Blending Spirituality & Psychology
for True Prosperity
By Amy St. Hilaire, MFT, Holistic Psychotherapist



Psychology without spirituality is arid and ultimately meaningless, while spirituality without grounding in psychological work leads to vanity and illusions . . . spirituality and psychology need to go hand in hand to reinforce the best in each other.
— “Understanding the Enneagram”
Riso & Hudson, 2000

Abundantly spiritual, we tell ourselves, “I welcome flow and prosperity into my life.”  What do we do when such intention is not enough? When the abun-dance mentality comes up short on paying the bills? What then?

If we apply a business model to our failure to produce results, we might ask questions such as, “What went wrong? What do I need to do better? How can I improve my strategy for success the next time?”  

If we are on a more spiritual path, we may react quite differently: “Oh, well, the Universe must be trying to tell me something. Maybe this means I am not supposed to proceed down this path. When one door closes another opens. I ask Spirit to guide me. I will just stay open and see what comes to me.”

At the risk of sounding spiritually unenlightened, I don’t buy it.

When we are unable to reach our goals or manifest our intentions, it is imperative to respond by honestly looking at what energy we are holding onto that is not aligned with our goals. Do not assume that failure, non-results or lack is all for a good reason.   

Sometimes there are less-than-divine energies (internal and external) that keep us from manifesting. I believe we must look inside ourselves when we are not reaching our goals to see what we are contributing to that non-outcome.

I have observed that sometimes people who are on a spiritual path will prefer not to deal with the struggles and emotions that ordinary humans find themselves experiencing. Sometimes, it is more appealing to want to transform ourselves without exorcising the demons within: the old traumas, fears and internal conflicts, the bad decisions and the not-so-spiritual motivations of ego. Sometimes, we’d rather jump to enlightenment and forget about our past, not actually releasing it, but running from it.

One of the great dangers of transformational work is that the ego attempts to sidestep deep psychological work by leaping into the transcendent too soon. This is because the ego always fancies itself far more “advanced” than it actually is.
— “The Wisdom of the Enneagram”
 Riso & Hudson, 1999

Transforming ego energy into the service of soul is a very important part of the work I do with my clients using a methodology called Healing from the Body Level Up™ (HBLU), developed by Judith Swack, PhD. HBLU integrates the best of comprehensive energy psychology (EFT, TFT, TAT, etc.), Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Past Life Regression and Shamanism along with spiritual transformation, healing and prayer.

The client’s deepest wisdom, accessed through muscle testing, directs every step of the healing process. Deepest wisdom tells us what issue is the priority to work on and what holistic technique from a menu of 40 interventions we use to clear the issue. We then verify the issue has been cleared 100% at the body, soul, conscious and unconscious levels and write down any learnings that come as a result of the clearing.

Much of HBLU is about finding out what is blocking people from moving forward and reaching their goals. Typical interference patterns acquired as a result of life experience include trauma, phobias, conflicting parts, blocked emotions, limiting identities of the ego, the Deathwish and Overtangles to name a few. For the purposes of this article, there is one particular interference pattern that I would like to focus on.

People can carry what we call the Lightworker Overtangle, which is an oppressive network of energy that carries the message: being holy and doing my soul mission requires sacrifice or some other form of misery or suffering. Notice it doesn’t say may involve sacrifice, but rather requires sacrifice.  

“There are usually additional requirements such as poverty, celibacy, asceticism, loneliness, isolation, lovelessness, depression, frustration, failure, exhaustion, illness, pain, martyrdom, persecution and even death,” according to Judith Swack, PhD and Lisa Bowker who co-discovered this particular overtangle.

As Lightworkers, I think it is important to look at our own belief systems about helping people and making money. We can check in consciously to see if we have any limiting beliefs such as:  Money is dirty. True healers do not charge for their services. I can live on love/appreciation alone. I take on other people’s illnesses/negative energies because I can handle them better than they can. I don’t need money. Sales is a four-letter word . . . so I am not going to sell myself/my services. I work a day job to pay my bills and just do healing on the side (after working 40-60 hours in a week already?! The list could go on and on.

If we hold any of these limiting beliefs or attitudes, we will have a hard time charging for our services, getting paid what we are worth and consequently making a living at what we believe we are called to do . . . and then where does that leave us? How many people can we help then?  

The Lightworker Overtangle is especially dangerous. “Notice that if the person meets the requirements, he/she has little or nothing left with which to do his/her soul mission. How can you do your soul mission if you are poor, sick, exhausted or dead?  Alternatively, the person may look at the unpleasant list of requirements and decide that he/she doesn’t want to pursue his/her soul mission. In either case, the overtangle does its job well.”  
— J. Swack, 2004

Overtangles wrap themselves around life experience damage such as negative emotions, phobias, traumas and ego wounds from this lifetime, past lifetimes and ancestry. Clearing an over-tangle is a more extensive process than clearing a curse. It involves extensively mapping out and clearing what the overtangle is feeding on, finding its hiding strategies and asking God’s help to free us of the overtangle with a special prayer intervention.

Once people have cleared the Lightworker Overtangle, I have seen them recite spontaneous learnings such as “I am not making money off people’s pain. They were in pain before they came to see me. I am helping them heal their pain.” or “A cardiologist charges money for his services; I can too. Helping heal the human spirit is just as important as helping someone who has a heart attack.” or “It’s really quite ridiculous to think I had to take on all that work for so little in return. No wonder I am exhausted. I see now there is nothing noble about that.”

Behaviorally, clients report how they literally wake up knowing they have to increase their fees to market value or how they are able to listen more easily to their own inner knowing about what types of clients they are willing to take on, instead of feeling like they have to work with anyone who comes their way, regardless of whether they like them, feel safe with them, feel capable/competent to safely help them or are even being paid by them!  

I have seen people’s monthly income double in a short period of time and resourceful clients find a way to pay practitioner fees without complaining about the fee or asking for a reduction . . . which is nice because many Lightworkers have soft hearts and want to help everyone!   

We can all help more people if we take a deep look inward when we are having trouble manifesting our goals, or feeling truly prosperous. Not looking at our own psychological stuff when we are stuck is like saying “No!” to the divine invitation to abundance and manifestation!

I love helping people clarify their soul mission, clearing negative interferences to manifestation and watching them embody their full radiance bringing light to this world as an extension of Source. When we integrate our spiritual work with the psychological, we have no choice but to prosper!  

Amy St. Hilaire, MA, licensed Marriage & Family Therapist is Co-Founder of the Center: Therapies for Mind~Body~Spirit in Laguna Hills. Calling herself a Holistic Psychotherapist, she assists people in healing Disease on all levels with natural methods when conventional treatment has not worked. She is happy to help people choose to completely heal Fibromyalgia, CFS, IBS, Chronic Depression, Addictions & Anxiety among other longstanding problems. Please check out the website and call to inquire about joining the expanding collective of healers at the Center or renting the training room for groups, classes, workshops or retreats (949) 916-1100

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