibility are solely based on the Spiritual Life Force known by various names in different forms of spiritual and religious endeavors. MasterPath refers to this celestial and radiant Spiritual Life Force as the spiritual current of Light and Sound, for the Light of God can be seen, and the Sound or God’s Voice can be distinctly heard by any devotee who spiritually prepares oneself.

MasterPath is neither a New Age teaching, religion, metaphysical pursuit, philosophic endeavor, cultic practice, nor a personal demonstration of psychic power. The Light and Sound Teachings are ageless and timeless, and have been championed by such luminaries as Hafiz, Rumi, Pythagoras, Christ, Kabir, Nanak, as well as Seth Dayal, Sawan, and Kirpal Singh of India. Several Light and Sound Paths currently dot the globe, and millions of devotees have found succor and fulfillment through these teachings.

A purely spiritual doctrine, MasterPath is meant to liberate the consciousness of Soul from the woes and ills of mundane life, the entanglements of personal karmas, and offers freedom from the propensities and tendencies of the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds. Upon liberation, the Soul can view once again the majesty of Its Lord, and experience the perfection, love, and bliss of one’s own Divine Self.

For those who desire a more gratifying and fulfilling spiritual experience, MasterPath offers a complete roadmap back to the Creator’s Domain, not only telling the devotee about God, but showing one how to attain It. In order to attain the highest in Spiritual consciousness, MasterPath stresses that three conditions are absolutely necessary: a True Living Master, the True Spiritual Current, and the True Doctrine of Spirituality.

These three principles, along with the devotee’s ardent desire to reunite with one’s spiritual Source, easily ignite the flame of illumination and divine insight, miraculously restoring and rejuvenating one’s zeal and enthusiasm to live the spiritual life.  

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