The ONE Center
A Place To Remember
By Robin Duncan



If you are looking for a place of healing that provides results, yet feel you can’t afford it . . . think again!  The ONE Center was especially created for individuals seeking affordable healing assistance. Our services are offered on a “Fee- Optional” basis. In other words, our services are available to you, whether or not you can afford treatment.

Our private session price is $150.00, and our class prices are $49. You may pay whatever fits into your budget, without a minimum requirement. We also offer CD’s and audio cassettes for Hypnosis, Meditation, Chakra Clearing with Crystal Bowls, and Teachings on Tape for a nominal fee.

 The ONE Center was founded by Robin D. Duncan, CHT. Robin spent over 22 years as a financial management professional before changing career paths into Holistic Health. She is a CPA and served in Senior Management positions for large corporations.

In 1997, after a life-changing event, she became a dedicated student of “A Course in Miracles” and also experienced deep transformational healing with the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (“EFT”).

Currently, Robin is an Ordained Minister, a Nationally Certified Hypnotherapist, a teacher and student of A Course in Miracles, a motivational speaker and teacher, a practitioner of EFT, PSYCH-KTM, Sound and Vibrational Healing, and Crystal and Gemstone Therapy.

After personally experiencing the healing effects of the alternative healing tools available today, Robin became convinced that these tools needed to be shared on a more expanded basis. For over three years, Robin offered her services for free to those who could not otherwise afford treatment. The experience was tremendously rewarding and the results were phenomenal.

It became clear that by simply holding a sacred, loving space of unconditional love, combined with these helpful healing modalities, individuals could regain their sense of wholeness, empowerment and vitality, and ultimately heal their perception of themselves. After witnessing so many people reclaim their True Identity and healed perception, it was clear that it was time to share this “Fee-Optional — Healing Possible” arrangement with the world.

There are many people who are currently experiencing fear, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, lack of prosperity, sadness, pain, grief, phobias, excess weight, addictive behaviors or other concerns, who are not reaching out for assistance due to their personal financial situation. The ONE Center was created to assist those individuals who would like to transform with a fee structure that works for everyone.

Our Mission Statement
The ONE Center is dedicated to providing holistic treatment, programs, education, and counseling to the public (adults and children) to serve the greater good of humanity. Our services include whatever is within our means to assist individuals in achieving an overall sense of well-being, peacefulness, confidence and empowerment. Each individual is essential to the whole of humanity.

It is our intention to provide an unconditionally loving, compassionate place for individuals to heal and remember their wholeness, strength and vitality. Our fee structure is designed to ensure that individuals have reasonable access to quality services, support, and treatment for personal growth, healing and development, whether or not they can afford these services.

 The ONE Center is currently involved in the administrative process of applying for grants, donations, etc. to fund salaries of the therapists who serve the public. With our current level of staff and resources, we offer Hypnotherapy, EFT, PSYCH-KTM, Sound and Vibrational Healing, and Crystal and Gemstone Therapy.

We also offer public classes and workshops on a variety of topics such as Prosperity, EFT, Unveiling the Master, Creating Miracles, Stop Smoking, Unveiling Your Slender Body, and much more. See  for a complete class list. Our vision includes transition support for birth and death, and networking and development of Crystal Children.

Ultimately, we will combine medical and metaphysical treatments for an integrated holistic approach to health and healing. After setting our intention, we became aware of an in-patient facility in Holland (200 beds) that includes physicians and metaphysicians, working side by side.  What glorious times we are in!

The staff of The ONE Center is excited to contribute to the overall plan of raising consciousness from fear to love, from lack to abundance, and for healing in the hearts of humanity.

If you would like to schedule a fee-optional appointment, sign up for a class, or if you are interested in contributing your energy to The ONE Center, whether in time, materials or monetary contributions, or if you would like to be considered for employment, please contact us today at (800) 688-6380, or visit our website at . The first ONE is located at 2582 N. Santiago Blvd., Suite A, Orange, CA 92867 (by appointment only.)  

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