Dr. Seedman Offers You A Career or Ph.D.
 in Hypnotherapy or Alternative Healing
By Dr. Maryel McKinley, Ph.D., C.A.D.C., C.H.T.



How would you like to be prosperous, healthy, and happy?  How would you like to be hypnotized by the foremost-recognized hypnotist in the world? Dr. Barry Seedman, a magnetic yet humble man, is now coming to California regularly to offer not only the opportunity to experience the techniques of this Master Hypnotist, but to also become a Certified Hypnotherapist, in just one weekend.

For those of you who are skeptical of hypnosis, so was Dr. Seed-man, who spent several years as a real estate broker and took his first class at JFK airport over 20 years ago. By word of mouth after being certified, he has worked with Olympic gold medalists, entire Olympic teams, championship boxers, Fortune 500 companies, and of course Hollywood stars and regular people like you and me. He is the kindest, gentlest and most sincere man I’ve been around in this field and he is truly willing to help his students succeed.

Dr. Seedman offers two weekend classes, each giving certification. You may attend one weekend and become a Certified Hypnotherapist, or continue on and take the second weekend advanced class, becoming a Master Hypnotist. The next classes in Los Angeles will be held Saturday and Sunday November 9 and 10, followed by the Advance Training November 16 & 17.

In addition,  he offers hypnotherapy students the chance to continue their education by enrolling in the worldwide highly-acclaimed program of Albert University to obtain the much sought after  Ph.D. in the field. For those who find it difficult to write a thesis, Albert University also offers a technical doctoral degree program in either hypnotherapy (DCH) or Alternative Healing (DAH), giving practitioners of many modalities the credibility to help them in building their practice. The unique aspect about Albert University is that it is a comprehensive program involving classroom, home study and practicum, and one is able to utilize life experience and classes taken from other sources to gain credits for the degree. It should also be noted that Albert University is member accredited by the Government Accreditation Association of Delaware, and meets and exceed this groups standards.

Although Dr. Seedman has appeared on television, on radio and in print internationally, and has some of Hollywood’s most coveted clients, he is humble enough to not take himself to seriously, unlike so many self-proclaimed hypnotists who try to shroud themselves with mystery and secrecy. Dr. Seedman declares that knowledge is to be shared and he readily shares it with all who are willing to learn. Albert University was inspired by Dr. Seedman’s father, Albert, who is the former Chief of Detectives of the New York City Police Department. His father is a great believer in education and Dr. Seedman wanted to give his father the ultimate honor by developing his own life’s dream to share this wonderful knowledge with the world and name the University after him. That shows me that he is a man of character, honor and integrity, and as a student of his, I have found him to embrace all of those admirable qualities and more. The beauty of Albert University is that it is not only for hypnotherapists, but for everyone who wishes to move further in their careers in whatever the healing modality may be. As mentioned, credits are given for life experience, outside workshops and classes in the complementary healing modalities, training in Reiki, and actual work experience if you are already working in the healing arts.

Dr. Seedman believes his innovative method of helping students learn and master everything they need to know can be done in far less time and at far more reasonable rates than currently available elsewhere. In fact, you can learn in one weekend class what it takes weeks or months to learn at other schools. He currently has students throughout Europe, South America, South Africa, the Caribbean and across the United States. In fact, once you take his workshops, you may repeat them anytime, anywhere they are held at no additional charge.

I have personally been certified by Dr. Seedman and I must say that it was far more than I expected. I received great healing from the process as he actually has the students learn experientially, not just intellectually. Utilizing what I have learned from Dr. Seedman in my private practice and in my own life,  has truly made a huge difference.

If you are interested in learning about hypnotherapy, becoming certified and even building a new career, Dr. Seedman’s classes are the best way to go. He welcomes you to see for yourself the amazing ways that hypnotherapy can help you with healing, prosperity and stress relief, and to see if you might wish to pursue a Doctoral Degree.

For more information and a complete schedule of classes and workshops call The Hypnosis Institute at (800) 494-9766.  

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