The Flowering of Abundance
By Donna Strong



While its roots lie in muddy waters, the lotus has the capacity to utilize the fertility of the earth’s elements to produce a strong, serene presence that has been acknowledged by many world traditions. The lotus has the capacity to harness the latent potency of the elements of earth, water, fire and air through a process of alchemy, to achieve a form that is highly advanced. Through alchemy, basic elements are combined in a special manner that unites them into an _expression of enormous value.

Star Riparetti, of Star Flower and Gemstone Essences in Santa Barbara, describes plants as the original earth alchemists, working with the elements to create wondrous forms. The lotus offers both an apt metaphor and a truly organic process of intelligent design for turning the ‘muck’ of basic elements such as earth and water, into a substance with great refinement, beauty and harmony.

In the world of flower essences, the lotus is considered one of the highest vibrations. Lotus enhances receptivity to higher consciousness. It is considered to be a universal essence with the capacity to harmonize and bring forth more of the refinement of the soul’s qualities into physical form.

The lotus embodies several significant qualities of abundance. By promoting receptivity, it allows the flow of the larger spiritual universe of the soul into human form. In fostering harmony, it brings greater coherence to our diverse aspects, and this in turn provides a greater sense of inner peace. With more harmony and receptivity, another element of abundance is realized, connectedness and unity. A sense of connectedness and unity always boosts the consciousness of gratitude, of the return to our true home, being consciously linked to the web of life that is creation.

On the human level, when we let our minds marinate in doubt and fear, as most of us do almost 24/7, we will create the muck of separation and restlessness, webs of illusion that have to be dissolved. Too few of us make a real practice of apprehending what our creative life force has made and is continuing to produce.

In using the elements and learning the magic of alchemy, we first have to decrease the production of dross. When we spend most of our energies in fear, doubt, and despair, we are actively spinning webs of illusion that will have to be dissolved. Returning to the lotus, while its roots lie in the ‘muck’ of earth and water, it is not bound by them. In their lower aspects, earth can be very contractive and slow, full of fear and panic. Water that has become sluggish can be expressed as emotionally stagnant expressions, such as continuing cycles of fear and doubt, that can be difficult to shift.

Since energy follows our intention, what we focus on is the form of creative ‘wealth’ that we create. We cannot generate ‘dross’ to create ‘gold.’ When we are mired in thoughts and emotions that are toxic and express disconnection, how can we expect to create supreme forms of abundance — harmony, flow, fullness, beauty, joy and unity?

The exquisite vital force of creation that flows into us must be used wisely to create golden forms of abundance, such as the true joy of the heart. This points to the importance of our own attitude in working with the earthly elements, our ability to combine them into beautiful productive forms of earth’s creation, just as the lotus does. Practice doubt and we will realize greater disconnection and disharmony. Practice gratitude and we will harvest more qualities of abundance; heart-fullness, expansion, flow in life, awe, and unity.

We may need assistance to tune into the more productive and harmonious aspects. Creation has already amply supplied an abundance of flower forms to augment the frequency field that we are, creating a stronger bridge between our soul and our personality. This is a gift from the world of nature/spirit, to alchemize the elements of personality that are dross, and raise ourselves up to realize the virtues of abundance with which our soul is already endowed.

The world we see is a rich kaleidoscopic _expression of earth’s creative fertility. It is made up of four basic elements — earth, water, fire and air. As participants of creation, we are made of these same elements. As the Essene philosophy simply states; ‘We are the earth.’  We are the earth and the earth is full of elemental potency.

The lotus is not bound by the elements of turbid mud. Through alchemy, it has distilled the richness of the elements to bring forth its highest _expression; an exquisite jewel that is a treasure to be shared. Within each one of us lies a dormant treasure.

We are each full of elemental potency waiting to be tapped. We need to claim our role as citizens of creation. According to Green Hope Farm flower essence producer Molly Sheehan, “we are already everything. We are already one with everything. We are already the divinity we are looking for.”

To access this state of knowing, Molly, owner of a flower farm in Meriden, New Hampshire, explains that flower essences “ring a clear note of truth that calls us to literally remember vibrations we recognize as true. Flower essences help to transform the muck of the mind into an experience of pure truth. Working with essences is an emptying out of the mind’s muck — thoughts of scarcity, separation, and limitation, toward a realization that ‘we are everything.’  In working with different flower essences, we are guided to that layer of illusion on the surface and ripe to be dissolved away in the vibration of a flower essence’s particular frequency of truth.”

“In the face of truth, bindings of untruth drop away from us and as this process continues there comes a point when we are emptied of illusions and illuminated and embodied in truth. That truth is the abundance of everything! Every flower essence brings us toward the complete realization of abundance, that experience of knowing we are God in an ocean of God.”

Flowers have been part of the earth’s evolution for over one hundred million years.  They exist as a fountain of rich earth intelligence to provide resources for our growth and expansion and realize the richness of our true essence.

According to flower essence producer Star Riparetti, “Essences can broaden the frequency response of our minds. They increase our ability to receive. They move us to different octaves so we can view things from a new perspective.” In making flower essences the essence producer also works with subtle elements; focusing the mind and heart in unity to cooperate with nature, and offer respect and love. These too, become part of the alchemy of a flower essence and the vibrational frequency that is produced.

Star’s perspective is that the flowers offer many forms of abundance. Essences work through resonance, helping us to tune into the specific frequency signature of a flower. White Ceanothus brings luscious nurturing awareness of overflowing love from the higher realms. Rosemary fosters remembrance. “I remember who I am, what I came to do, how to manifest, including creativity, inner peace and prosperity.”

One of the flowers she believes is most important in the realization of abundance is Acacia. It is identified ‘for giving and for receiving.’ A lovely pun is embedded in this description of ‘for giving.’ In forgiving and letting go of past hurt, we open to give ourselves to the world and in return, are gifted to receive more fully. According to Star, Acacia is for ‘the art of graceful receiving.’

The gift of flower intelligence is received by taking essences. The essences are truly elixirs of alchemy. Each essence is produced through the elemental alchemy of the sun’s fire distilling the energetic imprint of a flower at its highest _expression of vital force and beauty into the universal carrier, water.

A Native American prophecy has foretold this time as the ‘Age of Flowers.’ The earth offers an exuberant bounty of flower forms, profuse expressions of beauty and harmony. They offer themselves fully to the world for a time, before returning to the soil, again becoming part of the fertility of the earth. Through this cycling of creation, nothing is lost. Forms simply change into richer and richer expressions.

We are already full citizens of the abounding splendor of earth, here to give our own beautiful _expression for a time. This is a true flowering of abundance, to be blessed with knowing the grace of our authenticity. With the uplifting support of flower essences, we can celebrate, as we make our own unique contribution and offer our gratitude, adding to the plentiful cornucopia of creation.

Donna Strong is a writer and inspirational speaker. She is committed to live life as a revelation, based on this quote from Gertrude Stein; “If it was all known, it would be dictation and not creation.” She has worked with flower essences for fifteen years. Donna offers flower essence mentoring to foster living as an abundant celebrant of creation. Contact (714) 235-7346 or at

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