Thoughts on Prosperity
By Katherine Agranovich



Let us begin with a question: What does prosperity mean to you? Is it a comfortable cash flow, a good state of health, strong family and relationship values or a combination of all? It is very hard to achieve the ultimate goal without a clear picture in mind.

Thought number 1 is to get a clear picture of a desired result. Be very specific on what you want, focus on positive outcome, not on obstacles.

Thought number 2 is to sincerely desire this to happen. This desire needs to be supercharged with emotion and intensity. Have your reasons ready. What makes you desire this to come true? I do believe, however, that nothing should be done unless it’s coming from the heart.

Thought number 3 is to actually see and feel your desire already accomplished. You need to think in pictures and use your imagination and visualization abilities. This could be achieved in a “daydreaming” state. The key is to relax our physical body and mind to activate conviction phenomena on a subconscious level where all changes take place.

Thought number 4 is to believe in yourself and trust in your own strengths. So many people, for one reason or another, think that prosperity is for someone else and beyond their realm. Old, outdated beliefs and experiences, someone else’s opinions, bring doubts to our mind, limiting our achievement and clouding our vision. The danger comes from limited self-growth and not meeting our true potential.

Like everything that is alive we are a creation of the universe. And as its children, all of us have an inborn privilege to enjoy a life that is prosperous, abundant and bountiful. There are no limitations, the only ones we create are in our mind. When we say we can or cannot do something we are probably right. We have a choice to alter and change our perception in order to produce fine, succulent fruits of life. This is the way the universe has intended it to be and so it is.

Our minds are very complex and unique. Subconsciously, we record everything we hear, see, feel and believe. From early childhood we are exposed to our parent’s and classmate’s comments, our colleague’s and neighbor’s remarks, which later in life can affect us without our conscious awareness. It takes time and patience to reprogram our inner computer and install a new prosperity program.

Thought number 5 - I strongly believe that when we decide to change our mind our life will change. “Life is like an echo, what you send out comes back tenfold.” Why not send out thoughts of prosperity, whatever it means to you, and expect results to come? Realize, however, that unleashing mental powers is only a beginning, then the “actually doing it” part comes. We still need to do the work.

We all have abilities within us to achieve everything we desire. We are designed perfectly to reach upward and outward towards the ultimate source of our nourishment and inspiration, designed perfectly to hold our ground as we continually grow, mature and develop, and finally reap the harvest of the fruits we produce!

Katherine Agranovich is a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist and Holistic Consultant. She is available for private appointments and consultations. Visit or call (949) 706-2300 with any individual questions.

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