Self Esteem Sampler
By Kay Walburger


Self-Esteem is Thinking Green! Growing A Green Economy! 

Self-Esteem is Thinking Green! This is my invitation to you to honor your life by opening up to the idea of thinking green. 

By Thinking Green we can start a new healthier collective consciousness. We are not alone for most of the indigenous people of earth have for tens of thousands of years taught these principles of living in harmony with all life. The environmentalists have been persistently urging us to heed the warning signs for many generations. There are many environmentally-friendly businesses and community organizations which are continuing their projects to honor the earth’s resources and contribute to the well-being of every living thing in our world. We can add a new dimension by creating an economy based on Evolutionary Principles of Thinking Green. 

The first thing that comes to my mind is the “home-based business boom” going on around the globe. This is one very significant solution. Here the home doubles as a living and nurturing environment but also the most human-friendly and healthful work atmosphere. The advantages are many. It is my intention to write stories demonstrating why and how Thinking Green is about a healthy environment with a healthy economy so ALL may thrive in the years to come. 

Here are three examples of Business People Thinking Green. We hope they encourage you to do your “Green Thing” and make it a better world! 

Janet Dowin-Peloquin, why don’t you Bloom Where You’re Planted? 
“This question changed my life and became the name of my flower shop I had dreamed of for 20 years!” 

Janet loved flowers all her life and while she worked as an x-ray technician, she kept dreaming of having her own flower shop. It became a hobby at first then one day she asked a friend who was getting married if she could do the floral arrangements as her gift to the bride and groom. She put her heart and soul into her work and her friend was thrilled. Other mutual friends noticed her talent and began to ask her to make floral arrangements to give as gifts. She was working with doctors who had female staff members and needed bouquets for birthdays and other special events. Some of the doctors’ wives noticed her fine work and Janet’s reputation for scrumptious flower arrangements began to spread. She soon had a budding home based business. 

“Life is what happens when you are making other plans..” (A Beatles song) and life had some moves and other unforeseen hardships for Janet that seemed to take her off her path. After having her son Brett, it was time for Janet to go back to work again. She dreaded going into the technology field which was not her heart’s desire. She often complained to friends. “Finally one of my girlfriends said, “Well, Janet, what do you really want to do?” “I told her I had always wanted to have my own flower shop.” To which she replied, “Why aren’t you doing it?” I always had an excuse or reason to put it off. One day my friend was so frustrated with my complaining that in a tone of frustration she yelled at me, “Would You Just Bloom Where You’re Planted?” It hurt me and I could see my friend was hurting for me as well. It was that moment — when the student is ready the teacher appears. She was my teacher and I decided to see if I could really do it by taking a part time job in a flower stand. The chain of events that followed was so amazing I just knew it was a “God Thing”. 

I started at this very store which had only been a flower stand and not doing as well as it could. The owner decided to bring in a designer to boost business. I loved this work and was very happy to at last be in my field. As it happened another woman, Kathy, who had her own flower shop for 15 years wanted to get back into the business.” 

“When the owner decided to sell, I did a lot of prayer and meditation, conferring with friends as a support system. They all felt I could do this. I told Kathy I was about to take giant leap of faith and if she would stay for a year and teach me how to operate a successful flower shop I’d buy the shop. She said “yes” and now three years later we are still growing a loyal clientele.” One friend was a lawyer and helped with legal papers, another helped look at the investment side. Other friends showed up to help me paint the shop. 

This business has grown by word of mouth from delighted customers. We provide a haven and a “village feeling” here because we are small in size and caring — we know most of our customers by name. We organize our time and space well and are able to give full service out of this 300 sq. ft. space including umbrella covered patio. We have major corporate accounts and standing orders from families who appreciate fresh flowers every week. I listen to the flowers as they whisper to me at the flower market. They always make me think of fairies and sometimes I put a fairy figure in an arrangement to cheer someone and remind them of the magic of living life to its fullest. My Feng Shui artist ,Nat, said “Flowers are the Kisses and Smiles of God.” 

“We all have a quality of life from working here. I live my values and am friends with my assistants and customers. I laugh more and feel more peace in my life from doing my labor of love in service to my community. Best of all my family is happier. Doing what you love has rewards that transcend just working to make a living and make living more worthwhile!” 

"For information, contact “Bloom Where You’re Planted”, 747 Dover Dr., Newport Beach, CA 92663. Phone (949) 515-0219, Fax (949) 645-9715  at  or  email ."


Joan Friedlander is Living Her Imagined Life Coaching Others To “Work Less, Make More”

“Work Less, Make More” is a concept which captures everyone’s attention even when they find it difficult to believe,” says Joan Friedlander, career and success coach (The Imagined Life, is her business name). “Nevertheless, they always ask me if that is possible. I can confidently reply “yes” because I am now living the life I imagined by working less and making more myself.” In April 2001, I crossed the bridge of the average “Labor Intensive” work-a-day-world to the “Quality Lifestyle” most people only dream of. I will confess it was a long and arduous journey, which finally led me to the moment of realization that this was not just a theory or dream, but a real possibility. If I could overcome my biggest block to this happening, namely my old self limiting beliefs, I could live “The Imagined Life!” 

“My career path began in earnest when I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a BA in Psychology and chose for my fist job what was a “Smart Career Choice” based on my parents’ and society’s opinion. I somehow managed to last three months before I admitted to myself that I didn’t like what I was doing. I was not thrilled with my degree because it seemed to categorize people and did not move them to the results they were seeking. I knew I wanted to really help people and for this I was called an idealist as if it were a curse! I wanted to impact people and do something on a large scale. I also knew I was terrified to speak in public and felt I had nothing to say! That slows progress somewhat.” 

“Fifteen years of working and living . . . I was on my own hero’s journey. I did not always appreciate the lessons I was learning because they seemed like failures, temporary successes and unreconciled issues as I attempted to find my path to career fulfillment and financial security. Life has a way of bringing up all the things we are trying not to see. That includes relationships with business associates, family, friends, significant others, children, and personal health. I was moving closer and closer to my moment of breakthrough and the day I realized I needed a career coach was that moment in time when everything in my life started to make sense.” Virtual-Reality Set In! 

“I was looking for a coach and remembered an ad I’d seen on the Internet a while back. I e-mailed a woman in Sedona. She agreed to coach me for one year and walked me through the maze of experiences, visions and dreams from my heart. It was a spiritual journey learning to make a living doing the work I was born to do. It took discipline; because after all is said and done, I had to put it to work in the physical world. I now knew my career was to be a career and success coach.” 

“My coach was one of the first to be chosen by Jennifer White to be a coach’s coach for her “Work Less, Make More” coaching program. It offered ten powerful steps of learning to focus on your brilliance while increasing your income and still having a life. 

I found the program to be every thing it was reported to be, and now as I am coaching others using this as a base; I find new dimensions in it to explore for myself.” 

“My success includes many coaches from around the USA who coached me virtually on the Internet and phone. My award-winning web site was also a result of several coaches from the web. I am a Virtual Coach as most of my clients live in other states. 

“Joan works in the most luxurious and healthful environment, her own home in Orange County, CA. Her personality is invested both in her decor and equipment. She has all her senses caressed by the nurturing sensory field of her home-based business office. Here she can view her garden’s beauty as she feels fresh ocean breezes from the open windows. The soothing sounds of a small water fountain near her desk add ambiance. Potted plants and aromatherapy candles or potpourri calm her spirit. She can enjoy fresh fruits and other healthful snacks and meals from her nearby kitchen. 

While “Virtually Coaching” others, Joan now works less and makes more of her life while building financial security. She is always seeking a few clients to share this opportunity to build a career and lifestyle that reflects your deepest values and vision as well as commitment to a better way of life. 

For information, contact The Imagined LifeTM: We Put Your Vision to Work at , or e-mail  (714) 558-1777. 


Ginger Lee Creates Visual Magic in Her Wellness and Beauty Center! 

Ginger has a passion to honor every person’s true beauty so they always radiate a harmony of outer and inner loveliness. 

She became a licensed cosmetologist over fifteen years ago. In pursuing her profession she realized that making over outer beauty is not the answer to true happiness. She wanted to do more for her customers and knew she could. She loved her career and did platform work in hair styling and in high fashion’s corporate shows and exhibits. There was an inner voice telling her she could take her well-earned success to another level if she would search for more wisdom and knowledge. 

Ginger began to search for answers for her own life and ultimately discovered the vision of a more holistic way of helping people integrate inner beauty with outer appearance centered in Wellness. “I chose to work with people who came to me in a way that honored their individual spirit and natural beauty. I studied the art and science of clinical guided imagery and became a certified practitioner. This was an amazing experience as I discovered my own rich inner life and natural beauty. I gradually became comfortable with that part of my self and saw a way to incorporate it into my work,” reports Ginger. 

“I began in earnest to expand my healing techniques and I am trained and certified in Pranic Healing, Iridology, Reiki Master, Aroma-therapy, Magnified Healing, Kinesiology, and Herbal Therapy. These are all ways I create a safe and sacred space for my clients to receive my beauty-enhancing services. The next area of my hair care career was to create a non-toxic and human-friendly environment in which to work. When I found the perfect setting for my Wellness and Beauty Hair Care Center in Laguna Niguel, I started with Feng Shui. This allowed me to create intention and placement of energies in a lifeforce nourishing way and make a place where I can work in harmony with my highest purpose. It is also a very safe place for clients to relax and feel comfortable and at peace.” 

“When people open the door they are very surprised because it is not the average hair salon environment at all! First they are greeted by Aromatherapy (a pleasant blend of essential oils) and they usually remark how good it smells in here. They see a wall with peaceful white billowy clouds floating across a blue sky. The calming sound of a waterfall grounds them and they hear special music that harmonizes with brainwaves to add to the ambiance and mood of the room. My station is also different as I use only indirect and natural light so there are no light glare or distractions.” “Now we are ready to do the beauty work I love as I use my healing touch to draw out the inner beauty I see and feel.” 

Many people book appointments around events that have some tension in them, like meetings or parties, etc. I want them to feel safe and at peace so I may use Guided Imagery or Pranic Healing before I touch their hair. I use a special blow dryer with only the lowest amounts of energy. A chemist works with me to provide all natural hair color and shampoos. I always respect a person’s health and wellness. 

The center also has Yoga classes and other life-expanding workshops and freestyle dance from time to time. People love to come here and feel the freedom to be their true self. In the future I am planning to do more networking and help shift my industry to be more life affirming.” “I would like to inspire anyone who may read this story to follow their “dream”. Since I have been following mine in the last year and a half, I have more peace and fun in my life. My children and family are all happier and for the first time I have more financial security. I love myself and my life more than ever before and I would like to see more people follow their dream,” encourages Ginger Lee. 

For information, call Ginger Lee (949) 348-9687, voicemail (949) 222-6682, Wellness & Beauty Center, 27601 Forbes Rd., Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 or see 

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