The Gentle Wind Project®
Healing Childhood Wounds
By Mary E. Miller MSW



“I always felt insecure and easily frightened, and became overwhelmed whenever times were difficult. I kept up a good front so most people never knew how bad I felt, but I knew. I had a very abusive childhood. After using the Healing Instrument, I felt like a new person. Now whenever situations come up, that in the past would have thrown me way out of balance, I remain calm and stable,” writes Marie from Boston. The latest advancements do even more to eliminate the harm incurred in early childhood. Most importantly, this new technology rebuilds the energetic circuitry itself, causing people who have suffered from weakened systems to experience a deeper sense of strength and stability.

The Gentle Wind Project® [see Awareness Magazine March/April 2003] is continuously seeking more effective ways to reduce and alleviate human suffering. More recently the advancements in the Project’s healing technology are directed to help people who grew up in families that did not provide proper childcare. In every society on earth, there is a universal pact that exists between parents and children.

The pact is simple. The parents agree to meet the needs of the children; not all of the wants, but all of the needs. When parents are unable or unwilling to keep this pact, the children’s safety and self-worth come into question. The children are left with lasting damage which influences their adult lives.

There are many reasons why parents do not care properly for their children. Often the parents themselves have so many mental and emotional problems they lack the stability and inner resources to care for children. No matter what the reason, when children are not properly cared for they must develop protective behavior patterns just to survive childhood. These behavior patterns usually include protecting their parents and hiding their lack of care. Sometimes the roles in families get reversed, and the children who need care themselves act like little grownups caring for their parents.

All of this happens during the critical years when children are building into themselves an energetic platform. It is from this platform that children lead their lives. When this energetic platform is built out of improper parenting, a lack of nurturing, and chaotic relationships, the person’s adult life becomes very difficult. The very foundation of the consciousness is faulty and lacking in resources. When people with weak platforms run into the normal physical and emotional burdens of adult life, they lack the resources to get through difficult times and become further burdened as the years pass. The Gentle Wind Project® is an international non-profit healing organization and offers a mental and emotional healing to anyone who would like this help. For over 20 years this Project has been researching and developing a healing technology which alleviates mental and emotional distress.

The technology consists of Healing Instruments designed to repair and restore each person’s energetic structure, the non-physical field in which each of us lives. Every time we are injured by something mentally, emotionally, or physically this field is damaged.

While counseling sessions can be helpful and comforting at times, no amount of talking can ever reach and repair the structural harm we have all incurred. Furthermore, these damaged areas have a magnetic quality causing us to attract people and situations with similar kinds of harm.

The Healing Instruments repair the damaged areas in each per-son’s energetic structure, making it possible to leave the hurts and wounds of the past behind. The Gentle Wind Project® has studied thousands of people representing a wide variety of human conditions. After using a Healing Instrument, the majority of the subjects show they are stronger, calmer, and more able to get through difficult times; and most say they have a significant decrease in their relationship conflicts and an overall improvement in the quality of their lives.

For more information, call (800) 545-7847, or go online at  The Gentle Wind Project® has an International Directory of volunteer Instrument Keepers who share their Healing Instruments at no charge with anyone who would like this help.

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