By Jesse Anson Dawn
Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young


 Jesse Anson Dawn, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”,  plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.”


Presently answering the question:
Are “wrinkles” natural, and are there natural ways to heal or erase them?

“Wrinkles,” sminkles. So much fuss and worry about this little ailment which (as I’ve discovered) is caused primarily by wads of pain and tension amid the skeletal muscle beneath the skin. For as skeletal muscle tenses up, the skin covering the muscle “knot” loosens and wrinkles.

See for yourself: whenever you massage the area of a facial line, you will feel a glob of pain and tension lurking directly beneath the “wrinkle” — and as the tension/pain is eased — poof — wrinkling diminishes (only to sneak back in again when the tension/pain returns). Most important to realize here is, if you can massage away a “wrinkle” once, you can do it any number of times (as often as necessary, whenever you have the time for a private moment).

All of which is part of the truly effective, lifelong skin-care techniques that I call Mindlight Massage, Energy Make-up, and Un-ruffling (in the Getting in Touch with Yourself chapter of The Rejuvenator’s Bible).

But of course I realize that dehydration is also involved with those pesty little buggers labeled by the misleading and quite rigid noun — “wrinkles” (instead of the fluid and manageable verb — wrinkling). Thus the dehydration factor spurs an endless bombardment of “moisturizer” ads.

And yet despite the deluge of skin potion pitches, I instead utilize the basic truth that water (and certainly not face creams) gives life to everything, whereby water is the true and ultimate moisturizer. The irreplaceable value of water is why 70% of your body is water (as is the Earth’s surface), hence water is the very essence of skin and tissue. This is why we are born in water, and this is also why one molecule of bodily tissue is surrounded by hundreds of water molecules.

Water Penetration Massage
Indeed, whether you douse it on your skin or drink it, unless you’re drowning, water will always be the best thing for your body, because how can science invent anything better for human flesh than its original essence? Easier would be to reinvent the essence of clouds, somehow making them shower us with various lotions and creams. Anyway, beyond the “can-do-anything” hype of pharmacology, it is with a knowledge of true essences in mind that we apply water and CE (creationary energy) mindlight to the skin, again reminded of Nature’s universal formula of re-creation via the fusion of moisture with light.

A key factor to be noted here is that by combining Water Penetration Massage with the mindpower insights we’re now exploring, your skin will then absorb and circulate water on a greatly stepped-up level.

Thus we combine mindlight with Water Penetration Massage simply by taking a short break from the daily routine to go to a basin to douse the face with water, letting it sit on your face for a few seconds (so this ultimate liquid penetrates somewhat). During the few seconds that the water sits on your face and penetrates is a good time to close your eyes and focus on the healing process of the CE mindlight that I’ve explained in detail, and also a good time to shake loose any facial tension, thereby opening up mind/body (CE) circulation. Ah, but how refreshing it is to put a little “wawa” on the face and let it combine with central (pineal/pituitary) mindlight to do its healing magic.

However, I realize that a lot of you women out there regularly use make-up, so you may be reluctant to do Water Penetration Massage as often as I do, which is four or five times a day (for a grand total of perhaps five minutes daily). But if you want to experience this aspect of true facial rejuvenation, I highly recommend the regular massage of plain water onto your face, even though it may necessitate reapplying make-up.

Recently, I’ve discovered a truly effective moisturizing technique via a lovely lady named Keanu Kuljis, a water-based technique specifically for women who want to avoid reapplying make-up. (Note: Keanu is an amazing woman who is 48 but looks like 28, a truly rejuvenating, wonderful woman who may be co-authoring a new book with me). What Keanu recommends is to carry a little spray bottle of water with you wherever you go, where-by you simply mist a bit of the liquid on your face and neck (during times when conditions deem it appropriate). This simple practice, plus many other techniques that Keanu regularly practices, makes her a beneficial and true-to-life fountain of rejuvenating knowledge.

Why the CE Way Works and Face Creams Don’t
Because our skin cells are mostly water, plus the fact that various creams or soaps are heavier than water and will always remain on the surface of water and not penetrate (just as soap suds or oil will always float to the top of water) is why any kind of skin cream or soap will not combine with the water molecules of your skin.

This heavier-than-water factor holds true even for so-called “moisturizing” creams or soaps, therefore such substances cannot  be absorbed to “moisturize” skin. It just doesn’t happen that way. And yet despite the fact that water is an effective skin cleaning agent in itself, infinitely better for skin than soaps or oily creams, millions of people continue to damage facial skin with soaps and “lotions,” not yet realizing that skin is NOT crying out for soap or oil BUT LITERALLY SCREAMING FOR REGULAR DRINKS OF WATER!

Another thing to remember about Water Penetration Massage is this: when drying off, it helps to use the towel as a de-wrinkling tool, polishing the face like it’s a piece of sterling silver — pressing firmly on that cobweb-popping, “jowl”-forming zone (from the sides of the nose down to the neck). Sometimes, when firmly smoothing back and unruffling the jowl area with a towel, you can hear a little popping sound come from the cheeks — a little “pop” which signifies the sound of stale energy/excess-skin-baggage being released  as you re-tone the voluntary muscles of that gratefully revived face of yours.

But of course, these water penetration and unruffling/detensioning techniques, as effective as they are, cannot work unless you first try them out and SEE how they work.

Meanwhile, until our mind/bodies meet again, let me wish you a happy autumn, and as ever, happy rejuvenating!

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