By Nancy Brady

Accessing the Flow of Abundance



We are all part of the same creative laws as those of our steadily unfolding universe. The earth constantly opens its arms to offer us its unending supply of abundance. Everywhere we look, we can see expressions of the fullness of all that is present and available to us. Likewise, our spirit always expresses abundantly because that is its true nature. We are endowed with an inner ability to bring our creations into being and share with the world, just as the earth does with us. This flow that comes to us and through us, is part of the essential cycle of life.

Abundance is not something we own, or how much we own, but an energy that is available to us to benefit the whole of life. Flowing freely with this energy creates a prosperity state of mind. Whether you consider prosperity to be money, time, health, creativity, friends or joy, it all comes back to the same thing. It is a flow that manifests in different forms according to your relationship with it.

All your desires are first fulfilled in consciousness and then brought into material manifestation. Your feelings about your self and how you hold certain beliefs are directly related to how you interface with the flow of abundance. And your inner feelings projected outwards toward life determine how you view what you have or donít have.

Whether you have prosperity awareness, or a belief system based in limitation, the universe will give back to you what you deeply believe. When you limit the flow, abundance will appear to be withheld from you, however, evidence of lack in any area can be changed. The following prosperity experience illustrates this.

My client Mike (not his real name) was holding strong beliefs that working non-stop was his ticket to financial freedom. This worked for awhile as he moved ahead in his career. Then his inner life caught up with him and the flow stopped. Feelings of failure surfaced and eventually apathy and depression set in. By facing and changing his fears of failure, Mike entered his path of healing. From there, his road to success continued by resolving the inner feelings that caused him to bury himself in work. The flow of money then opened up in his life with a lot less effort, allowing him the time to share his new-found joy for life.

Healing from within will lead you to reconnect with a smooth flow of abundance. Sometimes it can take perseverance to determine what is going on in your relationship with prosperity. Money is an especially good teacher because it is a tool of exchange in our culture. If you find your self holding concerns or fears about not having enough money, look inside and determine where the feelings really belong. The subconscious cannot distinguish between fact and imagination, so if you are feeling limited, you will be supported in that belief. Money itself will not make you happy, but a prosperity attitude in all areas of your life can come from the peace accessed through inner healing.

Whether abundance manifests in your bank account or in your heart, it is still a flow of energy. So let your relationship with this flow be free to evolve from a clear and open space within you, and thus support your ability to receive abundance in all areas of your life.

Nancy Brady is a practitioner specializing in emotional healing to support physical and mental health. She is a certified DNA & Theta Healing practitioner and instructor, a certified SHEN practitioner and a medical and spiritual intuitive. Nancy can be contacted at (949) 487-1551. Or you may visit her website at   

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