Feed Your Future Vision,
Grow Your Business
By Lisa Cherney



When I first started my business, I would lie awake at night with dozens of ideas dancing in my head. I visualized all the things I would do, create and how I would help people. I would even take time during my meditation or journaling to jot notes about the dreams for my business. This fed my soul’s desire and helped my subconscious and the Universe conspire to transform my visions into reality.

Fast forward six years… now I have to make an appointment with myself for this visioning time or it doesn’t happen. My visioning paved the way for me to create this successful business and now I don’t have time to vision! I know many of you can relate to being so caught up in the day-to-day that you don’t have time to visit the future. However, when we take time to get out of our heads and listen to our hearts, we are more likely to consciously create the life and business we desire.

Five Minutes for Your Future
When I first started visualizing my business, I created a guided journey to use in my meditations. Years later, this Future-Self Guided Imagery process has made its way into our full-day Conscious Marketing Workshop and is the basis for finding the authentic words that describe what you do, why you do it and how you help people (key items for marketing materials).

So, here’s the question. Do you have five minutes in your day to spend time visioning the future of your business? What if you believed it would provide shortcuts to creating what you desire? Set a timer for five minutes and designate that as your Future Visioning Time. Here are some ways to use that time:

1. Journal – Let the words flow, don’t edit! Try answering questions like, “How am I helping people?” and “What are my clients saying about me?”

2. Vision – Close your eyes and let your mind see your future business. See all the details, feel the feelings and hear what people are saying.

3. Actively Visualize – Speak out loud, using positive present-tense language, pretend you are talking to someone about the amazing business you’ve created as if it’s already a done deal!

For additional steps to connect with the words that are already inside you, read last month’s article Creating a Marketing Message with Juice and learn how to articulate the “Juicy” benefits of your work.

Does It Really Work?
One of the things I visualized in my early days was creating products. I saw audios, books and other fun tools. My heart knew this was the best way to get my message out and touch more lives. However, my head (a.k.a. ego) was always coming up with reasons why this was too hard and saying things like, “What do you know about creating products?”  

The wonderful thing about taking consistent time to connect with my heart and feed that part of myself was that the negative voices and insecurities didn’t stand a chance. What we feed gets bigger. Another way to say this is based on the Law of Attraction, “What we focus on, we create.”  So guess what?  Three months ago I finished production on my first audio product called Listening: Guided Imagery for Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom! It contains my Future-Self Guided Journey and another one called Wisdom Council. This is truly a result of all those five-minute journeys I took in the past to visualize my future business.

What Does Your Heart Say?
Take time to listen to your heart. When I go too long without listening, there’s a part of me that begins to wither away. I can feel it in my body and I start to look around and say, “Is this it?”  As a business owner, you need to remind yourself that your life is expressed through your business. Therefore, your heart must be expressed through your business.

Sometimes this means you need to make choices about what not to do so you can focus on the things that will make your heart sing. For me this means getting off the day-to-day treadmill and blocking off time in my schedule for things like: creativity, future visioning, receiving support from others, and playing!  

I recently came to the realization that when I take time off to feed my heart and connect with inner peace, my business will be fed even more. My affirmation for you is, “When I take time to feed my heart’s desires, my business gets fed and I attract more opportunities and prosperity than I can imagine!”

When mind, body and the Universe all conspire together—amazing things can happen!

To purchase the Conscious Marketing audio program Listening: Guided Imagery for Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom, please visit www.ConsciousMarketing.com or call (888) 771-0156. We also offer workshops, and can create your marketing materials. See ad in the Resource Directory on page 33.  

Lisa Cherney is a Marketing Intuitive and President & Founder of Conscious Marketing. She has 15 years of corporate marketing experience and was trained by Dr. Doreen Virtue as a Spiritual Counselor.

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