Meet a Fairy Princess
By Dr. Claudia Rose



 Have you ever met a fairy princess? When you attend the 2nd Annual Fairy Godmother Fair on September 28th, you’ll meet one in person. And she’s for real!

In Everyday Grace, Marianne Williamson writes: “Our problem is not that the world lacks magic; our problem is that we don’t believe in its magic.”

Hopes & Dreams
Lisa Lynne, whose newest release, “Hopes & Dreams”, just rose to #6 on the Billboard Chart, not only believes in magic; Lisa creates magic with her Celtic harp and her Harps for Hearts Concert and Workshop Series where she uses the harp as a means to promote creativity and well-being.

A self-taught multi-instrumentalist who studied bass at Hollywood’s prestigious Musicians Institute of Technology, Lisa bought her own first guitar while in second grade. She later played with neighborhood rock bands and at twenty-one was working full-time as a bassist, playing mostly classic rock in bars, on military bases and at biker events.

It was a magical day in the life of Lisa Lynne when she hopped a fence into a Renaissance Faire and joined a gypsy dance troupe. “We were actually playing arrangements of Iron Maiden tunes on mandolins,” Lisa recounts. On that fateful day, she spotted Celtic harps and found that, amazingly, “I could already play it — it was love at first sound, first touch.”

Lisa realized the magic and power of harp music after taking her harps to her grandmother’s rest home where the residents “just lit up”. As the first-ever musician in residence at City of Hope, Lisa was essential in developing the first program of its kind encouraging patients to create their own music and to express their feelings, taking a more active role in their healing process.

The seed for the idea was sown when Lisa comforted the devastated family of one of the injured students of the Columbine High School shooting. “I was supposed to play for her, but she was asleep, so I played for her family,” Lisa remembers. “It was very therapeutic for them. Her brother, who had been witness to that day, spoke about it for the first time.”

The girl loved music. So Lisa contacted an online harp chat group. Harpists from all over the world pooled their resources and together bought the girl a harp of her own. Even though the girl was paralyzed from the waist down, she sat up for the first time to play her harp.

Making Miracles at the Fairy Godmother Fair
When Lisa heard about the Fairy Godmother Fair, she agreed to join us as we have fun while helping to raise funds. “What do you want me to do?” she asked. “I’ll play my harp and teach others how to play. And I will donate a portion of the sales of my CDs to Project Cuddle.” The Orange County charity operates a national hotline providing legal and safe alternatives to baby abandonment. Young pregnant women and girls who need help choosing a healthy option for themselves and their babies can call to speak with volunteers who offer comfort, information, and resources as they decide to keep their babies or opt for adoption..

Lisa’s heart is in full support of the work done by Project Cuddle because her one outstanding dream is to find her birth mother. “I always knew I was adopted. She was a single mother and gave me up so I could have a better chance. I would like her to know that the giving thing she did turned out as she must have wanted. And I would like to play my harp for her and let her know that I live in appreciation of her and, most of all, I am at peace.”

 © 2003 Dr. Claudia Rose

Meet Lisa in person and experience her healing music at the Fairy Godmother Fair Sept. 28th from 10 am-4 pm at the Atrium Hotel in Irvine. Call (877) 442-2888 for more information or see .  

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