Spotlight on Steven Sadleir
Money Maker Offers High Yield Meditation
By Kathy DeSantis



Editor’s Note: This is a follow- up article on Steven Sadleir from the initial interview found in the Premier Issue of Awareness Magazine in 1993. He has studied all the world’s major religions and spiritual paths which he summarized in his first book “The Spiritual Seeker’s Guide.” Steven is unique in that he has been personally trained by several of the world’s most renowned spiritual teachers to awaken the consciousness in others. He is the Founder of the Self Awareness Institute in Laguna Beach and author of  “The Calling,” “The Awakening,” “Yoga Basics” and “The Spiritual Seeker’s Guide.” Steven’s  newest book, “Looking for God,” is an expanded version of “The Awakening.” “Looking for God” is more academic in that it answers certain fundamental questions such as Who is God?  Why are we here? The book is published by Penquin Press and available at Barnes and Noble Bookstores. For more information on his books and his schedule of meditation classes and retreats, see

Steven Sadleir is a man who is highly developed in opposite types of human endeavors. For one, he is a successful investment banker and economist who puts high-yield funds together for the wealthy. He is also a self-described vehicle for God’s love by helping others evolve into more spiritual beings. And he has found a way to blend the two skills and share it with thousands of people.  Steven has worked for over 20 years in financial consulting and sales experience in both debt and equity, real property, asset-based lending and investment banking. He works to bring his clients up to their highest earning potential, while on another level he teaches  them how to develop one’s highest personal potential through awareness of spirituality.

Since Steven was a child he knew he had a quest for spiritual teachings. A near-death experience propelled him on an early search for God. A few years ago Steven took a sabbatical from his career to answer a long-time “calling” to search for the Truth. He was directed to study every major religion and spiritual teaching in existence. He traveled around the world three times to experience the rites and rituals of the religions and spent many years visiting dozens of spiritual teachers, guru’s, adepts and shamans, traveling deep into remote jungles, deserts and mountains in search of authentic Masters and the Truth. He authored five spiritually-based self-improvement books. As a result of his learning and research, Steven founded the “Self Awareness Institute” in Laguna Beach to help people “plug into a reality they already know but have forgotten” via his ongoing meditation classes using a method called “Shaktipat” initiations. He was formally and extensively trained by a Master of the Yoga Tapas in India.

Talking with Steven in his spartan, high-rise office building in Irvine, a financial institution where clients talk  and fight about money all day, I could hardly imagine him sitting eyes closed far away in India 23 hours a day for 40 consecutive days and nights as an initiation to a shaktipat form of Dhyana Meditation to become a Spiritual Master. I asked how he could possibly merge his vast spiritual knowledge with the challenges of the financial market and corporate existence in his career today.

“It’s one thing to feel the bliss of God’s love while I’m teaching and in a meditative mode, but now I am working in an environment that stretches me — it’s my yoga for daily living.”  He also admitted that he does “have his days” but that overall his teachings have influenced others around him and his clients in a positive way, and have helped him handle his client’s income fluctuations. It was evident to me that this is his lifelong passion and he is filling a much-needed void in the corporate environment.

Steven maintains all of us already have the Truth within us but that we are unconscious of it most of the time. As a result of his travels around the world meeting thousands of people, he believes strongly that we are part of an evolutionary shift of a spiritual awakening on the planet. There is a critical mass of people forming on our planet looking for access to their potential. We are faced with a question of value — for the world to change, we have to integrate ourselves as spiritual beings, he emphasizes.

“A lot of people know this spiritual stuff — they’ve read the books, attended the seminars, followed the teachings, but there is one more step and that is to actually realize it in their own life. To become self empowered. My gurus taught me to awaken my brain to realize God. I want to give that awakening, but more importantly, I want to enable people to give it to themselves — the God realization.”

 To attain spiritual wisdom and discover the Truth within ourselves, Steven suggests that you simply ask for it. “My prayer is ‘Lord, how can I serve?’ I know Spirit is calling the shots — when I put out the question, the information I need comes back.”

His meditation method is about connecting to Spirit in order to access your soul — “getting high and getting blissed out.”

“My goal is like bong hits on God. I want people to not just feel alive, but also feel the presence of God.” That statement was enough to send me to one of Steven’s regular meditation classes a few days later to follow my own spiritual journey for Truth and quest for inner peace.

Along with two friends who are familiar with spiritual practices, and several  other people, I sat in the candle-lit quiet of the Neighborhood Congregational Church in Laguna Beach and watched Steven explain his method of meditation. Contrary to other meditation groups I have attended, Steven asks that we NOT try to turn off our thoughts because we simply can’t. We are to accept them and let them be, and that in itself will help us to let them go. He explained that like anything else, practice and effort would be effective in attaining the state of bliss that we once knew but have gotten away from. Listening to his explanation in this casual, spiritual environment I was beginning to feel the positive energy around me. I did not control my thoughts, yet it seemed to be okay.

“People go into ecstasy on our meditative retreats,” he told us. “I want to see everybody at least get a taste of it tonight. Your circuits to God are already wired in your brains — all I do is help develop the circuitry. A good guru helps you find God within yourself. The sitting part is the awakened part. The awakened part is when you are continually open to increase your capacity to feel love — to feel that Divine Presence.”

My friends and I left feeling truly grateful for the meditation and much more peaceful as we drifted back into Laguna Beach traffic. We expect to return for more sitting in that loving energy.

It is Steven’s hope that people take the teachings and pass them onto someone else. He teaches the importance of awareness of our consciousness and the present moment so we can stay in that mode. His daily practice is to be fully conscious throughout the day and to love others unconditionally. He also sits two hours a day on weekdays and sometimes eight hours a day on weekends to be in the state of “bliss” and stay in the present. After attending the meditation session I understand enough to know I need to make meditation a regular practice.

If you feel directed to heed the call of your indwelling spirit,  Steven is offering a Meditation and Yoga Retreat on September 6-8 at the RW Ranch in Lucerne Valley, CA. The cost is posted on his website, or you may call Ginger at (310) 376-8759. E-mail address 

Steven will be giving the meditation for the opening of The Garden of Healing Expo & ConferenceTM, Friday, October 18 at 6:30 p.m.  

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