PROSPERITY — An Inner Essence
By Cindy Shuster



Prosperity is an inner essence, rather than an outer energy or _expression. When someone comments that they wish to get in touch with their prosperity or abundance, it is not a “doing” thing, but a receptive action.  Our life purpose is based on receiving the voice and direction of the spirit and taking that action through the physical temple or body. To understand, own, and then freely share our gifts with others so that they may multiply.

Struggle is optional and becomes apparent in one’s life when the spirit is being ignored. We ignore the spirit because it does not ask little things of us. Its requests are monumental at best. The inner voice that says, “You are to leave this twenty-year relationship,” rang very true in my heart in 1998.

On the outside my life was a perfect picture. Retired at age 33, married for nearly seventeen years with all the material things one could wish for, I had a continual sense that “there must be something more” running through me. It was an inner longing. There was no passion or true zest in my life. It was all so perfect, organized, and controlled by yours truly.

Reflecting back, the reason I held so tightly onto this control was the fear of having all of my emotional vulnerabilities revealed. Fear of being exposed and not being as strong as the image I put forth. Fear of not really being in the life I had so perfectly mold-ed for myself. Fear of the change that would imminently come if I took the steps I sensed from the inside essence of my being and longed for in my heart.

It reached a climax point where I could no longer live the life I was living. I had projected all of my lack and emotional baggage on my husband and anyone else, to avoid owning it myself and taking responsibility for where I did not feel whole, complete, and prosperous from the inside, and trying to camouflage it from an outwardly abundant appearance.

Still I kept going with things the way they were for years attempting to change my partner.  My spirit never sold out on me. It kept prodding and reminding me that something was not in balance.

Because I was not willing to take the action myself and move out of the relationship and my life, a catalyst was presented to me in the form of another man. The energy I felt for him was an intensity I had never experienced before. It was magnetic and intoxicating. The richness of his heart was all that he offered and he gave it so graciously and freely.

The benevolent Universe offered me a gift to assist me in moving forward and I did. It was tumultuous for me, my husband, and family. It uprooted every belief system I had about myself, morality, relationship, love, sexuality, and life in general. It rocked my world and shook me to the core. It was exactly what I need-ed. A total, meltdown to return to what really mattered most of all in life, LOVE.

This other man, who became my second husband, had a depth of love I had not known possible, but he had no material possessions or outer wealth. Now, here I was, the “material girl” moving away from what I thought I was about.

Never before did I see my emotions as inner richness, however through this journey I learned to love, honor, and value my depth of emotions and feelings. I let myself deeply feel the pain, loss, and separation of my decision and the outside facade crumbled as the inner richness began to shine in innocent vulnerability through the many tears that cleansed my soul, opened my heart, and allowed my inner jewels to shine outward in true authenticity of the prosperity of my essence.

Cindy Shuster is a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive offering Workshops, Readings, and Power Pendants.  She resides in Sedona, AZ and Laguna Beach, CA and can be contacted through her business, Aura Rainbow Radiance, LLC at (949) 683-0147, (928) 203-0517. You may e-mail her at  or visit

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