A Quantum Leap In Our Concept Of
 Service To Humanity 
By Reverend Jane Ilene Cohen 



This new concept of service does not focus on helping those we perceive in need of help. It does not focus on relating to those we perceive as less evolved or less awakened on their terms. 

Instead we must focus on relating (and functioning) at the highest level we are capable of and letting those less awake stretch themselves to relate to those more awake. This applies to whatever level of awakenedness we have achieved.

 We must structure our communities in a way that supports and evolves, on an ongoing basis, the highest level of consciousness we can achieve. This allows a transformed world to unfold. 

Leaders usually focus their energy on supporting those less advanced than themselves (which is generally called service), rather than on stretching and challenging themselves with anyone that can keep up with them. If their contact with those less awakened is not a stretch for the less awakened, the whole system gets mired in the comfort zone of the less awakened. 

Cutting edge leaders must go full out, as fast forward as they are capable of, not hindered by the level of advancement of the larger groups of humanity. We are currently allowing ourselves to be ruled by humanity’s desire to stay in the comfort zone of unawareness, in the effort to not rock the boat and upset humanity’s hold on that which it perceives is. 

People have a life and death grip on holding in place and pressuring their inner and outer environment to conform to the concept of the world they have structured their experience on. It’s time to stop going along with and reinforcing that in each other, thereby holding back our power and light. 

This new perspective reverses the direction we have been pursuing. Instead of holding ourselves back for those less advanced, we go full steam ahead, so everyone is challenged and the movement or momentum is forward going rather than backward focused, mired in what feels comfortable and safe to the less awakened parts of humanity and ourselves. 

We’ve been allowing ourselves to be ruled by the insane rather than the sane, by the unevolved rather than the evolved. We’ve been catering to the lowest common denominator, to keep it from destroying everything, as if it were all-powerful; rather than claiming our power and setting up the world in terms of sanity. We have locked up the sane and evolved aspects of ourselves in a victim mentality. 

The idea is to relate fully within our own integrity, congruency and enlightened self-interest. This goes contrary to our religious beliefs against self-interest. Enlightened self-interest is essential. We must be scrupulously honest and admit what is, on the deepest level. And an essential part of what is, is our enlightened self-interest, what is truly for our own benefit on a personal, individual level. That is essential for congruently honest vision, grounded in reality. It is the foundation for functioning in the here-and-now and healing the perceived split between how we can both come together with others and remain congruent with the essence of who we are and what we have come to earth for. 

This can be very volatile territory, because we are dealing with the insane and unevolved wherever it is, including in ourselves. This leaves us traveling totally unexplored territory, in which we are allowing the ground under us to shift. Therefore this must be done with completely devoted adherence to Divine Guidance. The way I see this occurring is by participating in a process where we are vulnerable in relationship and dialogue with our own small peer group. (This peer group idea is developed further in “Vision and Proposal for the Small Peer Group.”) This group, founded in love, would evolve a process in which we are bringing out and reinforcing our sanity and reaching alignment with the triad of self, peer group and the Divine, and allowing our empowerment to unfold. In the process it would also be uncovering and transforming that which is unevolved and insane in ourselves. As long as we are experiencing and relating to the world as if the insane and unevolved aspects or manifestations of it are in power, we have unhealed issues in ourselves to address. It seems to me that when the sane aspects in us are claiming its power, the world will be saved. 

Rev. Jane Ilene Cohen is a spiritual and intuitive counselor, incorporating NLP techniques. She is certified as an NLP Master Practitioner, TimeLine Therapy AE Master Practitioner and a Spiritual Counselor based in A Course in Miracles. Jane has a private practice in Del Mar, CA where she sees individuals, couples, and family groups. She is currently facilitating two weekly interactive relating groups and can be reached at (858) 350-0333, e-mail JC@janecohen.net . You are also welcome to visit her website at www.janecohen.net .

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