KID’S BOOK Reviews
By Lyda Whiting



A Mother’s Promise
By Lisa Humphrey
Illustrated by David Danioth
Simple and beautiful, this utterly enchanting book will fill your heart with the promise of parenthood and the wonder of life beginning.  This book is an inspiring message of hope that celebrates the sacred trust between mother and child.

The author’s evocative words are perfectly paired with the peaceful and stirring illustrations.  The powerful simplicity of the images works beautifully with the poetry of the words. The paintings have a depth and meaning that speaks directly to the soul. This is the work of a truly gifted artist. When the wind blows a dandelion’s seeds into the sunrise, and the seeds become indistinguishable from the stars, one is transported to the stars with them.

Lisa Humphrey’s inspiration came from a close friend who wondered if it was safe to bring a child into the world today.  Fortunately, Ms. Humphrey realized that the poem of promise she created for her friend was too powerful to be kept private.  

Reading the book aloud is an amazing experience, one to be shared with those you love.  Children will ask for it night after night as their parents tuck them in.  Young readers will read it over and over, and preschoolers will turn the pages with reverence.  Both children and adults will be touched by sharing the gentle power of this book.

This would be a lovely gift for expectant parents and parents of young children, a beautiful present for children, and a touching thank you for one’s own parents.  Very highly recommended.  

Published by Illumination Arts Publishing Company, this book is available at your local bookstore.

We Share One World
By Jane E. Hoffelt
Illustrated by Marty Husted

This charming book reminds us of what we share while celebrating the vibrant diversity that is our world. Through a young boy daydreaming, we visit children in places all over the world, including a family in Tanzania, a herder in Switzerland, and villagers in Algeria. We fly kites in Japan, and play a flute duet in Peru.  Traveling to China, Iraq, and Russia, we enjoy the rain, the snow, and the sea.  We explore nature in the rainforests of Costa Rica, the forests of Canada, and the out-back of Australia.  All of the children and animals come together on the last pages to “dream one dream,” living in peace.

The words are a poem dedicated to peace, and the illustrations bring the poem to life. Created by two sisters, this book is a vision of a peaceful world where people of all cultures live in harmony with nature and each other.  Jane Hoffelt’s words blend perfectly with Marty Husted’s vivid watercolors. Together they weave magic, connecting us all around the globe.

This is a book for every age.  Flowing easily when read aloud, the words are also simple enough for the beginning reader. The illustrations are detailed and lovely, and will captivate those of all ages.  Highly recommended.  

Published by Illumination Arts Publishing Company, this book is available at your local bookstore.

Animal Companions in Our Hearts, Our Lives, and Our World
By Diane Pomerance, Ph.D.
Illustrated by Vanessa Mier
This is a book of simple design and vast goodwill. While exploring and celebrating the interconnection of all living things, readers are reminded that our connection with animals and with the natural world is a powerful resource for healing and growth.

The most eloquent words are at the back of the book, where there are twenty quotes on the beauty and importance of animals and our kinship with them. Beginning with the simplicity of a Buddhist prayer, encompassing the elegance of John Keats and Black Elk, and concluding with a beautiful passage from Virgil’s Aeneid, this section truly makes the book a standout. While each reader will have favorites, every quote will touch the heart.

The colorful childish drawings draw the reader into a bright peaceful world where animals and humans live in harmony. In a lively picture of animals and humans dancing together in a meadow under a full moon, the artist shows great talent by evoking the feeling of joyful movement from the people, the animals, even the flames in the bonfire. The artist is a high-school student whose drawings are full of the love she has for her subjects.

The author obviously cares deeply about the animal-human connection. She writes nothing the reader does not already know; yet what she writes about is often forgotten and should be remembered. She tends to bog down in rhetoric, with sentences too long to be comfortably read aloud to children and too simplistic to satisfy the adult reader. However, the quotations and the illustrations redeem the book.  

Published by Polaire Publications, this book is available at your local bookstore.

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