Ask an Angel...
The Angel of Prosperity
By Christopher Dilts



The topic of prosperity is near and dear to the Angels. Your Guardian Angels, and all Angels, are constantly arranging success and prosperity for you. Part of the mission of your Guardian Angels is to ensure that opportunities for prosperity abound around you.

The Angel of Prosperity brings the qualities of prosperity to you. The Angel of Prosperity helps you to attune to the qualities, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that will bring you more prosperity. This Angel will help you to learn what beliefs and behaviors to strengthen within you, and help you to become aware of the beliefs and behaviors undermining your prosperity.

Invocation to the Angel of Prosperity:
Blessed and beloved Angel of Prosperity, be with me and share with me the laws of prosperity. Beloved Angel, inform my mind, infuse my spirit, increase my magnetism for true prosperity. Beloved Angel, I welcome your insights, healing energy, revelations and all you can share with me to increase my prosperity and free me from my self-imposed limitations.

Beloved Angel, help me open to the prosperity that is my natural birthright. I know God intends goodness and Grace for me. With your help, I open to receive all the good things laid before me. Beloved Angel, help me to know what I am to do and what I am to release into the good care of God.

Message from the Angel of Prosperity
Dear child of God, you are beloved of God. All aspects of God, God as Divine Father, as Divine Mother, as a manifestation of love and goodness throughout creation, welcome you into your natural place of prosperity. It is intended that you flourish in your life upon earth. Your soul, embodied in human form, comes to Earth as a seed comes into a garden.

Your Divine Mother, your Divine Father, prepare a garden for you. In their infinite wisdom they understand your every need. With love deeper and greater than can be imagined, this garden is prepared for you. Your soul carries within it a divine plan for your own success and prosperity. Just as an acorn grows into an oak tree, your soul carries within it this seed of your goodness, your peace, your prosperity and generosity.

Your soul contains within it the goodness of God and all that is needed to follow this goodness into your own _expression of love in your life. Have confidence that every quality, every ability, every ingredient necessary for your success exists within you already.

Just as a seed will sprout, take root and grow in a well-prepared garden, so too does your own soul have the power to take root and grow within you. This seed, once sprouted, sends its roots down into the soil and lifts its head up to the heavens. So in growing towards your own prosperity, you must sink your roots deep into the earth, and raise your head up to the heavens.

Your root is your root chakra, at the base of your spine, down your legs, through the soles of your feet and into the earth. Remember the Divine Mother aspect of Creator is embodied in the body of the earth. As your root chakra opens and descends into the center of the earth, you are able to draw up into your energy body, your physical body and your mind, all that will make your prosperity grounded, solid, steady and strong. As you turn your head (your crown chakra), up to the heavens, you receive the inspiration, grace, vision and information to lead you into greater prosperity.

Remember that once the seed is sprouted, it allows itself to be supported and nourished by the earth beneath it; it allows itself to receive light and energy from the sun above; it breathes in the life in the air around it. Take note of how grounded you generally are. Note how receptive you are through your crown chakra to inspiration, to vision, to certainty about your place in the divine plan. The seed and the sprout are but vessels for the Holy Spirit to move through and manifest their perfect form in every unique _expression of plant, flower and tree.  The same is true for you ...

Prosperity Meditation
... I and all Angels are ever with you. We hear your every call. We answer you at many levels. We encourage you to practice your ability to be receptive and to deepen your perceptions of our presence. All blessings to you, for truly, you are loved by us all.

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2001 Christopher J Dilts

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