Health In Abundance!
By Madhuri Cawley, P.A., M.A.



You have probably wished you had extra energy, more restful sleep, less pain, a greater balance of moods, healthy digestion and elimination, a higher libido, etc., and wondered how to attain these. It’s old hat by now that the traditional medical model has not satisfactorily addressed chronic health concerns.

So what delivers healing and health? There are many alternative modalities which can assist in one or more areas, but how to achieve total, maximum health in abundance? The only successful paradigm of which I am aware, is treating the underlying causes of symptoms at the level of the chemistries of the body. Traditional medicine addresses symptoms and gives remedies for these with commercial and often synthesized pharmaceuticals.

Naturopathic medicine uses more natural remedies like botanicals, other supplements, homeopathy, etc. However, unless directed at the causes, they are both considered allopathic models and aimed at symptom relief which will not necessarily clear up the real issues. Symptoms return.

By replenishing the body with bio-identical hormones, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients which specifically address deficiencies, and clearing excesses of metal toxicity, hormones which are too high, eg: cortisol, and pathological micro-organisms in the gut, one will most likely attain health in abundance.

Repairing colon and liver function and balancing all organ functioning will allow the body to continually clear toxicity and maintain metabolic processes, like blood sugar regulation. Through a series of tests examining blood, hair, stool and urine specimens as needed, an astutely experienced practitioner can unravel the complex puzzle of the body’s chemistries.

This is an in-depth process and not an inexpensive venture, yet what is our quality of life without this? Ironically, the study of biochemistry, a traditional science, gives us the answers we need for natural healing solutions.

We must also consider diet and exercise very important, because we really become what we ingest into our body, and this is true of what we take in through our minds as well. The mental diet can be healthy or destructive: the mind/body connection is extremely powerful. Circumstances of life: relationships, jobs, parents, children, life-style choices, either add or detract from health. It is simple to understand in these terms, but more challenging to make necessary changes to support our health on all these levels. Embarking on a journey of abundant health is a major commitment of time, finances and discipline. Fortunately, the body is interconnected and responds favorably with the correct directives.

In my experience, the key players of body development and health maintenance are the endocrine glands and their hormones, especially the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, ovaries and testes. We have cascades of hormones being released by these glands which interact and give feedback to each other continuously.

Conscious and unconscious feedback messages are received by these glands through our senses and responses, to turn on or off the production of the various hormones. Health of the heart, lungs and brain are needed for life and quality of life, but it is hormones and balancing of other crucial chemistries which impact these vital organs and the entire body.

When we experience continual or accumulative stress, or have physical or emotional traumas, the hypothalamus secretes a substance which communicates with the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands. The adrenal hormones pump us up (there are approximately 42 adrenal hormones, cortisol being one of them) until we are wired and or tired.

If we are continuously spewing out these hormones, this compromises our health. The thyroid gets depleted or goes hyperactive, and we feel very poorly in multiple ways. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and most autoimmune illnesses are caused by imbalanced hormones.

As we age, the organ and glandular systems don’t respond as easily or quickly to naturally repair and regenerate as in younger years. When young people have ill health it is because of toxic exposures both in utero and in their environments, or genetic dispositions, inheriting modes of compromised physiological response.

One can see low thyroid functioning in generations of families, for example. Even in resting or meditative states, our chemistries don’t run idle, however these states are the best remedies for adrenal fatigue. Yet many people are beyond being able to repair their bodies without the assistance of bio-identical hormones to replenish the imbalances.

Our hormones are responsible for almost all primary functions of the body. These include: regulation of moods, behavior, sleep, growth, immune response to infection and illness, menstruation, pregnancy and sexual function. Additionally, they directly impact weight, energy level, skin and muscle tone, calcium and phosphorus metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism and blood sugar, electrolyte and water balance, heart rate and blood pressure.

I recently read a fascinating review of stem-cell research and use in the July 2005 issue of National Geographic entitled “The Stem Cell Divide.” Stem cells are non-differentiated and apparently can “become any of the body’s 200-plus cell types”.

Of course there is great controversy about it which, in my opinion, boils down to two main areas: the right to end life to make other life by “curing deadly diseases with custom-made tissues and organs,” and the potential for abuse with this technology.

Stem cells are primarily derived from 5-day-old embryonic cells, but can also be harvested from an infant’s umbilical cord blood, and adult humans and animals without taking life to do it.
Leukemia, other cancers, lupus, insulin-dependent diabetes, sickle-cell anemia, other blood disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, parkinson’s and other neurological disorders are a few of the diseases that preliminarily seem to have great potential.

The reason I am mentioning this is because the author is labeling the recipients of the stem cells “regenerated people.” I am inspired and in wonderment of this concept. It seems we are on the frontier of amazing changes in the traditional medical model.

Researchers are focusing on ways to heal, not just to suppress illness. This is quite remarkable and comes into alignment with what I and many other pioneers in integrative health have been promoting for decades. Perhaps in time, we will be able to work together, rather than at odds.

Our hormonal and nutritional therapies for repair, replacement and regeneration are controversial to some as well, yet we do have the right to live life more healthfully and with an abundance of well being, so we can be happy, creative and productive for as long as we live.

Madhuri Cawley, P.A.-C., M.A., has been serving women and men for over 30 years in her natural medical practice, specializing in thyroid and other bio-identical hormone replacement. She offers individual consultations and holds group seminars. Her treatment involves comprehensively balancing the whole person by diagnosing underlying causes of symptoms and illness. Please call (760) 295-5392 or you may e-mail   Visit: for further information

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