By Kay Walburger
Environmental Entrepreneurs, Kim & Mark Morrison, Create
 Yoga Studio to Be Oasis in Time



Upon entering the doorway of the Yoga Studio, you feel that you have stepped out of time into a peaceful and calm setting that is comfortable and somehow familiar. You notice the people working there are radiant with good health and are naturally friendly. You know on first encounter this is a special place and here you will be free to explore your options for nurturing good health. This is an Oasis in Time in a fast-paced world.

 You see that some remolding is taking place around the studio, but are surprised that you do not see, or hear, or smell the usual unpleasant effects of such a project. How is it that there is no unpleasant odor from paint fumes? There are no toxic gases being given off from building materials. In fact the Studio is very fresh with nearby ocean breezes gently sweeping throughout the whole studio. What is this all about? This is where the environmental entrepreneur’s story really begins.

The body is a messenger pain is the message
Mark Morrison relates, “I was a fast-paced and goal-driven business lawyer working a 60-to 70-hour workweek. I had graduated from law school and my life had become a life of working for ‘big money’ so I could afford to have all my desires met. The problem seemed to be that after working all those long hours, there was really no time left for me to enjoy my desires. No time for my athletic or relaxation pursuits, and it was taking its toll on me and my health. Two years later I took a long hard look at myself and saw that I weighed more than I ever had in my life. I was stiff, had insomnia, indigestion, stomach problems, allergies, and I was tired and worn out.”

“I was drinking more and not eating well because I was so stressed. I started compensating with food,” continues Mark. “I craved more desserts, richer foods, as I searched for comfort in food. This was not working for me and I began to look for better answers. Two important elements happened at that time. First my law partner was a vegetarian and practiced Yoga. He began to mentor me in eating better quality foods. This helped me to feel better quickly.

“Next I began to do research and found a stunning article about a doctor who was having good results reversing heart disease in patients 50, 60, and 70 years old. In fact 80% of the people who followed his four-point plan did not require any heart surgery. I wondered if his plan could have such great results with older people, what could it do for me?”

“His four point plan was really simple: #1 - Do movement every day, mainly Yoga. #2 - Eat vegetarian. #3 - Get involved in group support such as community service. #4 - Relax and meditate. I started with my eating and became a vegetarian then practiced Yoga”, explains Mark.

“During this transition of changing my physical habits I began to rethink my life and its purpose. I had started with the desire to heal my body and was surprised that my mind also began to heal. I went from my primary purpose of making money to living my spiritual purpose. I had not realized how my body and mind had become disconnected. It was gratifying to be connected again.”

“The body is a messenger and pain is one of the messages. In this country we are taught to numb the pain and not to look at the cause. This is part of how we get disconnected. When I learned to listen to my body and clean it up through foods with higher nutritional values, then do Yoga for exercise, and mediation for my mind, my thought patterns began to change.”

“As I cleaned up the body with detoxification, purification, relaxation, rejuvenation, and flexibility, I realized my mind was having many more positive thoughts. I could have better self-control over my mind. I rethought my priorities, simplified my lifestyle, and now had the luxury of time for myself and my desires while still practicing law!” “I discovered the practice of Yoga expands ‘Awareness’. Through this expanded ‘Awareness’ a person’s consciousness changes and they have greater freedom to live their personal purpose,” continues Mark.

Go Back To Nature!
“As I connected more to myself, I connected back to nature. I choose to honor nature more and more in my life!  Many people are searching for ways to find relief from ‘all the stress’ on the planet. I am convinced this stress is because we are so cut off from nature. We are disconnected from our source, which is nature. How many people even step on the earth, as in ground, soil, sand, grass, dirt — in a day, week, or month?  Not pavement, that is not earth! If we come from nature and are fed and sustained from foods grown in earth’s soil, then it must be important to our total well-being.”

“My belief is ‘Let’s get humble, get low to the ground, and Go Back To Nature!’” declares Mark. “My theory is the closer we get to nature the better off we are. Let’s use minimal processing and less toxic chemicals in our everyday living.”

“We practice these principals here in the Yoga Studio. We used non-toxic materials in the remolding of our studio. I researched for the most natural building materials and finishing products. It costs a bit more in the beginning, however overall it is the most cost effective. We used non-toxic paints and cleaning supplies because we know the gases given off by other products overwork the human liver and are counterproductive. Our purpose is to support and nurture our student’s wellness and recovery process.”

Hot Yoga Studio
The Yoga Studio, started by Kim Morrison, is the Hot Yoga Studio, founded in 1995. Hot Yoga is for all levels of students from beginner to advanced. The primary purpose is purification and rejuvenation of the body. The series is made up of 24 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a heated room.

The heat warms our bodies, allowing for maximum stretching, reduces risk of injury, and releases toxins through sweat. Students are advised, “Be prepared to sweat”. Hot Yoga systematically works every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, internal organ and gland while moving freshly oxygenated blood carrying nutrients to 100% of the body.

This system assists in the healing process of back and neck pain, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, sciatica, bursitis, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. As you increase your strength, flexibility, concentration and balance, you will re-energize, re-vitalize and re-connect body, mind and spirit. The result is restoration of health to all systems allowing you to feel better and live a higher quality of life.

In an effort to maintain the well being of our students, we maintain an environmentally-conscious environment. Located near the Pacific Ocean, the studios are cleansed daily by the pure fresh ocean air. Studio 1 has been designed to create the most effective environment for a physical experience by maximizing the optimal balance between heat and oxygen through a uniquely-designed heating and air purification system.

Studio 2 (not heated) has been designed to create the most effective environment for a mental experience by creating the only organically-energized Yoga studio in America by Organix(r). We have built and continue to maintain the Yoga Studio with non-toxic and environmentally-friendly products.

The Yoga Studio is an Oasis in Time to come and re-connect your body-mind-spirit. Yoga is a proven science of self-realization with origins dating over 5,000 years. The purpose of Yoga is to provide students with the knowledge to experience and access greater power and freedom. Ultimately, Yoga allows us the power and freedom to choose a higher quality of life. Our unique system of Yoga works all aspects of being: physical, mental, and spiritual. As we purify the body and clear the mind, we begin to increase our Awareness.

With Awareness, we begin to accept and experience our lives more deeply. Yoga has become the most powerful healing system in the world with a vast following ranging from beginners seeking relaxation, to professional athletes practicing as part of a vigorous mental and physical training program. Yoga is being recommended by medical doctors and endorsed by the insurance industry. That may be why over 20 million Americans are practicing Yoga.”

“Our logo represents the path we follow at the Yoga Studio. The circle or ens* is borrowed from the Japanese culture and represents the Unity of all things just as Yoga translated means Union. The line through the ens* represents balance or the Middle Path.”

“Our philosophy is that on the middle path we unite in loving kindness.”

Kim and Mark Morrison, RYT, are registered yoga teachers of Yoga Alliance. They founded and are Co-directors of the Yoga Studio. Kim is a graduate of Hot Choudhury’s Yoga College of India and has practiced since 1985. Mark, a graduate of Wisdom Yoga Teachers Training, has practiced since 1992.

For more information, a list of Classes, Retreats, Yoga Teachers Training & Others Services offered by Yoga Studio, Call or write: Yoga Studio, 230 East 17th Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. (949) 574-9642.   

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