By Chuck Diliberto



Pass The Drum
Peter Sprague
Satyam Music / SBE Records
There is something about the music of Brazil that fires the passion of romance on a cellular level. The music is alive with feeling and intimacy, images of couples dancing cheek to cheek, locked in embrace, unaware of anything but each other comes to mind.

Peter Sprague’s “Pass The Drum” is a musical exploration of the nuances of romance. Vocalists Coral MacFarland Thuet and Leonard Patton have that sultry, sensual style that feels like two warm hands caressing and rubbing your body all over. Peter Sprague’s smooth guitar Jazz styling was in perfect complement to his brother Tripp’s melodious saxophone and flute playing. The music was tight and well played, offering a unique version of the Beatles’ “And I Love Her”.

In this version, Thuet and Patton are in a pillow talk format, whispering and cooing their love for each other. The melody and harmony of the song gently swirled, reminiscent of the moment when the bodies of two lovers come together in an explosion of magic and awe.

If you are an aficionado for Jazz, especially the Brazilian style, then this CD is a necessary purchase. The music will place you in a world where love, caring, and romance hold sway, it will also help you to relax, and, quite possibly heighten and enhance your lovemaking.

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Two Trees
Al Jewer & Andy Mitran
Laughing Cat Records
In the Spiritual community we are always looking for something that is representative of the inner peace and joy that comes from the freedom of knowing our divine self. It is that intangible feeling that echoes in the recesses of our soul, calling out to us to listen, beckoning the courage with-in us to explore those hidden shadow crevices.

In “Two Trees”, Jewer (internationally acclaimed flutist), and Mitran (composer, producer, percussionist, keyboard player) decided to combine their vision and muse to produce a soundscape that was reflective of both their talents and their souls. The music is a pastiche of light Jazz with Native American sensibilities and contemporary rhythms.

The melodies flowed in streams of consciousness, revealing poignant pauses of introspective moments. In those moments, Jewer and Mitran exposed their vulnerability and searching natures. The music explored the balancing of the inherent male and female energies within us. This coming together of energies created a convergence of ideas and acceptance that drew these talented musicians to each other.

 There is also an ethereal ambience in the music that lifted the listener slightly beyond the third dimension (material world) to a place where you could share in the world of divine disincarnate beings. It was very much like floating in a gentle breeze, one foot on this side, and one foot on the other side. Butterflies and Angels glided by allowing glimpses of seen and unseen worlds. Beautiful moments indeed.

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Heart of Peace
David & Steve Gordon
Sequoia Records
 In a world where war, turmoil, and strife are constantly and incessantly shoved in our faces you have to wonder where the “heart of peace” may be found. Furthering my preponderance, I also have to wonder why peace always has to be paired with war. Peace, as far as I can tell, is a natural state of being that is only dependent upon our ability to trust in, and love ourselves.

From the above perspective, we can understand what David and Steve Gordon’s vision of the “Heart of Peace” is. The Gordons are visionaries in search of the ultimate experience of definitive peace. David (piano, keyboards) and Steve (guitar, guitar synthesizer) have combined the natural sounds of waves crashing and birds chirping with a synthesizer- created atmosphere that harkened the dawning of a new reality. Aural landscapes were developed with wide sweeping sonic strokes that blended majestically with the natural Earth sounds. The waves began to touch my toes as I sat there surveying the ocean of life around me.

Now I realized I was no longer in my room, I understood then, that the Gordon’s vision of the “heart of peace” was transcendental and transformative. They took the listener beyond the conventions of 9 to 5 reality where a world of serenity and awe existed. Somewhere between our own imagination and the Gordon’s utopic view of freedom, the “Heart of Peace” awaits inside of us all.

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Universal Love
Nawang Khechog
Sounds True
In America, freedom is a word whose meaning most people take for granted. For Nawang Khechog freedom means living in exile away from your original birthplace (Tibet). The Chinese government long coveted Tibet as their own territory, seeking to end the autonomy of this Spiritually-governed country.

Khechog advanced his Spiritual freedom when he held only compassion for those who chose to oppress and enslave his compatriots. In this act of compassion, Khechog learned about “universal love”. His journey through music is representative of his commitment to cultivate the heart of “universal love”.

Khechog uses a variety of instruments, which include the Tibetan flute, long horn, universal horn, didgeridoo, African drums and kalimba, ocarinas, Native American drums, overtone chanting, and chants of universal love by the Dalai Lama.

The music is played sensitively; plaintively expressing the delicate balance needed to emotionalize the infinitive nature of “universal love”. Khechog’s music is as delicate as a moth’s wings; each note hauntingly refrained from the soul of “universal love”. The melodies reach out from unseen sources, the chants echo in transcendent pitches. Moments of clarity and transparency reverberated with the hidden nature of “universal love”. Khechog mentions in his liner notes his struggle with maintaining the path of “universal love. If there is a struggle, it was not evident at any time in the music.

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As Sure As the Sun
Kerri Sherwood
SISU Music Productions
Imagine this, you have already released seven compact discs, with only three vocal compositions and the rest instrumentals. Your eighth release then is all vocal compositions. It took Kerri Sherwood, mother of two, eight releases to vocally express what her heart had been expressing through instrumentals for years.

Kerri, why have you been hiding such an emotive voice? She sings in a conversational tone that is personal and intimate. Her lyrics reflected the sensitivity of the Goddess energy, submissive in feeling, yet powerful in the truth and soul of their meanings. Her songs were autobiographical glimpses of what she believes in, her hopes, aspirations, and a wry subtlety of attitude that showed her confidence and strength.

The music was a contemporary blend of commercial pop rock and folk ballads with an easy going down-home sensibility. Sherwood reminded me of a female Jackson Browne. A singer song-writer who plays the grand piano and expressed every feeling that reverberated with her heart through a format that was rock-n-roll. She is unpretentious, yet she shines in her own light and talent. Her energy is infectious, and her songs were very catchy. This is beautiful music from a beautiful person.

For more information, please call (310) 860-9170.

Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York state. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice.

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