Quantum Prosperity
By Shaun Brown, B.A. - CMT



My work as a holistic therapist, speaker, author, syndicated columnist and consultant in the field of Healing Arts usually focuses on helping holistic professionals make a living, make a difference, and stay in balance.
The information in this article can be adapted to anyone’s lifestyle. I would like to share some of what I know being self employed most of my life.  Here are some absolutes I have found that will lead you to Prosperity.  
When I facilitate any class or workshop, there is always a core credo to share with the students. These are the four essential tools to getting the flow going in any life. These four are not negotiable and when applied will always bring Prosperity into your Life.
Very briefly, they are:

1. Meditate daily — “If we want to be guided by the Universe, we must pickup the phone.”  — C. Myss

2. Affirm — “The Universe is prosperous, it only knows how to give. If your affirmations are:  I’m broke, I can’t pay my bills, life sucks…That’s exactly what the Universe will continue to give you. Always think positive affirmations. My work is embraced by all, I am paid well, I am healthy, happy and able to humbly Serve.”  — W. Dyer

3. Volunteer your time, not your occupation. “Just show up to a cause or charity, you never know who you will connect with.”  — S. Brown

4. Give. “Give the first check you write every month to a Spiritual Path. It is a symbolic letting go of a prized possession and a gesture of Trust that given freely, the Universe will reciprocate ten- fold.”  — S. Orman   
Infuse these tools into your life for three months and your life will change dramatically. 
Power / Money / Needs
 Having stated the four corners of your foundation, let’s jump into some specifics. Prosperity: The state of being prosperous; advance or gain in anything good or desirable. — Dictionary.com

Anything good or desirable, what does that mean? What do we truly desire when we think about Prosperity? I will talk about money being a symbol of Energy and Power. I also discuss what your true needs are and how the Universe will orchestrate them if you let it.

Power / Money
When we talk about Prosperity, what is the first thing that usually comes to your mind? Is it Money?  This is probably the usual perception. The reason we value money so much is that it lets us acquire third-dimensional objects and lends support and comfort to our survival life-styles. Money supplies our basic needs such as food and shelter and shopping. I say survival because this is the perception of the experience level the general consensus of our species has reached. Money allows us to acquire the “outside” things. Things we think we need to keep us alive not realizing that our Life Force is not fed by this dynamic.

Most people are living in the “survival” mode. Going through the zombotic motions, just existing, remaining alive. Even though we live in a fairly high-tech advanced society with most comforts at our grasp, there still exists that primordial urge to continue acquiring more from the outside.

It is pretty easy to get along, especially if you live in America. Money is the driving force of most countries. We like to control and have power over what is going on outside of ourselves; it gives us the perception of safety. This is the definition of ‘survival’ mode.

Money has been given symbolic Power. Is it really money we want? If you had all the money from the planet Venus and tried to spend it here, what would happen? It would have no societal value, because money is symbolic. Money will come to you like everything else, when you’re ready to do what it takes to receive it. After observing that we, as creative types, have become restless with the survival-mode model and money has been demythologized, we step into the next phase of our development as cosmic beings, and are called to become

Spiritual Adults
Even though money seems like such a disconnected thing to your spiritual practice, it is directly connected. The definition of Power is: ability to do or act; a force or strength. We think we seek Power. What we really seek is Peace.

When you reach a stage of graduating out of the survival mode, you are ready to take responsibility for yourself and become a Spiritual Adult; the survival mode doesn’t fit you anymore. You want to do more with your Life than just survive. There is a Higher calling than just controlling the outside and buying material things.

One begins this new venture by following their passion. They are not paying so much attention, trying to keep all of their survival stuff together anymore.  Your Soul yearns to express your creativity so intensely that you don’t care so much about the outside stuff as much as you used to. You realize this survival model doesn’t bring you Peace anyway.

The only way to petition change from the survival mode of power equals money, to the Prosperity mode of Power equals Peace, is by being a Spiritual Adult. Through daily meditation and prayer we cross over into the Fourth Dimension. The dimension of Intuition, the dimension where your Teachers come to meet you, the dimension where you will eventually receive all of your Guidance.

“How do I do this?” you ask. First, by changing your thoughts to the possibility of a better, more Prosperous life as a Spiritual Adult. Meditation, prayer, affirmation, giving, volunteering your time, Self-Care — this is the formula. As I stated in the beginning, all these things are absolutes that raise your Consciousness. That in turn changes your perspective so you can perceive your small personality as just a vehicle to sport your Soul and get on with your important mission. As you pursue this all of your needs will be met and more.

Once you have created a relationship with the Universe and yourself, all your needs will be met and your mission will become highly defined. Spiritual Adult perceptions are given when the student is ready to accept the new perception. That perception is only experienced AFTER the student trusts they will be taken care of without any guarantees. When jumping off a Spiritual cliff, you will always land in a safe nest or God is going to teach you to fly.

When I have a scary, daunting issue at hand I have learned the only thing I can do is ask for Guidance as I leap into the crevasse with reckless abandon. A leap of faith is all that can be done if I am to be free. What I am abandoning is my Ego, my fear that I won’t survive if I am not in control. To some extent the Ego always needs to die a little — I think that is what an emotional bottom is.

I have had to get used to faith without guarantees of what the outcome will look like. It’s called living in the leap, the leap of Faith. Having the Faith that my life is in good hands no matter what I think it is supposed to look like. Once I stopped questioning my direction and let go of outcomes, new perceptions were presented to me. This process will be ongoing for me.

Two Myths
Most of us tend to wander through this thing called life; we seek guidance but haven’t inherited the skills to know how to start becoming successful. Let’s start with two popular myths AND DISPELL them from the beginning.

Myth 1: If I am really good at what I do, people will be so attracted to me my business will be a success! That’s kinda like the fisherman standing on the shore waiting for the fish to jump into his basket. Getting the flow going in your life requires some participation on your part. You must cast your net out and pull it back in. Shame on the marketing genius that sold the idea of becoming an overnight success as being a concept based in reality, at least on this planet. It has sure made it hard for all of us who work for a living.

Myth 2: It is very competitive out there and you are not gonna make it. That could be no further from the truth. There is more work out there than you know what to do with, and the Universe is creating more people to Serve all of the time.

Anything physical that is pres-ent in the third dimension originated in the fourth dimension as a thought. The fourth dimension represents the field of ideas and imagery that we can tap into, manifest and bring into our lives. Once you leave behind the old model of the physical dimension of survival mode and start seeking the fourth dimension by initiating the four essential tools mentioned, your needs are automatically supplied by the Universe.  
Daily meditation and prayer are important when it comes to manifesting Power, Peace, and Prosperity into the third dimension. Making money and having all of your needs met comes when you genuinely have no agenda other than to serve God. It is not the prayer, “God give me lots of money,” rather, “God make me feel prosperous and at Peace inside with all of my needs met no matter what is going on outside of me.”  The ego always wants, getting back to the survival mode. The Spirit will always be provided with what is needed to complete the tasks at hand.

Following is an excerpt from Gary Zukav’s book, “Seat Of The Soul.”  

Authentic Needs
•To love and be loved
•To express your creativity
•To cultivate your Spirit, to work consciously at aligning your personality with your Soul
•To be counseled with the Wisdom of your non-physical Teachers

“By learning to respond to your Authentic needs and by allowing your artificial needs to drop aside as unnecessary defense mechanisms, you become open, understanding and compassionate to others.”
— Gary Zukav

No Expectations
When you begin the journey of letting go, and letting the Universe take charge of your Life, you might notice changes happening. Anything that will stand in the way of your being on your path will fall away. This can be good or bad news depending on how much your ego is invested and in control.

The falling away could be a relationship, location, job, or attitude. Instinctively, we all know that when we ask for guidance it will come. Listening and doing the suggested gut-feeling footwork is another matter. That is why most people don’t usually ask for guidance unless it is the guidance they want to hear. When they receive guidance with an expected personal agenda the reply to the Universe is, “OK, God that’s not the answer I wanted,” and then proceed to do it their way. With the need to control the outcome is so great, the end pursuit usually winds up a mess and the controller wonders how they ended up there one more time.

The Money Mentor
There is a wonderful Money Mentor who was paramount in my Prosperity growth. I have had to do the footwork and have asked the hard questions that were found in financial planner, Suze Orman’s workbook, “Nine Steps To Financial Freedom.” Today I am debt free. I owe my changed perceptions and how to manifest Money/Prosperity to her. Suze lectures on public TV and has a website (suzeorman.com). Her focus is how to change your belief system, if you’re in debt. How to become financially free. Money is a Spiritual journey believe it or not, just like everything else.

She states that just because you don’t handle money well doesn’t mean that it needs to be shame-based. All it means is that you were not taught how to handle money successfully. It is important, once you purchase her workbook, that you actually do the exercises, and the suggestions. This allows you to go into your gut, and address the thing that keeps you poor, pull it out, and let it go.

Just listening to her tapes is like watching someone eat a bowl of ice cream instead of diving into it yourself. Unless you personally experience the suggested writing it will not go deep enough to permanently change your life. Watching someone eat a fine meal and eating it yourself, you get the idea. Challenging old belief systems that no longer serve you attracts prosperity and it will just keep getting better.

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