The Ten Percent Solution
Simple Steps to Improve Our Lives and Our World
By Marc Allen

A utopian answer to world hunger, poverty consciousness, unsavory business practices, and the ultimate solution to the great and growing need for funding charitable organizations that are far too often overlooked. Marc Allen, co-founder of New World Library and one of the greatest assets to the publishing world today, is a visionary whose revolutionary, yet simple and practical ideas may well be the way of life that will make “pay it forward” pale in comparison!

I am impressed with the section in this book regarding working in partnership, a growing movement that will reap the results its cohorts convey. By living in community of spirit and sharing what we have, there will be more than enough to spread around, and world suffering will be a long lost memory.

This theory is being practiced in business, and Allen uses it in his own corporation as well. It promotes a feeling of interdependency, rather than vengeful competition. This book should be required reading in all MBA programs and in all major and minor corporations. I can’t say enough positive things about Marc Allen’s new book “The Ten Percent Solution.”

Published by New World Library, the book is available at your local bookstores.
Reviewed by Dr. Maryel McKinley


The Corporate Shaman
A Business Fable
By Richard Whiteley
The best book of the year on executive consulting, “The Corporate Shaman” a classic-style book that will hopefully be used in boardrooms of businesses for many years. Our corporate world needs a new way of operating, as the old way is producing stress, job burnout, and instability in the stock and job market.

This book is the answer to turning it all around. However, I wouldn’t call what Whiteley does “executive consulting”; rather it is more like taking a corporate shamanic journey to heal the structure from within. This healing is transformative, unlike many “fad” type-consulting methods that have come and gone, but never really created any real changes.

“The Corporate Shaman” is written in the guise of a “Business Fable”, a proven way of learning and receiving knowledge down through the ages. It’s not an in-your-face step-by-step guide, and that is what is so palatable about this book. Dealing with a natural approach towards interdependency within the group, it touches on the need for utilizing talents of different personal paths, then joining together as one team. The refreshing and enlightening approach of this book can and will turn your company around, without a doubt. Everyone in the corporate world should read this book! And for those not in the corporate structure, it is an entertaining and inspiring introduction into the magical land of shamanic healing.

Published by Harper Collins, this book is available at your local bookstores.
Reviewed by Dr. Maryel McKinley


Even Mystics Have To Pay the Bills
Balancing A Spiritual Life and Earthly Living
By Jim Rosemergy
Ordained Unity minister and Executive V.P. of Unity Seminary in Kansas City, MO., Rosemergy has generously gifted us with his revolutionary new book. While at Unity Village this summer, I was having lunch with some fellow students when I overheard them raving about this book. The students said this was the best book on prosperity they had ever come across. If these advanced students were this blown away by one simple book out of the many they had been studying over their years of spiritual development, I knew the readers of Awareness Magazine would have to hear about it as well!

“Even Mystics Have To Pay The Bills” approaches the theme of prosperity from a different angle. It focuses primarily on awakening to the awareness that God/Spirit is your one and only source. Rosemergy “invites you to go beyond old methods of making ends meet and to dig deeper, not for precious metals, but for the treasure within.” As all students of metaphysics know, when we put our spiritual life first, ALL of our needs are ALWAYS met. However, this book goes beyond that mindset.

It gives challenges, and a foundation which you will put to the test, including a 40-day guide to prosperous living by daily utilizing the principles that are very basic — biblically approached — yet mystically interpreted. I am so grateful to have had the chance to discover this rare gem. Many blessings of gratitude to Rev. Rosemergy for sharing this priceless information with the world.

Published by Unity House, this book is available at your local bookstores.
Reviewed by Dr. Maryel McKinley


The Spiritual Entrepreneur
Awakening the Power and Potential within You
By Toni G. Boehm
Toni Boehm, who has been listed in the “Who’s Who of American Women,” believes that through the process of spiritual awakening we will learn to find our true path, and fulfill our destiny. Ultimately, this is the realization that Spirit and I are one “as the wave is one with the ocean” — thus our supply is unlimited when connected to this inner source. Hence the play on words in the title for this amazing book Entrepreneur — meaning finding the source within rather than without.

This wonderful little book helps us deal with negative thought patterns and forgiveness, as how can our “cup runneth over” if it is jam packed with old baggage and lack consciousness separating us from our true source?

With exercises at the end of each chapter, Boehm guides the reader step by step in a comprehensive manner showing how to awaken the true power within each of us, so we might transform and blossom into the true prosperous individuals that we were made to be.

Toni Boehm has a magical and inspiring writing style that seems to penetrate the core of our being. A remarkable woman, Boehm is also a Unity minister and best-selling author/circuit speaker who has open, loving, gentle spirit.

And I guarantee you’ll feel her open heart in this book while it helps you discover a new paradigm — that of the Entrepreneur, shedding the skin and old energy of the entrepreneurial style that is bringing businesses down so rapidly in today’s changing world. 10 thumbs up for this gem!

Published by Dorrance Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstores.
Reviewed by Dr. Maryel McKinley


By Jim Warner
Here is a great peek at how several people navigated through the treacherous rapids of midlife feeling lost, lonely and unloved. You’ve heard about midlife crisis, that time in your life where you question your identity and relationship with the world?

Many midlife achievers run their lives on a treadmill of activity until the day comes when the bottom drops and they have to face their worst fears about issues like money, sexuality and love. Most people are openminded to a spiritual connection but don’t know how or where to begin. I read this book as I was going through a divorce and complete life make-over, at a time when I thought I had it all.

The author shares stories of eight high-profile individuals who typify the disillusionment of people in midlife yearning for more purpose in their lives, for connection or inner peace along with renewed energy and aliveness.

Questions from the people in “Aspirations of Greatness” are piercing, such as, “What is my destiny?” Warner’s book is a blueprint for positive change and offers uplifting, practical guidelines for living out your innate genius with gratitude, wisdom and serenity. I found the stories and research to be reassuring and validating as well as inspirational for the journey I have encountered at midlife.

Published by John Wiley and Sons, this book is available at your local bookstores.
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis



The Direction of Business Now Instinctive, Nomadic and Ever Changing
By Mikela Tarlow (with Philip Tarlow)
As the economy evolves in new and dramatic ways so must we. The aborigines’ striking prescient view of the world says that all things are connected: Every relationship influences every other relationship and all events exist in a continuum. This allows information to flow freely between any two points, building a fabric of relatedness that can be accessed from anywhere.

In “Digital Aboriginal,” the Tarlows reveal how these concepts apply to business and how to use them to innovate and succeed. Want to stay competitive and on top of the current trends in business in a digital world? In this book the author(s) discuss these topics:

•How the buying public has become co-participants in designing products from personalized CDs and sneakers to commercial events

•How workers without walls call their own shots while still collaborating with teams to fulfill specific business goals

•The concept of “tribal mind” and how radical, interesting dynamic conversation breeds radical, interesting dynamic ideas

•How even small ideas — like the flap of the fabled butterfly’s wings ? can go on to be huge in unpredictable ways

•The concept of “coyote business” inspired by the Native American myth of the coyote as a trickster who is able to turn impossible tasks into elegant solutions.

Published by Warner Business Books, this book is available at your local bookstores.
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis  

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