An Alternative to Detergent Chemical Bath and Shower Gels! 



Vermont Soapworks is proud to introduce a revolutionary line of all-natural Castile Bath Gels. The new soap-based gels are the first of their kind. Mild and moisturizing, Castile Bath Gels are made from coconut and olive oils, essential oils, aloe vera and a special vegetable gum and glycerin extract. 

Known for their mildness, Castile soaps were developed 300 years ago in “La Castilia” region of Spain by Master Soapmakers that brewed natural liquid soaps from a mixture of olive and coconut oils and herbs. Vermont Soapworks is continuing the Castile tradition by creating Bath Gels made from Castile-style liquid soap that are a natural alternative to the chemical-laden detergent formulas found on the market today. 

There are no artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives or detergent chemicals in Vermont Soapworks Bath Gels. Most mass-marketed bath products use FD&C or Lake colors made from coal tar dyes. These substances can contain residual cancer-causing substances such as phenols and benzene, and may cause skin irritation and other health concerns. Vermont Soapworks products gain color through the use of natural essential oils, plant material or mineral oxide pigments. 

Vermont Soapworks Bath Gels contain only pure essential oil fragrances that are good for the skin and provide aromatherapy benefits for the mind. Many artificial fragrances can cause dry skin reactions and other annoying conditions such as itchy noses. More good news for customers, Vermont Soapworks Bath Gels don’t contain EDTA or other artificial preservatives that can irritate skin. Instead, they use Rosemary extract (made from the essential oil of Rosemary) as a natural preservative. 

Vermont Soapworks Bath Gels are free of the synthetic ingredients often found in mass-marketed soap products such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol and Triclosan. These common chemicals are suspected to be harmful to human health and can cause severe skin irritation in some people. Instead of an artificial detergent base, these Bath Gels are made from natural vegetable gums and oils. 

Vermont Soapworks Bath Gels are available in Sweet Orange, Country Lavender, Peppermint Magic and Unscented and are sold in 8 ounce bottles, as well as in bulk. Ask for Castile Bath Gels at your local health food store. For more information, visit  or call Vermont Soapworks directly at (802) 388-4302.

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