Your Relationship with Prosperity  
By Laura V. Hyde



Recently while planning a community-wide event, the issue of what is considered financially “spiritual” was raised. Specificaly, there was a perception among some people that events related to higher consciousness should be free. Being involved in this situation prompt-ed me to assess my own viewpoint of what it means to create and receive prosperity while traveling along the path of service and healing.

Some of the probes I began to ask were, “How does spirituality and money interrelate in a healthy and healing manner?” “Is it okay for me to be abundant on this path?” “Why is money so often perceived as “not spiritual?”

Louise Hay once stated it’s easier for her to teach a seminar on sex than it is on money purely because we have a stronger emotional charge toward the latter. Society has revered money and made it “god”. And since money is pure energy, we have a mental and emotional relationship with it (just like everything else in our life). Therefore, the issue is not money as much as it is our relationship with money.

In order to identify our feelings about prosperity, we need to look at the thought patterns we have around it, starting with those we learned or “adopted” from our parents. Inevitably, our relationship to receiving prosperity ties directly into what we’ve been taught during our developing years, which leads to our self-worth and how we feel about having it (or not having it).

A short time ago, a friend and I were discussing the amount a local practitioner was charging for her services and how the fee was perceived as higher than average. The concept of intention was raised and we both agreed that the fee itself was irrelevant for the only thing that really mattered was the intention behind the fee. And who but the practitioner was in any position to judge?

In Gary Zukav’s book “Seat of the Soul,” he states, “Every intention sets energy into motion whether you are conscious of it or not. You create in each moment.” If our intention is to use our prosperity on behalf of God — which means on behalf of the healing and higher good of others — then we cannot go wrong. There’s nothing spiritual or loving about poverty.

Just think of all of the healing ways you could use $1 million right now. Perhaps paying off some debt and purchasing a few new items may occur, but you could use the rest of it in an empowering way that serves the greater good of this planet.

Marianne Williamson once acknowledged, “There is nothing wrong with money. Internal abundance produces external abundance. Purity does not mean absence of cash. It means that you desire money to be in your life to whatever extent and in whatever way it would serve God’s purposes.”        

In another personal example, I was preparing to give an ongoing series of lectures on A Course in Miracles at a Unity church. Several years ago when I first began providing personal counseling on the Course, I made an internal commitment not to charge. Because of this I vacillated whether or not to accept a love offering for the current opportunity of ongoing lectures.

Deciding to meditate on it, I asked for inner guidance. What I received was, “Because you are willing to give your energy it’s important that you allow others to contribute for the sake of their own prosperity consciousness. Not asking or accepting anything limits yourself and others to evolve through this process.”

On the other hand, our relationship with prosperity may mean releasing our attachment to it. A former client of mine recently made an internal shift that led her to walk away from an estate worth over $2 million dollars. This wise and loving soul came to realize that material objects were of no value to her. She didn’t perceive them as “bad,” she merely recognized that they held no importance.

As a result, she has sold everything she possessed and is traveling around the world to be of loving service. She has total faith her physical comforts will be taken care of and that spirit is guiding her each and every day. By detaching from the external, she is experiencing a profound sense of inner freedom.

It is important we remember that the amount of money we have is not proportionate to the amount of self-esteem we possess. It is the purity of intention behind the accumulation of money, no matter how much or how little, that determines the degree of our self-worth. I know people who are millionaires yet feel a lack of abundance in their lives, and I know people who possess very little in their bank account yet appreciate all they have and are.

As a magnificent being of God you deserve to have everything your heart desires. The Universal Intelligence knows exactly what you need in order for you to take care of yourself and to have all of your needs met. It realizes that if you are worrying about money, you don’t have the energy you need to fulfill your life’s purpose and to assist in the healing of our world. So trust that your abundance will continue to grow, allow it to enter into your life and appreciate every drop of it!

Affirmations for prosperity

I deserve to have a life filled with peace, joy and abundance, and so does everyone else.

There is enough prosperity for everyone, and in this moment, I have everything I need to be at peace.

Since I create abundance by appreciating what I have today, I take time each day to cherish the relationships, resources, energy and experiences God has sent into my life.

I willingly give from my heart recognizing that as I give I shall receive a hundred-fold.

I joyously receive what others want to give to me and I do so with heartfelt gratitude.

Laura V. Hyde is a nationally-acclaimed author, speaker and teacher. Founder of Infinite Wisdom, an organization dedicated to the highest human capacity, Laura provides spiritual counseling, soul purpose coaching, and numerous workshops for awakening the heart and spirit. Laura is the author of “Gifts of the Soul” and “The Intimate Soul,” a syndicated columnist, student of A Course in Miracles, and a visionary speaker on the new thought/ancient wisdom tradition. She is available for speaking engagements throughout the U.S. and Canada. Please visit Laura at or e-mail:

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