Scientist Turned Shaman
Interview with a  Siberian Shaman
By Nataaiya



Russia is a source of the ancient shamanic wisdom where powerful mystical rituals have been faithfully preserved for millennia. Siberian Shamanism dates back over 40,000 years and is a true ancient spiritual tradition. Shamanic knowledge is based on the direct individual connection with Spirit, and assists people in opening their personal connection with Spirit at the deepest level. Through connection to Spirit, Shamans use ritual knowledge to facilitate positive changes in the lives of their students.

Biven Mamonta is part of a group of twelve Shamans who travel the world holding seminars. There are also groups of Shamans of other specializations, like meditation and making rituals, and those who devote themselves mainly to working with business people and politicians.

Petra Hisberhen, leader of the Etten-Lere esoteric center in Brabant province in Holland, speaks of seminars and Biven Mamonta with enthusiasm: “He is a big and strong Shaman. When you take part in a seminar, you receive not only a lesson, but he makes a strong energy field around the group. Mamonta can be rightly named as one of the greatest Shamans of our century, because he helped to teach, heal, and change many people.”

Mamonta became a Shaman after years of study in the fields of medicine and psychology. Parapsychology, the study of so-called supernatural abilities, fascinated him. Looking for better ways to prevent illness, heal diseases of the mind, and understand mental abilities, led this scientist to study the esoteric fields of herbal remedies, magic, and finally Shamanism. He is a disciple of Altai Chi, the Headmaster of Golden Altai.

Interviewer: I understand you are a scientist turned Shaman. That must have been an interesting journey. What led you to such a path?

Mamonta: I studied medicine when I was young, but I was disappointed that so many diseases were not being healed. There are many diseases that are preventable, yet prevention is not happening. I studied psychology to learn about diseases of the mind and spirit, and also to understand the true nature of mental abilities, including the area of parapsychology — the study of supernatural abilities.

Interviewer: Is there really any such thing as supernatural abilities? Can people really read minds, foretell the future, move objects from a distance, or levitate?

Mamonta: Yes and no. People can do many amazing things with their minds. Once one learns to channel the energy of the cosmos — we call this energy, Sansa — correctly, there is no limit to the mental powers one can develop. However, it is a misnomer to call these abilities “supernatural.” They are just natural abilities that are not properly understood and have been repressed for centuries.

Interviewer: What do you mean by “repressed”? If people really had such abilities naturally, why wouldn’t everybody know about them?

Mamonta: First, because people tend to fear what they don’t understand. So, in the olden days, if somebody showed the ability to read minds or to manipulate objects from afar, they would be feared and attacked by others in their community. Many people were persecuted and killed for having abilities that others didn’t understand.

Also, the organizations of power in society, organized governments and organized religions, repressed the knowledge in order to maintain their power. Anybody practicing or teaching these abilities was subject to be put to death in any of the countries ruled by Moslems or Christians throughout the entire Dark Ages — and that included most of the world. Only recently has it become safe to even discuss extrasensory abilities in public.

Interviewer: How is it that any of this knowledge has been preserved if it was suppressed for thousands of years by organized government, religion, and society as a whole?

Mamonta: Not all the ancient knowledge was lost. In remote places like Shambala, wise gurus continued to practice, study, and teach the mysteries of the universe.
For centuries, ancient knowledge has been preserved and studied in the Mountains of Altai in Siberia. The Masters of Golden Altai passed ancient hidden secrets from generation to generation, so the knowledge would not be lost forever.

Interviewer: You talked about the repression of the Dark Ages, the Inquisition, Salem witch burnings, persecution of the Druids — things like that — but all those took place hundreds of years ago. Since then there has been plenty of time for modern science to study these phenomena and determine if there is any validity. Having studied science yourself, why do you think there haven’t been very many scientific studies on extraordinary mental abilities?

Mamonta: Oh, but there have been numerous studies showing extrasensory abilities. In fact, many prestigious universities all over the world have parapsychology professors, research centers, and courses. This is a field where many scientists receive masters degrees and PhDs.

Modern scientists now study the ancient knowledge and are amazed at rediscovering (and scientifically proving) things that were known centuries ago. For example, humans have energy fields that are now measurable scientifically. These energy fields can be seen as auras that can be photographed using special modern equipment. A few decades ago, people who believed those scientific facts would have been considered “crazy” or “demonic”.

The methods practiced by Siberian Shamans have been tested at the esteemed Institute of Kaznacheev in eastern Russia. There, it was discovered that people who used these methods have improved harmony in relations with loved ones, friends, and business associates, and their levels of vital energy were increased dramatically.

Many amazing things have been discovered and scientifically tested. Now, the word is getting out that there is something here worth considering. Who knows what will be proven or disproved as scientific methods are applied to ancient wisdom?

Interviewer: You mentioned learning to channel the energy of the cosmos. How is that accomplished?

Mamonta: One must learn to control the energy and emotions within oneself. As Buddha said, it is easier to defeat a thousand enemies a thousand times than to defeat oneself one time. There are exercises, meditations, mantras and theories of energy flow that help a person to learn how to channel Sansa energy effectively. We teach these in special Astro Aikido seminars at Golden Altai and other places of power.

Interviewer: Is any of this knowledge available to people who don’t have the time to travel to Astro Aikido seminars?

Mamonta: Yes, we are working on a series of UniverSynergy Arts correspondence courses through the Academy of Golden Altai. Happiness of Our Children, a course teaching the secrets of happiness, harmony, and love is available now. The course on Astro Aikido will be available soon.

We have also produced a music collection of songs specially created to improve relationships, balance business with spirituality, improve health, heal sickness, harmonize the heart, open up special abilities, increase natural energy, and become a source of soothing pleasure for the listener.

Interviewer: This Astro Aikido sounds like a martial art. Is it like karate, judo, or jiu-jitsu, or is it something more esoteric?

Mamonta: Astro Aikido is the ultimate martial art. It teaches how to defend against attacks and defeat opponents without resorting to physical fighting. When one understands how to direct natural energy in unison with others of the same training, the potential power is enormous. Learning Astro Aikido takes dedication, time, and effort. For those who make the effort, the rewards are outstanding.

Interviewer: You mentioned a series of courses. What other things does your academy teach?

Mamonta: UniverSynergy Arts is comprised of many Directions, or paths, of study. In general, they are methods of self-improvement that combine the old wisdom with newer scientific knowledge to improve people’s health, relationships, and vital energy levels making them more successful in life. Many Directions of Univer-Synergy Arts are explained on our website at

Interviewer: Who are your courses aimed at — adults, children, mystics, abnormal people, or normal people? Who, exactly, is likely to benefit from taking these courses?

Mamonta: Everybody can benefit by learning to increase their vital energy levels. Business peo-ple have become much more successful, people with poor health have gotten better, and people who often felt tired and worn out became more energetic. When your vital energy is tied into the energy of the cosmos, everything about life seems to get better for you.

Everyone can benefit from better health. Learning to eat, sleep, breathe, exercise, and meditate properly can prevent most of the health problems of humanity. Moreover, proper nutrition, exercise, and meditation can prevent emotional problems, and build up immunity from attacks of the spirit.

Another area in which we have done considerable research and developed special courses is the area of “special children.” We are particularly concerned with the proper education of the children known as Indigo Children, because if properly raised they can be a source of wonderment and joy, but if they are miseducated, dumbed down, or drugged to control their behavior, they can become tremendous problems for their parents, teachers, and society. There is more information about raising and educating special children on the Indigolden Children section of our website.
Our programs aren’t just aimed at improving the lives of a few people. We believe that by teaching people to improve their health, wealth, family harmony, mental outlook, and relationships we are helping to improve the entire world in the long run. We can’t change the world all at once, but we can change the world a few people at a time. As those who have learned to teach others, the knowledge gets passed forward until it is available to everybody.

Interviewer: What, or who, led you to study Shamanism?

Mamonta: I was disappointed in my medical studies, because doctors often couldn’t heal people. I didn’t understand that. I asked myself if there might be other possibilities to help people, so I began to study psychology and magic. I worked a lot using off-center methods and tried to gather other doctors to talk to them, to teach them. But I stumbled upon misunderstanding as usual.
One day I read in a newspaper an appeal for a meeting about the predictions of Nostradamus. I went and was inspired to go to Altai in Siberia. The sight of Altai amazed me. It was one of the strongest impressions I had in many years. My eyes opened widely, and absorbed the might and power of primeval Earth, from which fumes rose — it was so fresh and saturated. The tops of powerful mountains were stretching to the sky and hiding in white cumulus clouds, which were competing with the whiteness of the snow-covered mountaintops. The powerful violent river Katun brought its healing waters, rounding rocks and fields, making crystal lakes and iridescent waterfalls. And everywhere there were magnificent cedars!

There I met a great master teacher, the God-wise Altai Chi. He explained to me how I could help people without operations and medicines. But it is not enough to only heal their bodily diseases. People must also change their way of life. They must change their nutrition, breathing, mobility, thoughts, and emotions. The great master told me I must teach people so they could help more people.
A meeting with the Shaman Altai Chi changed my life. I got rid of many chronic illnesses that had tormented me. He opened up my super abilities with which I have found the opportunity to help many people, giving them rest, health, success in personal and business affairs, family harmony, and happiness. Altai Chi has helped me to find supreme happiness and good fortune for myself.

Interviewer:  Altai Chi, sounds like a very interesting individual. What is he like?

Mamonta: I can only talk a little about him, because my mind is much lower than his. According to esoteric rules, a man with a less-developed mind must not talk about another man with a more highly-developed mind. The great master lives in a secret place in the forest of the Altai Mountains in Siberia and moves routinely. There are high mountains and endless forests with strong trees and many rivers, with water so clear you can drink it.

His favorite place is a cave, concealed in a rock behind thick bushes and thick stems of trees. The entrance to it is stepped — at first you go through a little aperture, in which a body can hardly enter. Then one more — a wider arch, and after the third arch the cave opens wide. There are quaint dangling stalactites and stalagmites. The cave’s floor is rarely dry and in the distant corner a tiny brook trickles down by the wall with a melodious murmur, its water accumulating in a hollow gouged in the floor, making a cool lake. The cave’s air is saturated with peace, grace, and pow-er. A man contacts his soul in this cave.

Down the mountain there are hamlets with small simple houses. People coming to Altai for meetings with the teacher, live in these hamlets and wait for the teacher to come to them.
I meet God-wise Altai Chi a few times a year. I can only say that I saw how people near him recover and change quickly. Their aura becomes lighter, and they become younger. Their skin’s structure becomes younger. People begin to see in other ways. They don’t worry about little problems any more, and begin to live more deliberately, for higher goals. They become more successful. Not only does their inside world change, but their mutual relations with partners change for the better, too.

Interviewer: So, does Altai Chi just sit in his cave and heal a few people, or is he involved with the international outreach and the training of the Academy of Golden Altai.

Mamonta: Our organization was founded by Altai Chi. He is still the Headmaster of the Academy of Golden Altai. The mission of the Academy is to combine new knowledge with ancient teachings in order to help the people of the world harness their natural energies attain peace, happiness, love, and liberty.

Thanks to the genius of Altai Chi, in the years since 1989, the Academy of Golden Altai has become known as one of the best in the world. Though Altai Chi prefers to stay close to his centers of power in the Altai Mountains, his teachings are spreading worldwide, and his mind reaches out into the cosmos to discover new information for us to learn and pass on to our pupils and all the people of the world.
Some of us are fortunate to be traveling teachers — going all over the world spreading knowledge. Other Shamans stay in their communities, teaching, healing, advising, and protecting their neighbors and students. Another group concentrates prayer energy on our missions, and on protecting the health of the earth, doing their part to improve the future of mankind and the health of the planet. All are working together under the direction of Altai Chi.

Interviewer: You talk about protecting the earth and improving the future of mankind. Is this an environmental movement? Why does the earth need the protection of Shamans?

Mamonta: There is good reason to be worried about the current state of people on this Earth because, in spite of technical prog-ress, people are at a low level of spiritual development. Modern people have no control over their psyche, mind, or energy, which results in an ever-increasing number of psychological diseases, which could be quickly removed with the Ancient Slavic Method.
Often people have a limited view of their multiple levels of being and living, so that even the most minor difficulty can trigger a deadlock situation, resulting in nervous stress, heart attack, and even suicide.
Moreover, planet Earth itself is under attack, as is every living organism, from infections, misuse, invasions, and outright abuse. Our response is to proactively defend against infections and invasions while educating people to stop the misuse and abuse.

Interviewer: That is pretty deep. How can you defend the planet against invasions and infections?

Mamonta: Yes. I agree that this is a complicated subject and difficult to explain in an interview.
Just consider the planet Earth as an organism existing in the solar system with a protective layer of ozone to protect it from solar rays and contaminants that might damage it. Now consider there are holes, mostly one big hole over the South Pole, in the Earth’s protective armor. So now things that could not enter the atmosphere before can get in through these holes.
Well, it takes a certain way of seeing things to even know that things are getting through the holes in the ozone. It takes a lot of concentration to block those invasions. No individual could do that, not even the great Altai Chi. So, many years ago the Aharata School Egregor was developed.

It has a Sansa energy force that is the combination of many Astro Aikido adepts who monitor the ozone holes and, when any threat to the planet Earth is detected, the Egregor sends a concentrated stream of energy out to block it. After all, if energy is flowing into the ozone hole, a more powerful stream of energy can prevent it from getting in.

Interviewer: You’re saying a few Shamans in Siberia are preventing the world from coming to an end! That’s pretty wild! Why should we trust you, rather than our governments, to protect our planet?

Mamonta: We don’t know many details about what various governments are trying to do to protect the planet Earth. Many of their programs are cloaked in secrecy and can’t be talked about. Many government programs cost lots of money but don’t work. Often what governments try to do backfires and makes the situation worse. Would you like to see the “War on Ozone Invaders” being as expensive and unsuccessful as the “War on Terrorism” or the “War on Drugs” or the “War on Poverty”?

One thing is certain: most ordinary politicians would rather see the world come to an end than be perceived as strange or weird by their voting constituents. That is why truly innovative changes never happen through political systems. When something is crucial to the future of our planet, it is much too critical to leave it up to the political systems of unstable competing governments. That is why our system is international, crossing all borders and unifying people of divergent ethnicities and nationalities.

Interviewer: OK, let’s step back from the international and intergalactic views, and get back to what the average individual can expect to gain from your teachings. What’s in this for women?

Mamonta: Improved health and vital energy is great for women. We have a special class called Woman Power and Magnetism, which teaches ancient secrets to unlock women’s hidden abilities and unleash their personal power.

We also have a course called Cleopatra Beauty Magic that teaches ancient secrets of maintaining beauty. Tantric Yoga and all of our health and vitality courses are great for women, too.

Interviewer: Do you have anything especially for business people?

Mamonta: The Business Magic course has helped a lot of business owners succeed when they were previously failing. Besides that specific course, it is good for business people to have better health, understand the rules of obtaining wealth, increase their vital energy levels, and improve their personal, family, and business relationships.

Interviewer: What do you have for young people?

Mamonta: One of our most popular events is the Trance-Dance. Dancing is the oldest and most powerful way to reach the Shamanic state of Trance, a state of inner power and well-being in which all illnesses can be cured and deep insights into life’s problems can be achieved.

During this mini-workshop, participants are initiated into the sacred art of magical dance. Under the guidance of a world famous Shaman, they enter the Shamanic thin worlds to shape their own wonderful destiny and make it become reality. They learn sacred dances to awaken and raise Kundalini-energy, travel in the dream worlds, increase personal energy to gain health and vitality, and create their individual brilliant futures. And the bottom line is that it feels really good!

Interviewer: That sounds like fun. What else is there for youth?

Mamonta: Belly Dance is exciting for everybody! How Your Honeymoon Can Last a Lifetime is exciting for engaged couples and newlyweds — and people who want to feel like newlyweds again. The most important things for youth to consider are what they are going to do, and how they are going to live their lives.

Gaining the knowledge to be successful in life is very important when you are young. Learning to discern truth from falsehoods, reality from fiction, how to know when you’ve found the right partner for life, and how to make your honeymoon last a lifetime are important. Learning to find happiness, love, family harmony, and business success are important keys to leading an interesting and successful life.
There is also the whole field of childhood education, including the special research about training Indigolden Children, and a special Personality Quest for gaining insight into people’s personality types.
Our mission is to improve the lives of everybody. Youth, the elderly, parents, children — it does not matter what your station in life, there is a UniverSynergy Arts program that will improve your life.

Interviewer: It seems whatever I ask, you have a serious, sometimes world-shaking response. Do you ever lighten up and just have fun?

Mamonta: My entire life is fun. I play my tambourine, I play my drums, I dance, and I bring happiness to people. My vital energy level is tremendous. I am in love with life and humanity, and I am a vital link to saving the planet Earth. Just because I get serious doesn’t mean I don’t have fun.

One of the most important concepts of the universe is balance. There is a balance between planets and suns and moons and asteroids and comets. There is a balance between energy in and energy out. There is a balance between light and dark, male and female, yin and yang. Everything must be in balance. Teaching people to maintain a reasonable balance is the overall mission of the Academy of Golden Altai. Maybe if individual people learn to maintain a reasonable balance, the planet Earth will become more balanced and last longer, and the people on it will become happier and more secure.

Interviewer: I’m having some trouble understanding where you are coming from. Is this a religion, a magic trick, a scientific experiment, a movement to fix what’s wrong with the world, or something else? What is a Shaman?

Mamonta: A Shaman is a man who has a general knowledge about connecting humanity and God, and knows how to unite himself with God. A Shaman can enter different spiritual worlds with help of special forces he developed. The whole universe connects to itself through the power forces of Shaman cosmology.

Astrological knowledge, and the positions of planets and stars, play an important role. This knowledge can be used for determination of the appropriate moment for business undertakings. Not only stars and planets have their own power fields. People, animals, plants, and whole matter have their own energy. Along with that, there are spirits which influence many things. The interaction of all forces must be balanced. Shamans can perceive energies and forces and direct them in such ways that they help to reach a goal.

The tradition of Siberian Shamanism counts 40 thousand years of history and teaches that humanity came from Siberia. The roots of every major religion can be traced back to basic teachings of Shamanism.
The great teachers of humanity — Buddha, Osho, Gurdgiev and others — also used their knowledge of Shamanism to discover universal truths to pass along to humanity.

Interviewer: What do you mean by saying that Buddha, and other great teachers, relied on Shamanism for their knowledge?

Mamonta: In the early times, when the planet was young and vital, when all of the continents were connected to each other, an extraterrestrial civilization put a man on the Earth. Later, many disasters happened, and geographical locations on the Earth changed. America, for example, moved to the east, England to the west. People adapted themselves to climates of different continents and different cultures, and societies developed.

Other forms of Shamanism appeared in different parts of the world, such as Indian, African, Egyptian, and Native American. These orientations passed along only parts of the whole knowledge.
Originally, there was only one teacher, one Shaman, who had the whole knowledge. He passed his knowledge to different students, each of whom specialized in their own fixed spheres of knowledge, and they, in turn, passed along a part of that knowledge to their students. So different groups, which all descended from one teacher, but didn’t have the whole knowledge, appeared. All forms of Shamanism can be found in primordial Siberian Shamanism as practiced and taught by Altai Chi.

Major religions, like Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, and Hindu, represent only parts of the whole knowledge. Like an iceberg, the part hidden is greater than the part seen.

Interviewer: So, what is it like being you? What is your basic routine, and how do you accomplish all the things you do?

Mamonta: I travel around the world to many places, where I give seminars. Each seminar lasts from one to four days. In special places of power we hold congresses which last longer.
Each day begins with prayer and physical trainings, like dance, yoga, and running. I spend a lot of time learning Holy Writs, meditating and answering the many letters I receive. Each day finishes with prayer, and I work in dreams during the night. Work in dreams is a special talk in Shamanism.

According to the teaching, each man has a body of dreams. This body of dreams, ether body, or “syur,” can travel and make contact with different worlds of past, present, and future. In that way, we can receive messages and predictions of the future, and work on achievement of goals.

Interviewer: I have one more question for you. What is most important to you?

Mamonta: My basic message is: “Love each other — love yourself. If you are happy, help others to reach happiness. And the whole Earth will be happy.”

Biven Mamonta will be on the west coast giving seminars throughout the months of September and October. 

SAN FRANCISCO: Sept.17-20 — Opening Ritual for Global EarthDance Festival and various workshops,such as Trance Dance, Psychic Energetic Protection, etc. Please call (415) 786-5245 or email for bookings.

PORTLAND: Sept. 24-25 — Siberian Shamanism and Trance Dance, The Renaissance Bookshop, 7 pm

LOS ANGELES & OJAI: Sept. 2-Oct. 30 — Various seminars and workshops. 
Redondo: Sept. 28 — Experiential  Lecture on Siberian Shamanism and
your happiness, The Path Bookshop, 7 pm, 813 Torrance Blvd., email  

SEDONA: Oct. 14-20 — EarthDance, Ceremony and Lectures

OJAI: Oct. 28 -30 — Seminar and Workshops   (805) 816-2060

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