Three Essentials of True Prosperity
By Terry Chitra Gunderson



What is prosperity? Prosperity defined in the dictionary is financial wealth, abundance, and good fortune — prosperity certainly is all of these . . . however, true prosperity is much more — it encompasses life itself.

Everyone requires money to live and an abundance of money is a desirable commodity, as it eases many material difficulties. One of the surest ways to attract money is developing prosperity consciousness, beginning with our attitude around money. How we think about money and ourselves in relation to money can attract or repel financial prosperity.  However, in the process of attracting financial wealth let’s not forget the three essentials of true prosperity … health, friends, and love.

Having the wealth of health, friends, and love creates abundance in our lives and serves higher purposes — developing self confidence, emotional security, and lasting happiness. When higher purposes are fulfilled and our lives are balanced with the three primary essentials, while we pursue financial prosperity we will enjoy a truly prosperous life.

How do the three essentials of true prosperity work for Mother Earth? Presently, Mother Earth’s health is extremely challenged — her soil is filled with pesticides, her forests are being raped, and her inner core is being depleted of vital life essences necessary to keep her balanced — oil, minerals, and water.

The outcome of Mother Earth’s dismal state of health is that we are suffering from degenerative health issues, which affects our quality of life, and, in many ways, our relationships. Daily, our bodies are bombarded with toxins from the polluted air, pesticides on the food supply, and chemicals in the water — all dramatically affecting our health.

Giving back is a universal principle that brings abundance into our life. By giving back to the earth that sustains us, we will reap the bounty of good health, and potentially abundant wealth.

Ecological business (green business) allows us the opportunity to preserve Mother Earth’s health, our health, and develop a business that brings all physical and spiritual elements into balance by addressing the fundamental needs of humanity, society and the environment. You can help sustain Mother Earth’s health by working to preserve her resources.

What if you had it all?
What if your life was filled with health, friends, the love you deserve, as well as the financial wealth you desire?

How can you achieve balance, good fortune, and true prosperity in your life?
Take a moment and consider your endeavors for financial prosperity, look to see if your life includes the three essentials of true prosperity — health, friends, and love. Consider becoming involved in an ecological business that will help restore your health and that of Mother Earth’s. Make sure you spend time with friends and family, take time to relax, and enjoy the simple pleasures life offers.

Amazon Clean & Green
I would like to share with you a way you can you help Mother Earth recover her health and at the same time restore your health and that of your friends and family.

The Problem: Regular house-hold cleaners with chemicals — whether opened or closed — release toxic vapors into the air that gradually build up in our bodies. These chemicals have been linked to asthma, allergies, birth defects, skin irritations, depression, hyperactivity, and cancer. And they are responsible for more than seven million accidental poisonings every year.

“More than 150 chemicals commonly found in homes have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities.”
— Consumer Product Safety Commission

The Solution: In the search for readily-biodegradable substances to clean up oil, dirt, grease and grime without harming people or the planet, colloidal chemistry was discovered. This technology produces the only known plant-based, non-acidic, non-caustic, hypo-allergenic cleaners that effectively remove dirt, grease and oil residue.

The Magic of Colloidal Technology
Using the colloidal process, the extracts of natural plants are blended in such a way they create new particles called “colloidal micelles” that work on the molecular level. These tiny organic cells — hundreds of times smaller than regular cells — are attracted to oil and similar molecules. When combined with water, they become super active, squeezing between dirt and grime cells to separate them. The action of billions of colloidal micelles emulsifies dirt, grease, oils and stains, breaking them down into harmless substances that can easily be rinsed or wiped away.

Amazon Clean & Green is a safe, effective and affordable way to clean your house and keep your garden and food chemical and pesticide free.

Find out how you can get a month’s supply of Amazon Clean & Green free by calling (800) 362-3975.

Terry Chitra Gunderson is a speaker, freelance writer, and Rainforest Ambassador with Amazon Herb Company. For more information about the Amazon Herb business opportunity and products contact Chitra at (888) 310-2570, or visit her website at

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