Living the Soulful Life
By Scott Kalechstein

This Life So Far

I was born at a young age
    in 1963
Survived the streets of Brooklyn
    in a Jewish family
My parents both were atheists
    to them God was for saps
For me that meant no Hebrew School
    and I thanked God for that!

No Chanukah, no Christmas trees
    no holy holidays
When we sat down to a meal
    for grace we said “uy vey!”
I was glad to be so schooled
    in science and in math
But then came adolescence
    and I found another path

I started seeking spiritually
    from Zen to LSD
I tried rebirthing, breathed, and
    found God lived inside of me!
I took two years of college
    then dropped out of my courses
To study Course In Miracles
    and learn just who my Boss is

I felt the man called Jesus
    take me by the hand
He gently stirred my soul in ways
    I still don’t understand
I learned that he was there for me
    his love would never leave
And that I am worthy
    all I need to do is breathe

My parents took it personally
    “Oh, where did we go wrong?
Our son has got religion?
    Well, at least he’s not reborn!”
Some rebel with drugs and sex
    Others just get pissed
I rebelled by finding God
    “I’ll show those atheists!”

I took all of the workshops
    and the get-real weekend trainings
    I paid a grand for Tony Robbins to
   say “Scott, just quit complaining!”
I meditated, chanted om
    and found my higher power
I started writing happy songs
    and singing in the shower

Some friends who overheard me said
    “Scottie, make a tape
Your music will help many folks
    rejoice and  celebrate”
And so I went from shower
    to the studio and stage
I freed up the performer
    who’d been locked inside a cage

My music brought me so much joy
    and even brought me money
I left the day job and moved west
    to where it’s always sunny
I made CDs, the word caught on
    and I was quite sought after
There’s nothing like a message that
    is sent through song and laughter

I continued on my healing path
    of seeking transformation
I freed my inner child
    but he hated meditation
I tried to work on discipline
    to sit still was an issue
Maybe I have ADD
    oh God get me a tissue!

Gradually I realized
    I was not simply a seeker
I started giving workshops
    and became a traveling speaker
Wisdom would flow through me
    in profound and wondrous ways
I’d listen to my talks on tape
    and simply be amazed

At home I learned my lessons
    just like everybody else
I learned to love another
    I first gotta love myself
I grew  through my relationships
    the land of Mars and Venus
I learned to listen to my heart
    not just my head and penis

I’m grateful for my blessings
    And I’m glad I can relax
But what is all my success worth
    when my country attacks?
I look out at the world and see
    the global fear increase
Declaring war on terror
    is just not a path to peace

I’ve never been political
    I’ve been too self-absorbed
But lately I’ve been thinking lots
    about two thousand  four
I want to see new leaders
    fresh new representation
Elected men and woman who
    don’t serve big corporations

I want to see Americans
    not be so afraid
To find our voice and make a choice
    to forge another way
The grief of 9/11
    must no longer turn to bombs
Let’s cry our tears and find our
    hearts and new ways to be strong

We could lead the world in kindness
    not in fear and might
We could be a gentle giant
    much too wise to fight
The short-term kicking-ass solutions
    may feel good at first
But violence cannot make us safe
    in time it makes things worse

Now Bush may go to church and
    pray for victory through Christ
But the meek that shall inherit earth
    don’t use pre-emptive strikes
Jesus taught it plain and simple
    love is the true way
And those who live life by the sword
    will get the point some day
Those who live life by the sword
    will get their point some day

Scott Kalechstein rhymes in his sleep! He also expresses as a modern day troubadour and  can be found sharing his musical, ministerial, speaking, and healing gifts with churches, conferences, businesses, and individuals around the world. To be placed on Scott’s e-mail list, send a hello to , or visit for more inspiration, laughter, song samples, and information.

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