Terry Cole-Whittaker says,
 “Claim Your Wealth and Power!”
By Kay Walburger



“Accept Your Good!” “Own Your Power!” “Claim Your Wealth!” “Say it after me!” ... I Accept My Good!’…  I Own My Power!”… “I Claim My Wealth!”

You feel you’re at an old-fashioned ‘Pep-Rally’ as Terry Cole-Whittaker cheers you on to claim your God-given talents, unique gifts and abundance. “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom,” quotes Terry from the scriptures. “ It is your work to accept it. The Father has poured out blessings of wealth, wisdom and power to make good things happen in your life. Everywhere we look in God’s creation, we see beauty, opulence, abundance, and variety….so claim it for yourself!. You, too, are His Beloved Creation!”

Thousands of people gather to hear her speak across America and around the world. She has two or three speaking engagements and/or workshop facilitating programs most weeks of the year. There is a ‘hunger’ for her message of ‘prosperity and abundance!’

 Men and women the world over thank Terry for helping them claim their birthright! Many were living in a poverty style of life and feeling spiritually bankrupt while believing this was all there was for them. Then Terry Cole-Whittaker, their  teacher, appeared and spread God’s words about ‘Abundant Living.’

She has spent many years studying the Holy Scriptures and quotes chapter and verse where God admonishes mortals to live the abundant life and claim the riches of heaven and earth as their birthright and rightful inheritance.

Why are so many people cut off from their prosperity?
Reverend Terry Cole-Whittaker has discovered that most people are slaves to fear and false beliefs. Many of these fears and beliefs, not even their own, have been foisted on them by loving and well-meaning parents, family, friends, teachers, and society in general, in their early formative years. These beliefs have been handed down generation to generation and may not even have the same relationship to the original context. “Because of these fear-based thoughts they now live lives of lack, loneliness, and limitation. They mistakenly believe that it is God’s will, or just their destiny,” reminds Terry.

“Many very loving spiritual men and women are embarrassed to ask God for wealth and prosperity because of their religious teachings and dogma.” The old sayings such as, “God must love poor people because he made so many of them.”  Sounds like human suffering, illness and poverty please God. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While God loves each person without respect for status or bank account, it is clear in the scriptures that it is ‘The Father’s greatest pleasure to prosper each individual’s endeavors.’ There are many scriptures that cite the laws and principals for attaining and managing wealth and prosperity.”

Terry has studied and mastered these principals. Now she goes about the land teaching them to eager audiences. More than that, she demonstrates these principals at work in her own abundant life for others to witness.

My Prosperity and Abundance Roots!
“There was a time in my young life when my parents were having relationship problems and they left me with my loving great grandparents. My great grandmother adored me and was a noble role model and mentor to me. We spent a lot of time together during my formative years and had many wonderful conversations. We had a great love and respect for each other and she had a profound influence over my life and my work.”

“My great grandmother was born in 1884. She was an early pioneer and came west with her family, one of the last groups to come in a covered wagon. They settled in the Owens Valley around Bishop, California.

“She married very young and had two children. They moved to San Francisco and were in the big earthquake and fire. There she became a nurse, and since there were not many doctors, she became very important in serving the health needs of the community.”

“She lived an extraordinary life and did a lot of Indian welfare work, including protecting Native American peoples from the plight of prejudice and from people wanting to take advantage of them. She would go to schools and sit in the back of the schoolroom to make sure they were treated fairly by teachers.”

“She defended their rights when LA officials were buying the water rights and diverting the water to Los Angeles. She made certain they kept their water rights and they still have them to this day.”

“Being a nurse she had many mystical experiences as she was often there when people passed away and saw the ‘blue light’ leave the body. She studied Metaphysics and New Thought with Earnest Holmes and Charles and Mildred Fillmore, who were the Founders of New Thought Churches. They believed that spiritual laws and the laws of science were not in conflict, but rather work in harmony with each other. It seemed radical in that day and age, however, today in this age of New Science, Quantum Physics, Chaos Theory, it seems very plausible.”

“She created a vast library and shared it with me when I came to visit, then left me this collection of extraordinary knowledge when she passed on. She was an amazing woman because of her pioneering spirit, and was doing things most women wouldn’t dare to do. She had a deep faith in God’s love and power in guiding her life. She was a positive person, a prosperous woman, and involved with The Federated Women’s Clubs of America, devoted to the beautification of America and helping underprivileged families. I am eternally grateful that I had such a loving and wise great grandmother to mentor and model an abundant lifestyle.”

What You Think of Me Is None of My Business
“My great grandmother’s leg-acy to me was in sharp contrast to the way I was raised by my parents, who for the most part were atheists. I had to find my own way and I chose the Ministry. After completing my ministerial training with the United Church of Religious Science in 1973, I set out to spread the teachings of love, prosperity, and happiness to as many people as possible. I jumped into the corporate world, as one of the first trainers in goal setting, attitudes, time management and communications.”

“In 1977 I received a call to become the spiritual leader for the La Jolla Church of Religious Science in La Jolla, California. There, I felt the inspiration to blaze a trail for my ministry via television and grew my congregation from 25 members to 25 million viewers in a few short years. The TV ministry was a weekly program to teach the ‘Principals of Successful Living’ by receiving a message of love, prosperity, and accepting God’s blessings of abundance.”  This program won a Emmy Award and confirmed my faith in the ‘knowing’ of the hunger for God’s Principals of Prosperity in all areas of human life.”

During this time Terry Cole-Whittaker became a household name and two of her books became Best Sellers. “What You Think of Me Is None of My Business”  addressed a major issue for many seeking and praying for wealth, prosperity, and success. From childhood we are programmed to try to please others.

We receive so many mixed messages about “Money” — is it good or bad? Is it any wonder most are confused about money and prosperity? It is often associated with Greed. The misuse of power is also associated with the obsession for money! Spiritual people do not want to be seen or thought of in this association. In their mind ‘money’ would say something negative about how they got their money and financial power.” This book is the help most people need to get their thinking back in line with God’s plan. It helps to know the words explaining His intention for each individual’s personal prosperity of ideas, services, wealth, health, opportunities, and relationships. Terry says, “You have been given a gift from God, but you must accept it, and this may mean you have to change your mind and your early conditioning!”

“It is not an easy thing to change your mind because it has been trained since childhood to resist changes. Your mind will fight and your subconscious mind is so programmed that you are required to make a strong conscious decision to override your programming. The good news is that I have tools to share with you to create the changes you desire.”

You have the Power to create the changes you desire!
“The power each of us is born with is a part of God, the spiritual aspect of our being, which is perfect. This power is a creator, or generator, of energy that is either potential or kinetic. Potential energy is passive energy, stored and waiting to be used. Kinetic energy is active energy, energy that is already being used. As active energy, this power is neutral and may be used to create sickness, loneliness, poverty, crime, or war — or good health, wealth, peace, friendships, happiness, and fulfillment.” “God has given us what some call ‘free will,’ but what I prefer to call the option is ‘choice.’ We have the choice to use our power positively or negatively, constructively or destructively. If that is so,” you may ask, “why on earth would any one choose the negative? No one would ‘conscious-ly’ make such a choice.”

“AND THAT IS THE POINT!”  Most of our choices are made ‘unconsciously.’ My mission is to teach you how to heighten your consciousness, your self-awareness, so that you can choose consciously.”

“The mechanism by which this energy becomes implemented is our mind, our mental attitudes, which in turn, determine our belief systems or the way we perceive things. As the power is implemented, our ideas take form, they become the reality in our lives, the reality of failure or the reality of success.”

“Think of your mind as the mold or blueprint that determines the shape the power takes, the form in which it expresses itself. This mold or blueprint is made up of our beliefs, which in a sense, are your memories and interpretations of very early life experiences or even parental existence. Unfortunately, we misinterpret many of these early experiences and bury these misinterpretations in our unconscious mind, where they become the basis for the beliefs that cause us so much trouble later in our lives.”

“And it is not accidental that we make these misinterpretations because, from the moment of birth, we are surrounded by other people who are imposing their misinterpretations on us. They usually do so unconsciously because they, too, are not aware of how the powers and the universe work. Because we get so caught up in trying to please these people, we spend a large part of our time worrying about what they think of us. So it is that these mistaken belief systems, with all of their misery, are handed down from generation to generation.”

“Fortunately, our minds are designed so that we can change them, and it is the central theme of my work to show how we can break the vicious circle of mistaken beliefs that presently go from parent to child repeatedly.”

“Power! You already have it. Learn that: Abundance is your right. You can break the circle of guilt. Others are not your source. You may know the certainty of Purpose. Going beyond your comfort zone. Good health is your natural state. Death is a living experience. Food and other faulty substitutes. Relationships start with you. To possess is to destroy. Children are born capable. Know when it is time to move on. Everybody can win. Ask for what you want. Having money is your right.”

 21 Days to Personal Riches
“Creating Wealth & 21 Days to Personal Riches Workbook.”
“This is a hands-on approach to consciously reprogramming your old false beliefs with the truth according to your Divine Creator. The workbook was created by me to help you examine your life and discover your true gifts, talents, skills, products and services that are in harmony with God’s Principals of Wealth, Health, Relationships, Happiness, Service and Success.” “Laws of Money & Wealth!”  “Money is God’s energy in motion, as the law of circulation at work,” reminds Terry.

A) The law of exchange and circulation has six components: 1) Production & distribution produces income; 2) What is your valuable final product; 3) What service or product do you offer; 4) Continuously offer your product & service; 5) Receive money; Pay bills on time; 6) Give something of value & receive something of value.

B) The law of Tithing: 1) Give a portion (10%) of your time, talent, and money to whereever you are receiving spiritual knowledge and support. This is giving to God. 2) Giving into God’s service is the most powerful principal of prosperity, and you will be abundantly rewarded both spiritually and materially. 3) Give something to charity with love.

C) The law of conservation & care taking: 1) Do more with less; 2) Take care of what you have and more will be given to you; 3) Have socially & environmentally- responsible products and services; 4) Get the best deals; 5) Eliminate drains & waste; 6) Eliminate useless expenditures that do not contribute to you.

D) The law of investing: 1) Make purchases that are an investment; 2) Invest in yourself & your future. Put something aside for your senior years & future investments; 3) Have your higher intelligence make your buying decisions; 4) Invest in knowledge. Use a portion of your wealth in attaining a spiritual education, plus increasing your knowledge & expertise in your career.

Terry says, “I created this 21 Days to Personal Riches & Generating Wealth Workbook because I discovered a scientific principal that says it takes 21 days to form a new habit, or 21 days to stop an old habit. I took it a step further by realizing that the best way to stop a negative habit is to replace it with a positive habit!.  Each day people use the workbook (for 21 days) to process their life and thought patterns, they are actually forming the successes they have dreamed of achieving with God’s Blessings.”

“This workbook is a consciousness-raising and practical application tool to have the dreams of your heart come true. This is self-esteeming because it is by you and for you, lead by your own divine indwelling spirit. It feels right because it is your own intuition leading you to know and accept yourself. It is God’s will for you.”

“It is important to take an inventory of your personal and professional assets, to form a success strategy, to answer burning questions about who you are and what you are called to do. You need to brainstorm your breakthroughs, create beneficial partnerships, write success mantras, build your faith, practice principals of prosperity, make new agreements with yourself and others, pray and trust your loving creator, learn to forgive yourself and others, form an action plan, declare your purpose and right to wealth, affirm God’s Love and Blessings in your life!” Terry says, “Please remember this workbook was created as a tool for you, to keep you on track. “Do this for 21 days and you will be amazed!”

Why did you build a Yoga Center in India?
“I have studied Hatha Yoga for years and became a Yoga teacher. Now I am studying Bhakti Yoga, a path to God that teaches the love of God. It is what Jesus taught: “To Love God and to Love others as yourself.”

“In 1985 I continued my quest for the topmost secrets of life, which took me to holy temples around the world. I studied with saints and holy people of all faiths. It is my privilege to share this knowledge with as many people as desire to learn. I fell in love with India and built The Institute and Library of Higher Knowledge, an ashram which I call my Palace.”

“My Palace has a five-thousand square-foot basement with a school for religious music and spiritual dance. Here singing, chanting, sacred dance, and theater are performed.” “I have my own lovely home with marble floors, handmade doors and furniture. I have the canopy bed I always dreamed of. When I look out my windows I see monkeys swinging in the trees which makes me laugh and feel happy. Twelve guest rooms are available for students, all singles with kitchens and bathrooms, marble floors, handmade doors and furniture. It is a lovely spiritual setting where one can feel close to God.” “After completion of the school, hopefully by the spring of 2004, we will hold our first International Conference. For further information, e-mail inquiries to info@terrycolewhittaker.com

The power of prayer is the way to know God’s love!
“I would like to tell the readers of Awareness Magazine that I believe the Power of Prayer is so important to all of us because God is in the heart of every living entity. If you are really sincere and want to know God, then pray to know God. Whatever you desire, if you want to know your right work, or you want your right mate, or your health to be restored, ask God to show you the way. God is so Powerful and so personal to everyone and prayer is your way to connect. Go first to this Source and books will come to you, people will show up to share wisdom and encouragement, doors will open and guidance and direction will lead you. You can know that wherever you are, God is!”

“Be open to your prosperity and doing your life’s work. If you don’t know what that is, ask God to show you! Love what you do and do what you love. Be willing to prosper and you will fulfill your divine destiny. Everyone is important in God’s plan; all work is meaningful and you have a purpose and mission. Do your work with love and receive joy, love, satisfaction, and opportunities. When you serve a higher power you will grow. You will reach new levels of enlightenment, truth, goodness, and bliss. God exists, God is Good, and God is Real and loves you all the time!”

Terry Cole-Whittaker has been lauded as the single-most influential trailblazer of her time. She opened the spiritual and motivational gateway of opportunity for many of her students who are today’s best-selling authors, spiritual, government, and business leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, and celebrities. She is called, “The Counselor to the Stars of Today and Tomorrow.”

Her five Best-sellers include: “What You Think of Me Is None of My Business,” “How to Have More in A Have Not World,” “The Inner Path from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be,” “Love and Power in A World Without Limits,” and “Every Saint Has A Past, Every Sinner A Future.” Her newest book, “Dare To Be Great!” is being released this fall.

To order Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker’s seminars on audio-tape, CD’s and Video’s, please call (310) 836-5798 or visit www.Terrycolewhittaker.com    

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