Seiser Says
By Lynn Seiser, PhD, MFT



We Already Have More Than Enough Prosperity. What a great word. What does it mean? Prosperity means a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in a financial respect. It also means good fortune. To prosper is to be successful or fortunate, to thrive, to flourish, and to make happy. We all want to be prosperous, donít we?

One problem with wanting prosperity is that if we donít already think what we have is enough, there is a good chance having more will not be enough either. Wanting more is an expression of the belief in scarcity and prevents prosperity. Knowing that we already have more than enough is an expression of abundance and facilitates prosperity. So, how do we become even more prosperous than we already are?

Words are always inadequate to express reality. Nevertheless, they are the best we have. In transformational grammar there is an idea called a referential index. It implies that everything we say has a reference to it. Prosperous, successful, and thriving according to who? Prosperous, successful, and thriving according to what condition and context? Prosperous, successful, and thriving by what means? Just how prosperous, successful, and thriving are you and how prosperous do you really want to be?

People who are prosperous have a way of thinking about themselves and their lives. Repeat after me, ďI am worthy of prosperity. I see the opportunity for prosperity and I take it. I do the work necessary to gain and obtain prosperity.Ē Most people who have prosperity feel they are worth it and deserve it. They deserve it because they have seen the opportunity and possibilities and took it.

A friend of mine once said when the window of opportunity opens most people are just sitting on the couch watching television. It takes work to gain prosperity. It doesnít come just because you think positive thoughts. If you want the pay off, you must contribute. The participants, not the spectators, win games.

There are also usually a couple of blocks that prevent us from being prosperous. How do you stop yourself from being prosperous? Prosperity is the right of all of us. If you have a belief system that thinks the only people who are prosperous are those born with it or who obtained it through questionable means, you may not allow yourself to believe it is possible for you. You may have some hidden judgements and resentments towards prosperous people that you need to let go of before letting prosperity into your life. You may not feel worthy or deserving of prosperity. This creates blocks to letting it in.

We only let into our lives those things we agree with. Agree and identify with poverty and scarcity and it will be yours. Agree and identify with prosperity and it to will come into your life, or at least the opportunity for it will.

There are only a few things you really need to know about prosperity. The first thing you need to decide is what you want. If you want financial prosperity, just how much do you want? If it is love you want to be prosperous in, just how much love do you want and how do you want it shown?

The second thing you need to know is what you have to do to get it. Again, if you want financial prosperity you might need to go to school and learn how to run a business and handle finances. It is not an option to gain prosperity from illegal or unethical means. Prosperity gained through such means does not last long and brings long-term repercussions and consequences.

Remember, what goes around come around. If it is love you want, you may need to start researching successful relationships and get into therapy to discover how you stop yourself from having love. Finally, whatever you set as your goal, once you find out the work you must do, you must do it. Prosperity is an active, not passive, process. You must do something to obtain it and you must do something to maintain it. As a psychotherapist, I often find it interesting when people want something other than what they already have, and they tend to live with a lot of anxiety and depression. Someone once told me that true prosperity was not having what you wanted, but wanting and appreciating what you already have.

We often think that if we had more money our lives would be better. The truth is we would handle the new money the same way we handle the old money, and it too would soon be gone and not enough. We look for perfection in ourselves and our relationship only to negate who we are and what we already have. Perhaps before we start adding more, we need to appreciate, validate, and take good care what we already have.

The secret to becoming prosperous is to know that we already are. We already have more than enough.

Thanks for listening, for the opportunity to be of service, and for sharing the journey.

Lynn Seiser, Ph.D., is an internationally respected psychotherapist and author with offices in Long Beach and Tustin.

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