Visionary Women Inspiring the World
12 Paths to Personal Power
Compiled by Kelly O’Neil

Women often shy away from their power because our society teaches that power is aggressive, negative and definitely not ladylike. Nothing could be further from the truth. This book explores the lives of 12 women who are standing in their own power using knowledge and action. These women, among many others are visionaries who utilized inner power to fulfill their life mission and dreams.

Not only do the women in this book have knowledge and wisdom, but they’ve done something with it to make the world a better place, to leave a legacy, and to inspire other women to stand gracefully in their power. The stories are touching and enjoyable to read, each leaving me with the feeling that I have more power and potential than I can tap into within myself.

“Visionary Women” is like a portable support group we can always open to connect with our passions, share them and create a “dream-come-true life.” 

I recommend this book to all women, especially those young women who are starting out on their path, for the successful role models and inspiration it offers.

Published by Skyward Publishing, this book is available in bookstores and on the website:
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis


A True Life Adventure Story
By Isabel Losada
From a miserably planned and unorganized demonstration in front of a diplomatic office in London, to a ride over the mountains on the way to her goal city of Lhasa in Tibet and beyond, author Isabel Losada tells the exciting tale of her quest. This book is a story about her personal quest to see if one person can truly make a difference and effectively change the world.

Too often books about activism are downright militant, antagonistic and somewhat sad. Not so here! Losada’s tale is as much fun to read as it is inspirational. The author has such an understanding and passion for her quest that she doesn’t need confrontation. And when confrontation happens, as it does with a policewoman on the steps of the Chinese embassy, it is so subtle, kind and laced with humor, that we can only admire her passion and her approach.

Instead of focusing on negativity, even when struggling with severe altitude sickness in a foreign land with unusual customs, she focuses on humor rather than despair. Her effervescence always seems to bring her back to the positive side of life. She describes her journey, shares her conversations and thoughts in finding and changing the world, with a common goal of peace, love, religious freedom and joy.

Losada truly has wit as her casual observations are detailed illustrations of life itself. She sits and truly studies human behavior and provides us with thoughtful perspectives and insights. The book is fast-paced, illustrative, informative and influential. When you are through, you will see it is truly possible for one person to change the world.

Published by Harper San Francisco, this book is available at your local bookstore.
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard


How People Just Like You Are WAKING UP and CHANGING the World
By Arjuna Ardagh
No doubt you have noticed that mainstream contemporary America is once again in love with the spiritual. This book recognizes this shift in consciousness and provides examples and insights from individuals who have had the experience of becoming “translucent.” 

A “Translucent” is an individual who has undergone a spiritual awakening deeply enough that it has permanently transformed their relationship to themselves and to reality, while allowing them to remain involved in ordinary life in a process which is evolutionary and endless.

It is readily apparent that author, Arjuna Ardagh, is passionately interested in this subject as he began yoga and meditation practice at age 14. He has a Master’s degree from Cambridge University and is the founder of Living Essence Foundation.

The book contains many real-life illustrations and examples of the translucent transformation, encouragement on nearly every page in the form of sayings, quotes and statements from philosophers and leading pioneers in the field of human consciousness, including their commentaries.

There are countless short examples, observations and anecdotes that describe how each person undergoes a spiritual awakening that is so deep that they are permanently transformed. Each person lives an ordinary life, but does so without fear, unbounded joy and a tremendous sense of happiness and well-being.

Published by New World Library, this book is available at local bookstores or at website:
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard


By Eva Gregory
Prosperity has been sought for eons, throughout our universe. People often wonder why others are successful, while they are left behind. They always seem to be unhappy or simply cannot get ahead in life. This book explains how we can tap into the Laws of Attraction so we can achieve success. The Laws include three primary areas: The Law of Attraction, of Deliberate Creation and of Allowing.
These Laws govern every area of our life: career, money, relationships, love, and ultimate prosperity and well-being. We can either understand the Laws and work with them to attract prosperity or, unfortunately, we can choose to ignore them, and end up wondering why we haven’t achieved the success we want.

Author, Eva Gregory, is a Certified Professional Coach and specialist on the Laws of Attraction.   She explains each facet in detail, providing clear examples from her practice. Based on her experience, she shows us how and why each law works. From how to develop an “attractive attitude” to how the “law of reciprocity” works, each chapter contains specific detail and instruction for how we can achieve success on our own, through the process of natural attraction.

Gregory believes that there is power in a positive attitude and she invites her readers to cultivate their potential to its full extent. Everyone can use a little inspiration and instruction on how to utilize existing abilities to their fullest. This book provides the knowledge and tools to get ahead and be content by appreciating life and learning the power of gratitude and appreciation for what one already has.

Published by Leading Edge Publishers, this book is available at your local bookstore, on the website or by calling (510) 597-0687.
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard


Reinventing Small Business for People, Community and Place
By John Abrams

We often assign human traits to a business. “The Company” will provide us with a (hopefully) livable salary, nice working conditions and benefits. “The Company” hires and fires us. Unfortunately, “The Company” is not human. It cannot feel, learn, eat, sleep or do anything else that is inherently human.

We can’t change an inanimate object into a human one but we can come close. Enter John Abrams who believes that American business can work for the benefit of people and community. He has shown us exactly how this works by building a company that serves the needs of employees and owners, community and environment. And, he shows us how this can be successful, without outgrowing itself.

The South Mountain Company, Abrams’ brainchild, is a worker-owned cooperative, now thirty years old and successful. They build houses. They participate in the planning and development of houses as well as construction of new houses and remodels, new and old, large and small.

Based on shared ownership and encouraging entrepeneurialism by its employees, one of its goals, unlike most businesses, is to remain small and not grow to an unsustainable size. The commitment is to value, local involvement and perfection of craft. Mostly, they cultivate workplace democracy, a commitment to their value as craftspeople and the practice of community entrepreneurialism.

Abrams takes us through his endeavor from start to finish, from dream to reality. Sound business planning principles, including eight “cornerstone” principles, are included to provide building blocks to others who wish to share in this endeavor.

Published by Chelsea Green Publishing, this book is available at booksellers nationwide, on the website: or by calling toll-free at (800) 639-4099.
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard


The Master-Key to Inner Peace and Relationship Harmony
By Gay Hendricks
and Philip Johncock
A new rendering of one of the most influential transformational books in human history, “The Book of Life” presents a brilliantly simple formula for resolving the most complex problems of psychological and spiritual growth: “You can be happy if you know this master secret: Some things are within your power to control, and some aren’t.” The essence of this life-changing message is echoed throughout.

Available only through membership in the Transformational Book Circle (TBC), the rich wisdom of this book has made a profound difference in the lives of millions of people for two thousand years. “The Book of Life” is an updated, revised, completely new interpretation of the ancient teachings of Epictetus, the most famous teach-er of conscious living in first-century Rome.

Born as a slave in Phrygia (now part of Turkey), Epictetus made his way to Rome in a slave caravan where he was allowed to study philosophy with one of the city’s great teachers. From there, he went on to found his own school of conscious living and became known as one of the greatest philosophers, influencing some of the loftiest Roman thinkers, including the Emperor Mar-cus Aurelius.

Nearly two millennia later, the concepts in this book continue to instill much-needed wisdom with tools that can transform lives in every conceivable way.

A special audio CD accompanies the book, providing further practical experiential exercises to bring the book to life.

Membership in the Transformational Book Circle is reasonably priced at $19 per month plus s&h, and you can cancel at any time. For more information, see The TBC is a subsidiary of Cinema Circle, Inc., the parent comp-any of The Spiritual Cinema Circle, a DVD club dedicated to inspiring and uplifting films.
Reviewed by Heidi Metcalfe


Positive Energy
Ten Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue,
Stress and Fear into Vibrance, Strength and Love
By Judith Orloff, M.D.
“Positive Energy” is destined to become a classic in the field of energy medicine and health because author, Dr. Judith Orloff, is meeting the needs of a culture rapidly becoming more intuitively and energetically aware. In her book, she shows you how to tap into the positive energy flow in your body, and your life, as well as how to protect yourself from “energy vampires” who can sap you dry.

As an energy psychiatrist who is also a medical intuitive, Dr. Orloff draws upon years of clinical experience and a rich interior life to map out the many kinds of energy impacting our lives. “Positive Energy” presents ten chapters that she calls “prescriptions,” each one focused on a theme, such as creativity, sexuality, relationships, and intuition.

Throughout the book, Orloff describes energy psychiatry, a field she has pioneered which incorporates intuition, the body’s subtle energies, and mainstream medicine to provide fresh solutions for everything from depression to “technodespair,” (a term Orloff coined to describe burnout from e-mails, faxes, and phones).

Of particular interest are Orloff’s descriptions of “intuitive empaths.” These are people who, like herself, are often labeled as “overly sensitive” and tend to absorb negative energy and the pain of others into their bodies. This can cause tremendous exhaustion, chronic fatigue, and depression.

Some empaths become obese to protect themselves from negative vibes; others experience panic attacks in crowds because of the intense energetic overload. Empaths are often labeled as “hypochondriacs” and run from doctor to doctor with “mystery symptoms” without getting help.

In addition Orloff says empaths often have trouble with intimate relationships because they easily feel engulfed by a partner’s needs or energy field — that is why so many stay single. “Positive Energy” offers empaths practical solutions in the areas of health and relationships..

She also devotes a section to energy vampires, those people who drain our energy. Orloff describes the sob sister, the drama queen, the blamer, the go-for-the carotid type. But it’s not enough to know who they are. She also gives you strategies for dealing with each type.

For everyone interested in energetic health and well-being, this book is a must read. It is a comprehensive energetic textbook that speaks to our contemporary evolving energetic culture.

For more information about Dr. Orloff and “Positive Energy,” visit 
Reviewed By Caroline Myss

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