Your Emotional Health
Prosperous Longing
By Nancy Elizabeth Brady



Prosperity is the universal flow, not just an aspect of it but the flow itself, as it moves through our own creative channels. You have all heard many times that the universe is abundant and there is plenty for everyone, all you need to do is open to the flow. Sounds easy enough, so perhaps you tried it, and if the initial spurt of success turned sour, you may have lost your faith in that approach and tried something else or given up all together.

Well, there is no magic in life and no way to reach into the universe to maintain the flow throughout life without going through ourselves. The miracle of creation is an individual journey into and through ourselves.

Manifesting is not difficult. We do it continually, although much of the time it is done unconsciously. All paths are unique and the unified field will express through each of us according to our perceptions. When it comes to prosperity, it is no different. The universal field does provide through us and for us, but because prosperity is much more than having money, maintaining a prosperous life includes establishing wider perceptions that include a richly rewarding sense of ourselves. It does little good to manifest wealth if the soul is arid and impoverished.

Our soul longs to express itself. If fear aborts this creative demonstration, the natural flow stops. At that point, our personality self takes up a cause of needing and wanting to satisfy itself through outer sources. Because love is internal and soulís purpose is also an internal one, all outer-directed searching will lead to addictive wanting that becomes a source of pain.

Desire is a survival instinct but it can also be a hindrance to a loving actualization of prosperity. It indicates internal lack, so the energy of creation is burdened with a counter-intuitive message of insufficiency. The universe doesnít know what to provide, abundance or lack, so its instructions remain confused and unproductive. In the meantime, the soul is undermined and self-betrayal feelings take root.

You can see the circle of confusion created by desiring prosperity to come from outside yourself. Anyone with clear intentions can create a flow of money. Prosperity though, is a deep resonance with your soul that brings forth a profound sense of Selfness. When your soul radiates with a compassionate love that emerges from inner realms and flows through your being-ness, this indeed is a prosperous way to live fully connected to the Source of Creation Itself.

Nancy Elizabeth Brady facilitates healing therapy sessions and spiritually-guided consultations. She has 15 years of training and professional application. Her philosophy and methods sup-port regaining wellness in the entire system while deepening self-love. Contact Nancy at (949) 487-1551 or check out her website at

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