From Hunters to Healers
By Patrick Cain



As humanity discovers a deeper reality-an underlying unity and spiritual component in life-a whole new world will be birthed. In the very near future, a unified spiritual perspective is going to emerge as the cornerstone of civilization and transform competitive, fragmented societies into a peaceful global culture.

Like the mythical phoenix, a pervasive new cultural climate is arising out of the confusion and decay of a desensitized world that has lost touch with life and forgotten its divine heritage. The building blocks of civilization are being shaken apart and reset by universal truths so that a heavenly capstone, or divine consciousness, can be put in place.

This newly evolved mindset will radically redefine our lives and relationships, and serve as a guiding light for future generations. It will challenge the antiquated world-view on which modern society rests-and any establishment or system (religious, political or economic) that stands in the path of this cataclysmic shift will be swept away by its powerful currents. An overwhelming confluence of factors and flood of knowledge are creating the conditions for a new social structure to take shape and form the foundation of the future.

The prevailing winds are set and a great storm of events is on the horizon of humanity. The atmosphere is electrified with the energy of a new era. Those who are feeling its transformative power are beginning to leave the old world behind and move into a new realm of life. Like rolling thunder, feelings of imminent changes are rumbling through our innermost being and causing us to re-examine who we are and why we’re here. This identity crisis and raison d’etre will culminate into a dimensional leap in consciousness that will carry humanity to its ultimate destiny and spiritual fulfillment.

In short, we are awakening to a higher dimension. Spiritual awareness and social activism are ready to join forces for the transformation of the ages. A broad spectrum of pioneer movements (new age, environmental, et al.) will cumulatively bring about global change. A new paradigm of life is unfolding from the heart of humanity that is transforming us from hunters to healers. Perhaps we can become powerful healing agents-harbingers of hope and architects of life-and help facilitate this natural process of spiritual evolution.

Patrick Cain is a holistic researcher and visionary writer. He lives in the Southwest, near the Superstition Mountains. His newest book, “From Hunters to Healers,” is available in meta-physical bookstores.  

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