By Ralph Carpio



REMEMBER YOUR SIMPLICITY: Thatís one of the most powerful and valuable things you can do for yourself. In a world where everything can seem to be completely overwhelming, remembering and using your simplicity can be a sure and steady guide. Does life have to be inherently complicated? I know that when something, anything, becomes too complicated, I tune out. Whether itís a recipe for soup or instructions on how to install a computer, I want it as plain and simple as possible. Thatís because I am looking for effectiveness and effectiveness comes when things are simplified. I desire guidance and instruction that will be of actual, practical use to me and will benefit me.

With that in mind, I want you to consider going through life with a spiritual backpack. Letís say you were going to travel the world. You were granted an extensive, wonderful journey in which you would experience many great things. This trip is already paid for and youíre passage is booked. There is only one requirement for this trip. You can travel with only one backpack.

Knowing this, it will be crucial to pack only the essentials, only the things that will be of most use to you as you travel day to day. For starters you will need bedding. You cannot take your king size poster bed with you obviously, so you will pack a supportive, cushioned bedroll. Another thing you will need is clothing. You wonít have space for a closet full of suits or dresses, so you will take shirts, pants, underclothes and shoes that will be both durable and easy to clean. You might need medicines or sundries like deodorant, soap and toothpaste. You will not be taking the full contents of your bathroom cabinet however. You are now set with the essentials, the basics, and can enjoy your trip.

Now, I want to tell you that you are on such a journey. Your journey is on a physical plane and you indeed carry a backpack with you, a spiritual backpack. If you allow your backpack to become crammed with useless junk however, your journey will not be efficient, peaceful, or enjoyable. Useless junk for us can consist of many things including prejudice, bigotry, doubt, guilt, and fear. It could also consist of believing in lack or even a refusal to look within. Let me begin with prejudice and bigotry. Have you ever noticed how a pet reacts with joy when it sees its owner? In fact, watch most pets when anyone treats them with kindness, they go crazy. They are happy and loving and respond in kind. Itís simple. Perfect. There is nothing else needed or required in the equation.

If we humans were to act that way, if we treated each other that simply, what an incredible change this planet would experience. But we have made it complicated and unnecessarily so. We have used every device to taint the simplicity. Race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and body size, all designed as joyous expressions, have been used as excuses to not love as simply as pets do.

I remember as a child being so impacted by the story of Helen Keller. What basis did she have for her interactions with others but the energy, love and kindness exchanged? All the external factors previously mentioned were inconsequential to her. Only the love and energy offered mattered. Simple. Perfect. When we pack doubt, guilt and fear in our spiritual backpack, it makes for a heavy and burdened journey.

Trees, flowers, fields and meadows all survive and flourish from simply receiving from nature. They donít rebut what life offers them so freely and they grow in a very natural way. Often times, we block the same natural flow of all things wonderful, by insisting that it canít be so. Allowing that the fullness of life is meant for us, is available to us and that we are deserving of it, lets it in. Simple. Perfect.

Some of us have packed a resistance to looking within. Every possible device has been used to keep us from looking inside ourselves for answers, which is ironically, the very thing that will help us. Simple. Perfect. We indeed are on a journey; we are all travelers through life. It is important to look at ourselves and give our lives a thorough inspection. What we carry in our backpacks makes all the difference!

Ralph Carpio is the author of ďThe Constant Creator In YouĒ, published by Rainbow Books. To read more or to contact him, please visit his website at www.constantcreator.com .

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