Voices of Hope
By Audrey Hope



The Allowance of Prosperity Prosperity is...
the science of magnetizing
Godís energy into your sphere.
Prosperity is...
Godís energy in motion and exchange.
Prosperity is... a high vibration.
Prosperity is...
a state of consciousness.
Prosperity is...
an allowance.

And one must know how to enter into the divine line where source can rain down its gifts. And one must learn how to unlock the floodgates. And one must cleanse, in an inner fire, the wounds of the soul. And one must begin by healing the ego and damaging belief systems. And one must raise oneís self-esteem.

Abundance is spiritual. It is born in an open, generous heart, that knows how to keep itself open. Abundance is a holographic gateway that reflects how we handle all areas of our life.

Ask in deep truth ó What belief systems do you carry about abundance? Who gave it to you? What circle of thoughts do you really hold about success and failure? Who or what stops your flow? How is your consciousness of deserving? Do you live from your center? Does your life reflect your true essence? Does your work in the world truly reflect who you are and what you dream?

Prosperity is not learned in educational halls or schools. It is embraced through a real understanding of the ways of the universe ó Like attracts like. Your thoughts create reality. Your life is your mirror. As you think it, so it is. As you reap you sow. Joy creates more joy.

True gold is channeling energy from your true nature. Prosperity cannot be pursued. It must ensue, when you are not looking. It comes from attention on a higher purpose for living ó rich with love and service and compassion. It will catch you after your passion moves with big intention to create something from the depth of your being.

The universe is a bounty of gifts. It is working for us. It exists for our highest good. And it is time for all of us to live in paradise, in full allowance of the riches of heaven.

Love first ó yourself, your work, your dream. And that will create the space to allow Fortunata, the Goddess of Abundance, to spill over her golden liquid to fill your life.

Audrey Hope is the host of REAL WOMEN, an international cable TV show dedicated to life-altering perspectives that can transform our world. Audrey is the spiritual counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu.

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