Eco-Aware Yoga Studio
Opens in San Diego!
By Skyler Myers



Yoganic Studio in San Diego has a different twist from any other studio in the Southwest: an eco-twist. The mission of studio owner, Skyler Myers, is nothing short of creating world peace through yoga, promoting awareness of both our rich inner and outer dimensions.

Yoga’s benefits have been lauded by many, in promoting better health, building strength and flexibility of body, mind and spirit. However, not many teachers give instruction on how to integrate the lessons of relaxation, patience, and compassion into people’s daily tedium.

The teachers at Yoganic will not only guide their students through asanas, or yoga poses, but also teach practices which will help them remember that relaxation from class when encountering traffic, that aggravating person at work, or a difficult situation at home.      

The teachings will also encompass an eco-awareness, from an economic perspective, to a spiritual perspective. Everything from the building materials to the yoga props in the studio have been consciously chosen: recycled, sustainably harvested, fair trade, and/or organic. “It has been quite a challenge to find materials that meet our standards, but it is a very powerful statement to the producers when their consumers care where the product came from, how it was made, and by whom. When the consumers ask these questions, the corporations sending labor overseas and throwing out perfectly good products except for a tiny ding, will have to reevaluate their mission and make a change.”

Skyler believes that one person can make a difference, especially when it inspires others to reevaluate their power, the power of where they spend their mon-ey, and the awareness of their actions’ consequences. Reminding people how to breathe will make it easier for us to smile more often. One smile at a time, we can make a difference.

Yoganic’s Grand Opening will be October 1st! Enjoy an evening (or a week) of free yoga, live and DJ music, and organic food! Call (619) 497-1759 or visit our website for more details. Yoganics is located at 4026 30th St., San Diego, CA 92104, 1-1/2 blocks north of University in North Park.

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