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Alyse DeMaria & Ross Muller Teach Kundalini Yoga
A Path to Peace & Prosperity!



“Kundalini Yoga Practice is the experience I had been searching for all my life, to find ‘My Bliss.’  It has brought harmony and balance to all segments of my life,” reveals Alyse DeMaria.

Alyse: “My search began in my hometown in New York. I was working for a corporation creating home furnishings textiles. I loved my work teaching others how to use the computer in this new creative way. Still, I felt that there was something more natural and creative for my life.”

“I had been studying Hatha Yoga for years and was looking for a deeper experience. One day I saw a flyer for a Kundalini Yoga class that called to me. Kundalini thrilled and amazed me, as I tasted my bliss and joyfulness at the core just from being in that one class. That night I learned the ‘tune in mantra’ (sound current) “Ong NamoGuru Dev Namo,” meaning (I bow with reverence to the infinite creative consciousness/wisdom within me). It was worth the long trip because I knew that some day this would be my path and I continued to chant the mantra often.”

Ross: “I have always enjoyed being an athlete and I had also studied Hatha Yoga for years. I was working in my career as an architect, and though it was sometimes long hours, it was a great corporation to work with. They liked my work so well that one day they offered me a transfer to their California office. Alyse and I flew out to see if we wanted to move.”

 “When we found Laguna Beach, a quaint artist colony on the shoreline of the beautiful Pacific Ocean with lots of green belt all around, we said, “Yes!” After years of living in concrete and the high-rise world, we packed up and moved into our personal environmental paradise.”

Alyse: “As soon as we got settled in, I began to search for a Kundalini teacher. Most people I asked did not know what I was talking about. I continued my search and was rewarded by discovering there was a man — a student and now teacher of Kundalini Yoga for 30 years in a nearby town. I enrolled in his classes and went two or three times every week. I told Ross he had to try it and he began taking classes with me.”

“I read a book about Kundalini Yoga and learned there was a teacher’s certification training in Los Angeles. I felt this was part of my career path, and registered for the school.” Ross: “I was happy working in my job but something more was calling to me and our present Yoga teacher encouraged me to take the training classes with Alyse. At the last possible moment I registered, and to Alyse’s delight, I joined her in the teacher’s training.”

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness!
Alyse: “Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness! It addresses one’s entire life and every aspect of it. It’s about being aware of your experiences and all your interactions with people and life’s situations. It is recognizing that our physical body is our ‘spiritual temple’ and we practice keeping it healthy, happy and whole.”

Ross: “In the past it was only available to certain people who dedicated themselves to studying Yoga, or people of a privileged lineage. Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini, Hatha, and White Tantric Yoga, who in the late sixties said, “No more keeping this away from the people! This what the world needs right now!”

Alyse: “Bhajan was breaking through a ‘caste system’ and decided to bring it to the western world. He was told that the western cultures would not understand the spiritual principles, only their physical needs. Although he was warned of doom, failure and loss of his popularity, he said, “I do not care if I am popular. I know this is what is needed for healing because this ‘Sacred Science’ puts power into the individual’s own life. They will learn to connect to the ‘Guru Within’ and experience balancing of their Life Force Energies.”

Ross: “There is more and more scientific research being done on people who practice Yoga and the results show many amazing health benefits overall. People say they can’t do Yoga because they are too out of shape, or too old, or too injured to get into those ‘pretzel-like’ positions. We teach a ‘Kriya’ (an action combining: posture (asana); breath (pranayam) and sound current (mantra). I tell them if they can breathe and move anything, they can do Kundalini Yoga because complete novices, intermediate, and advanced students all take the same class.”

“Each person listens to their own body and begins doing whatever they can. Much of our Yoga is about breath. We teach many different breathing patterns and rhythms. Some are long, deep, and slow, others are rapid and varied such as panting, measured breath, and ‘Breath of Fire’. Doing Breath of Fire for one minute is equal to one hour of regular yoga. Sitting and doing Breath of Fire is an aerobic exercise and increases the heart rate and body temperature; this enhances the postures. Anyone who can do that much will enjoy benefits.”

Alyse: “This practice includes mantras, movement, poses, mudras, postures, breathing techniques, meditations, relaxation, singing, dancing, receiving and sending blessings to individuals or groups you choose. Many people report having a spiritual experience, yet this is not a religion, and in fact, people from many diverse religious faiths enjoy Kundalini Yoga.”

Ross: “My journey in yoga actually began continuing the day I was born. At its root, yoga means union . . . a simple union with our deepest universal nature. It is my personal wish to share the ancient unbroken technologies of yoga and meditation, based on the experience of how much they have inspired me towards the greatest potential of Humanity.”

Husband and wife: Ross & Alyse: “Most of all, we encourage inner peace and self appreciation. As people accept the gifts of abundance life brings them, they have more prosperity awareness and are free to enjoy and share it with others.”

“What is Kundalini actually? It is your creative potential. You experience it when the energy of the glandular system combines with the energy of the nervous system to create such sensitivity that the totality of the brain receives signals and integrates them. Then you become totally and wholly aware, and your creative potential becomes available to you.”

For more information please call From Within at (949) 494-3993 or you may also e-mail:    Weekly Yoga and Meditation Classes are available at Yoga Studio, Costa Mesa (949) 574-9642, Yoga Path, Irvine (949) 856-9642, Triad Yoga, (949) 724-1479, Laguna Beach Community Center (949) 497-0716, Shaw’s Cove, Laguna Beach (949) 376-7888 and Yoga Path, Mission Viejo (949) 380-9642.  

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