From The Heart of Love
Invisible, Incremental Transformation
By Scott & Shannon Peck



It sneaks up on you.
All of a sudden, there is transformation.

It usually doesn’t happen because you took a huge leap into new life space. It happens incrementally — step by step.

For example, would you like to return to the state of consciousness that you had ten years ago? Twenty years ago? Now that’s scary! Look how much you have transformed. Now, on what exact day did you make all those transformations?

This is a very important part of loving ourselves. So often we berate ourselves for not making greater, faster progress. This leads to lots of negative self-talk and unhappiness. Yet even where very little seems to be happening, transformation is taking place. We need improved spiritual vision so we can see this incremental transformation — see ourselves as powerfully evolving beings.

Yoga is a perfect example. On any given day, it can seem like your same old body is going through the same old routine, even though you are glad to be there. Yet, all of a sudden, after many months of perhaps low expectations or even no expectations, you feel the shift in your body. You are in a new place. When did that happen? It happened incrementally, almost invisibly. Yet the result has been transformation.

Think of a little chick trying to break out of its shell. If a chick could talk, it might ask us, “How many times do I have to peck this impossible-to-change shell in order to get out? And I don’t even know what’s on the other side!”

And here’s the key question for us to learn from the chick for our own lives: What if the chick, in frustration at not making the leap of transformation to its wider life in one giant peck, stopped pecking? And what if the chick stopped one peck before the shell broke? This is a good example of incremental transformation and it’s occurring right now in your life. You are cracking open many shells that are opening you to a wider, transformed life.

Reflect on this a bit. Awareness of the invisible transformation taking place right now in your life can bring gratitude, joy, and inner self-love rather than depression, hopelessness, and inner self-beating.

Awareness of this principle can also bring more relaxation and honoring to our relationships as we begin to “see” the transformation taking place so quietly in our loved ones, friends, and children. You can add great closeness by acknowledging their growth.

Appreciation for incremental transformation lets us relax — within and without. It lets us become observers more than judgers — of ourselves and others. As we become observers rather than prosecutors, we become more accepting, more loving. As we become more accepting and loving, people (including ourselves) seem to transform more. Now why is that?

Well, first, because we can see incremental transformation far more clearly from a loving state of being. And second, people transform a whole lot faster when they are loved. It’s that paradigm equation: The more we push someone to change (including ourselves), the more people resist. The more we accept people as they are (including ourselves), the more people are likely to open to change.

We see the deep oceans of incremental transformation taking place within you right now — and we don’t even know you! We don’t need to know you. Transformation to higher light and living is a sacred, spiritual principle. It’s happening whether you resist, accept, or flow. It’s happening to all of us. Look inside yourself and love the being that is unfolding. See it. Look inside your friends and do the same. Welcome to the heart of Love!

Dr. Scott Peck and Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLove-Center, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to creating and holding the space for all humanity to live in healing Love. They are authors of “The Love You Deserve,” “Liberating Your Magnificence,” and “All the Love You Could Ever Want!” (audio set). Shannon’s new book, “Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love,” has recently been released. For lots more love, please visit, e-mail , or call (800) 266-1525.
© Copyright 2004 Scott and Shannon Peck

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