Margaret Ruby
Possibilities DNA and Abundance
By Donna Strong



Margaret Ruby has been an intrepid explorer in the field of spiritual growth for the past seventeen years. Her work, known as Possibilities DNA, is a groundbreaking synthesis of ancient wisdom and  modern-day research with profound and life-changing results. In the past year, she has been given information to activate what she refers to as the ‘God code,’ to turn on the innate capacity for well-being  and abundance in all facets of one’s life.

Awareness: Margaret, how do you see abundance?

Margaret: The universe is inherently abundant. The fundamental laws of the universe are based on abundance. The seed of abundance is imagination, for it is the secret to causation. Imagination creates reality. The universe is ready, supplied and willing to fulfill your imagination. Everyone holds the power to abundantly create their reality; we are all masters of our fate.

Awareness: You have made the comment that one major theme of your own journey is about changing belief systems to change the world. How does your work, Possibilities DNA, unlock the potential within the DNA so that people can become more fulfilled?

Margaret: Our reality is affected strongly by our individual and collective belief systems. Many of these beliefs support us and assist us in our lives, and we want to maintain and strengthen those beliefs. Other beliefs, which are mostly unconscious, contribute to our difficulties. These are the beliefs we want to learn how to shift.

I have discovered that all of us have patterns in our DNA, the higher patterns of our original blueprint and the false patterns we have inherited and taken on, that block us from reaching our full potential. Our original blueprint goes back to the beginning of creation. Originally the DNA was created with a blueprint of wellness and abundance. Anything foreign to that vibration is not who we truly are.

We enter this world with our perfect blueprint intact and at the same time, sleeping within this blueprint, are stories and genetic memories that can be triggered by events in this life. The non-supportive stories handed down through our genes can disrupt our perfect blueprint and create energetic blocks. My work takes you to the core of what triggered the false pattern and removes the false vibration from the emotional DNA. Once the pattern is removed, the DNA will return to its inherent perfect blueprint of wellness and abundance.

I call the foreign programming the false patterns of the matrix. The matrix is based on what does not work, rather what can work. Few of us were supported to look for what is right and good about ourselves, or to notice what is special about us and believe we deserve abundance. Instead, most of us were taught to look for what is wrong and what does not work.

I  noticed this negative conditioning process taking place when I taught kindergarten quite a few years ago. For example, the children were rewarded for finding the things that were wrong with the picture — like a three-legged chair, or a bird upside down. When we grow up we continue to see what is wrong with the picture and it creates a matrix or a break between our right and left brains. We can no longer see the opportunities that are available to us. The activation of the abundance gene reconnects us to the possibilities.

Awareness: Tell us how you see the DNA template. You have mentioned that it is not only a blueprint for eye and hair color, but the belief systems of our ancestors.

Margaret: We are born with two chemical strands of DNA that direct the color of our eyes, hair, sex and health. Sleeping within the two chemical strands are 10 energetic strands that hold the blueprint of our emotional heritage. The blueprint of our life is written in code in our DNA. The blueprint tells us more than what kind of physical traits, strengths and weakness we have inherited.

Our genes also contain a vast storehouse of emotional information and patterning below the surface that drive what we see above the surface. Although new cells are being created all the time, our cells will replicate a flaw if we have a degenerative pattern in our DNA.

It is the same with the emotional patterns encoded in our DNA. Our emotional heritage, inherited from our father’s and mother’s ancestors, contributes to the patterns we see repeated over and over again in our life, both positive and negative. From my work over the years, I have seen that as hard as we may try to change an emotional pattern, whether it be anger, anxiety or addictive behavior, those patterns keep perpetuating until we uncover the real source of the defect, the ancestral stories that are hardwired into us. It doesn’t matter whether you are experiencing blocks in finances, career or relationships. Whatever is not working in your life can be traced back to the stories programmed into your DNA code.

To restore wholeness, we first have to find the story that has created the pattern. For example, I was working with a teenager who suddenly developed an allergy to wheat when he was 16 years old. So serious was this new allergy, that when he ate wheat, his body reacted as if he were dying. I discovered that at the age of sixteen, his great grandfather came to America after his family had been killed in a wheat field. From this horrific experience, the great grandfather took on the belief that wheat is related to death.

Because the episode was so traumatic, it became part of  the genetic memory handed down to my teenage client. On his sixteenth birthday something happened that awakened this story — his own father died. The trauma triggered the memory in his DNA that wheat is associated with death. As a result, he not only developed an allergy but his body reacted to it as if  he were dying.

The vibrational healing techniques I teach energetically removed the belief encoded in his genes that wheat causes death. With this, his allergy to wheat disappeared. This is a dramatic but by no means isolated example of how our emotions and belief systems affect our DNA. Emotions are in effect the vibratory templates that turn genes on or off. They activate the stories that have been sleeping in our genes.

Awareness: Describe how the 46 chromosomes of the DNA work?

Margaret: I like to describe our DNA as a giant storybook on tape made up of 46 chapters (scientifically referred to as chromosomes). In your personal book of life, 22 chapters were handed down through your mother’s lineage and 22 chapters were handed down through your father’s lineage. You have two additional chapters that are your connection to God or your ‘God code.’

Our ‘God code’ holds our perfect blueprints for wellness and abundance. When these two chapters are closed, it keeps us from our abundance and locks in a world of scarcity where we believe there is not enough money, time or love. When activated, we understand that we are one and what happens to one happens to all. We understand we are the source of our own abundance. It is this part of our storybook that we are working to reinstate.

You are continually adding to your storybook with stories of your life. Each chapter in turn is made up of tens of thousands of stories (which scientists call genes). The stories are recorded in our genes and bound by the chapters or chromosomes. These stories involve the feelings and emotions we have experienced in our lives, as well as experiences and beliefs of our ancestors, stored in what you might call our genetic memory. In other words, along with our hair color and the shape of our nose, we have an emotional history that has been handed down to us through our family lineage.

In mapping the genes, scientists found other puzzling facts. Have you ever thought of yourself as related to a banana or even a worm? Scientists have discovered that 50% of our genes are like those of banana and 40% of the worm’s genes are similar to ours. They discovered that the genes in a newborn baby are 99.9%  identical to every other baby being born. Since the genes contain the memories and stories of our ancestors, the similarity in our genes would mean that we also have a similarity in our stories. This is exactly what I have found to be true in my work.

We share similar emotions, beliefs, stories and themes. Universally I find themes of abandonment, betrayal, loss, separation and feelings of rejection running through the life stories of most people. I also find memories of the slave trade, inquisition, holocaust, droughts, plagues and famines. Because of this similarity in the experience of the human species, I can apply processes that involve archetypal patterning to discover what story was handed down through the lineage.

Awareness: You have indicated that there is geometry to the cell...

Margaret: Energetically the cellular structure is made up of five platonic solids; the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron. The 5 platonic solids are ideal crystal patterns that occur throughout the world of minerals. When you look at an energetic cell in its perfect state it looks like a beautiful crystal. When a cell is in perfection all 5 platonic solids are working in harmony with one another. Then they look like a giant snowflake in perfection, like the pictures of water with Dr. Emoto’s work. When a cell is not in perfection, one or more of the geometric shapes are out of harmony with one another.

There is a geometric shape or pattern for abundance. That pattern is created and supported with positive beliefs about plenty. If the stories in your DNA are about plenty, then like a magnet, that is what you will attract. So when you are not having abundance in your world, the geometric patterning of your body is off. Part of the process is shifting the platonic solids back into their perfect alignment with each other to send out the correct vibration.

Awareness: Can you talk a bit about imagination and intention being the two major elements of manifestation?

Margaret: Imagination is developed in our right brain, which I call the mind’s eye of creation. I call the left brain the mind of certainty. In order to have abundance and manifestation, the right and left brain have to be connected, to have a clear signal that goes back and forth between them. So it would work like this. In my right brain I see a picture of Hawaii, and I see myself lying on a beach in a hammock under a palm tree drinking pina coladas. I go “Wow.” That’s my imagination, but I have to have the vibration of intention to make the imagination work. So the left brain goes, “Let’s go to Hawaii this weekend” and it sets up the intention.

But what happens is the matrix, the belief system of what we think we can do and what we can’t do. All of a sudden the matrix will click on and say, “Hey, what’s wrong with you, did you forget your bank account is empty? Who is going to buy these tickets to Hawaii? You can’t afford to miss work, you can’t even make your next month’s rent.” So the minute the matrix starts talking, it breaks the circuitry. When the circuitry is broken, it can’t happen.

Now let’s just say the matrix didn’t click on, and you still didn’t have any money to go to Hawaii, but you kept the intention — I’m going to Hawaii, and you kept the imagination of the picture going. As you drive into your driveway, your neighbor will step out and say, “Hey Harry, guess what? I was just given these two free tickets to Hawaii, but I can’t use them because I have to go to the family reunion this weekend. Could you use them?” That’s exactly what happens in creation and manifestation — stuff shows up from out of the blue. Yet we can’t have manifestation with the circuitry broken between the right and left brain.

You are in fact already creating your own world, but you may not always be doing so in a way that is intentional or that is in alignment with your highest self. Your thoughts and beliefs set up a template for what you are creating. And your feelings energize those thoughts and beliefs, magnetizing their essence to you physically. As you become more skilled in the art of manifestation, you start to open up to a larger world. It may feel like magic when your manifestations come to life, but what is really taking place is that you have learned how to use your thoughts and feelings to direct your energy in constructive ways.

Each and every one of us is meant to be a powerful force for manifestation. Most of us however, use only a small fraction of our brilliance and power. The two keys that unlock that power are imagination and intention. When intention and imagination are fused anything is possible.

Awareness: How did the abundance gene come to you?

Margaret: In a waking dream state, a source of universal wisdom showed me the geometric patterns that were needed to reconnect the abundance gene. On August 11, 2004, I was told we were ready to activate the abundance gene, and it would be activated first in America, for it was here that the blueprint was originally set. America was founded on the principles of abundance, offering opportunity and freedom to all.

Since the founding of this great land though, we have forgotten the principles of abundance. In the last 200 years we have turned off the abundance gene and turned on the scarcity gene. In order to create a world of peace and harmony we must turn the abundance gene back on. Once enough people activate their abundance genes, I was told that the vibration would spread across the world.

Awareness: It is certainly time to move beyond spreading scarcity among ourselves!

Margaret: Yes, it is so ingrained in the DNA, I feel that it goes back to about the beginning of time, with the belief ‘there is just not enough.’ There really is enough! It is our feelings that create the disturbance in the DNA and it turns the abundance genes off. Our feelings of sorrow and grief  turn on the genes of depression and separation.

As we wake up, we release the low vibrations that create density. The high vibrations create a lightness and stimulate more light. Somehow we are moving from water-based bodies to light-based bodies. Yet, at this point, the mainstream is not there. It is still holding the density. As more people are willing to take a chance, embrace change and aliveness and let go of resistance to how they think it has to be, then we will evolve more quickly.

Awareness: Many years ago, one of my teachers of Cranio-Sacral work described how in the cranial ventricles, light flashes upon light and creates more light. What you are talking about feels connected to how creation manifests through light. How very delightful, pun intended!

Margaret: It is exactly how you said — the light of creation. Within the DNA the photon light is a communication system. Whatever you are feeling inside is the signal that is sent out to the world through the photon light. It is like a beacon attracting to you exactly what you are feeling, and your feelings come from your beliefs. The photon light reads the geometric patterning of your DNA and sends that geometric pattern out to the world. The geometric patterning in your cellular structure will attract money, health, wealth and relationships into your world with the same geometric patterns.

Awareness: In the abundance gene activation process would you say that not only a light is happening, but there is a sound vibration component as well?

Margaret: Yes, everything as we know it is done with light and sound for both form geometric patterns. I work with the sound of numbers to reinstate the abundance gene. I call this process Numerical Mapping and Numerical Healing. I was shown how the vibration of numbers creates geometric shapes. I use the vibration of the exact numbers, sounds and colors shown to me by the higher dimensions to take the cellular memory back to its geometric shapes of perfection. With the geometric figures used in the activation, it looks just like pretty colors, but actually it is geometry on top of geometry, in very detailed patterns, resetting the geo-metrics of your body to match abundance!

Awareness: And who makes these absolutely amazing visual forms?

Margaret: I work with visionary artist and sound healer Reta Phillips. When the abundance activation came, I called her the next morning and said, Reta, I got an abundance activation. She responded, last night I was shown the pictures of what it looks like. As I am given the activation, she is shown the geometrical patterns of  light. So we put it together and it makes a powerful activation.

Awareness: Having seen this DVD presentation, the results are quite profound!

Margaret: It really is. The ancient ones didn’t think we were going to make it, but we did because we held a high enough vibration. Beginning in August of 1999, the doorway opened, and we are now in the dawning of the Golden Age. All of us who are consciously participating are the ‘bridge walkers’ ushering the planet into a thousand years of prosperity, health and abundance.

Awareness: Margaret, any other comments to close?

Margaret: We can change the stories written in our genes. We do not have to be prisoners of our genetic heritage. The world of healing is a world of infinite possibilities. I named our company Possibilities DNA because the word possibilities reminds me that there are many ways to do things. A higher source, or higher self, speaks to us in simple ways. When your heart is open to possibilities you can see the unseen. You can notice the small things that lead to enormous discoveries. Welcome to the world of infinite possibilities.

Margaret Ruby will be coming to Los Angeles in September. For more information, call (888) 711-9962,   or visit

Audrey Hope will be interviewing Margaret for her cable TV show, Real Women, which will air in November. Please check local listings for more information.

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