Your Emotional Health
By Nancy Elizabeth Brady
The Source of Prosperity



Our collective existence extends from the largest imaginable forms to microscopically invisible organic structures all interrelating continuously. We, as humans, are coherent organisms in a universe of coherence. On an individual level, this translates as our internal consciousness expressing as visible forms and events in our life.

Whatever occurs on a larger macroscopic level also takes place in a microscopic environment. We have heard this truth in different ways: as above so below, as within so without. These statements represent more than just philosophy.

The Hubble telescope has revealed the evolutionary process of the galaxies, which not surprisingly, is similar to the life cycle of cells. With increasing frequency, science is bringing to light more evidence of how our universe manifests itself in unlimited ways through the same basic processes. This suggests that there is a common motivating factor of creation.

Metaphysicians have known this to be true for eons. Now research data supports spiritual teachings that a unified source is the energy of creation. This common origin is the basic energy we call love.

This being the case, our choice is simple. If we want to create prosperity, not just money, but true prosperity throughout life, we need to live with a consciousness of love. As the universal creative substance, love births prosperity.

Occasionally I hear from people who understand the concept of creating a prosperous life by connecting with the loving source of Self. Yet, they donít actualize this and become baffled by their seeming inability to create abundance in their life. There is a big difference between understanding a concept and embracing and living the fundamental truth of a universal law. If you have not realized the prosperity you desire, look inside yourself with love. Does your sense of self feel impoverished or are you generous with love for yourself? Do you nurture attitudes of friendship with yourself? Are you lovingly patient with yourself?

What is limiting you from having faith that the totality of universal Source is you? It not only is in you, it is you, for the created is born from the energy of the creator.

Life brings challenges; thereís no way around that. Lessons in life provide another way for us to expand our capacity to bring forth our own truth. Meeting painful challenges with a loving attitude is not always easy. Sometimes it seems downright impossible, but solutions are never apart from us. The Source within is the loving energy of creation that is always ready to interpret itself as love in our life when we let it.

Our consciousness as cause, becomes the effect in the world. Since we all actualize our inner self in outer fashion, clearing emotional and subconscious barriers lets the universal Source manifest love more abundantly in all areas of life. The stars in the galaxies donít limit the flow of love, why do we? Ceasing our old ways of thinking will restore love to its rightful place, while setting us free to receive abundant fulfillment.

Nancy Elizabeth Brady is an intuitive and practitioner in the spiritual art of healing. For over 10 years, she has assisted others in healing the root cause of disorders and returning to health. Call (949) 487-1551 or check out   

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