Global Dance ~
Where Yoga Meets Dance!
By Beth Rigby



Relax and be gently guided to a place of raw freedom, swept away by exhilarating, soulful music.  Move and groove... cleanse, release, purify, relax, laugh hard, release stress, and connect with others. Then melt into a deep state of relaxation to the frequency state where healing on many levels takes place. Bask in soothing silence, energetically cleansed from the dance.

Global Dance ~ Where Yoga Meets Dance ~ combines the sacred, sensual and silly to set the body, mind and spirit wildly free!  This simple and dynamic class is for dancers and non-dancers, lovers of yoga or those who have two left feet. It is a high-energy, wildly fun, cathartic, interactive, inspirational movement process and celebration of life that opens the heart and fosters a heart-warming communal experience. All ages, shapes and sizes can experience the benefits of dance and yoga in this class. No experience or ability is needed.

Our adult life inevitably glazes layers of stress over our lighter essential selves. Global Dance ~ Where Yoga Meets Dance ~ peels away those layers effortlessly and returns one to a place of innocence and freedom.

As we dance, we become a tribe, and melt down the walls of isolation prevalent in our society.  Dancing through the elements of fire, water, earth, air and spirit that comprise our globe and our bodies, we acknowledge the organic oneness of all. Music and movement access deep levels of emotion, removing blockages, melting stress, freeing up one’s creativity and restoring a sense of openness and ease.

“I felt things moving and opening in me... great joy and connectedness!”   
— C. Brown, Boston, MA.

Just as a pebble thrown into a still pond ripples out, the healing energy generated from the dance ripples out to uplift the planet.  Class ends with a guided relaxation and deep rest period, followed by a global healing meditation. One leaves feeling energetically cleansed and light as a feather.

“Beth’s class was one of the most refreshing and spiritually rewarding things I have done in a long time. It was nice to get out of my head and into my heart. Beth lovingly and gently cajoles our spirits to emerge and dance the dance of oneness.”
— J. Mangino, San Diego

“It was truly a magical experience!”
 — Peter Einstein, Founder & Executive Producer, The Inner Voyage, LLC, New York

Beth Rigby is Founder and Creator of Global Dance ~ Where Yoga Meets Dance ~ and Sedona Healing Retreat Adventures, a former Program Director at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and a certified Kripalu DansKi-netics and Yoga Instructor based in Sedona, AZ.  Visit website for a list of 50 certified instructors worldwide and upcoming events.

Upcoming: Teacher Trainings: August 21-31 in Boston, and September 18-28 in Sedona, AZ.; Sedona/Grand Canyon Healing Retreat Adventures: October 6-11 and 13-18.

For additional information, please call (928) 300-6944, e-mail  or see   

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