MONEY — Practical / Spiritual
By Lillian Bajor 



In my work I connect the practical and spiritual aspects of money to create lasting wealth. Money is a very practical and important aspect of life in the physical world. Money is a powerful tool that can be used to create good in the world. And like everything else, when broken down into molecules and atoms, money is pure energy. Which simply means that whatever we put on money is what we will experience.

Take a moment to think about the patterns of thought, habitual behaviors, and conditioning you grew up with biologically, socially, and culturally; that is what runs your current relationship with money. The beliefs you grew up with strongly influence how you relate and experience money in your life today.

Money, like any fear that is not faced and explored, grows hidden in the darkness of consciousness. Just like a scary monster underneath the bed of a child. But of course when the parent turns on the light, takes the hand of the child and they both look underneath the bed, there is no scary monster.

Money can be a scary monster when it is a fear that is not faced. Unopened bills, living without a budget, not having a money-management system in place, not knowing the cost of your lifestyle, or annual income — all this and more creates a mysterious, confusing, scary energy around money.

And if you are spiritually inclined you will also have to deal with the negative religious consciousness around money. Fear that focusing on the acquisition of money would interfere with the pursuit of attaining God or enlightenment. These fear-based thoughts have kept many good people in poverty consciousness for centuries.

A lack of education around money is what has been missing all along. It’s pretty simple — we live in a physical universe in which money is a medium of exchange and a necessity to care for our physical well-being and the well-being of our planet.

Here are two exercises, practical and spiritual, to help you start creating a new relationship with money.

· Change your thinking — start with small steps, for instance circulating vs. spending. In the dictionary spending means to use up; to exhaust. Spending is what gave birth to consumerism; a consciousness of exhausting our resources. Circulate means to move in a circle or circuit and return.

Circulate responsibly. It’s all in the choices you make on a day-to-day basis.  Buy with awareness — you empower that which you give your energy to in the form of money.

Make mindful choices. Use your intuition and do a little research — you can easily access information through the internet to find out the Mission Statement and Vision of any organization. Take the time to become familiar with the companies you frequent and empower with your dollars. Do they contribute to the community? Do they take responsibility and recycle their waste products?

Simple things you can do, like buying organic produce, supports farmers who grow fruits and vegetables in ways that support the soil and environment vs. produce grown with pesticides that are harmful to the planet and human beings. Buy natural fabrics from stores that manufacture clothing according to safety laws with an ethical consciousness vs. buying synthetic fabrics manufactured with harmful chemicals and child labor.

· Bless your money and consciously hold the awareness that you are filling your money with blessings, and blessings will return. Because money is energy, what you infuse it with in the form of thoughts and feelings is what you create for yourself.

For years people have feared, struggled, felt guilt and shame around money. No wonder people felt guilt and shame when they did not have money management and good stewardship skills to make wise responsible choices.

Individually and collectively we have charged money with negative emotional and mental energy.  We can undo that with consistently blessing our money and taking responsibility for the thoughts and feelings with which we energize our money. Bless your money as you circulate it on the planet and bless the money that comes to you. Infuse it with good will, gratitude, Joy and good intentions.

Be a wise master of your money and learn to grow, manage, care for, respect and enjoy your wealth.

Lillian Bajor is a Wealth Conditioning Coach. She teaches individuals and groups how to “Create a Loving Relationship with Money.” Her passion is connecting practical and spiritual aspects of money to create lasting wealth with joy. Lillian Bajor is a contributing author of “Inspiration to Realization: Real Women Reveal Proven Strategies for Business, Personal, Spiritual and Financial Fulfillment due out in the fall of 2004. For additional information you can visit her at or contact her at (818) 755-3933.

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