Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young 
By Jesse Anson Dawn 



Jesse Anson Dawn, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”,  plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.” 

Presently answering the question: “Are many people afraid to read or think about real, natural alternatives to “normal” aging because of programmed myths and fears about death and dying?” 

Dear Readers, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” said Mahatma Ghandi. 

Indeed, Ghandi’s statement has become increasingly relevant to a world so full of deceit that telling the truth has become the duty of revolutionaries. Especially now, when even our “traditional” perceptions about death have become habitually deceitful, now when the “standard” thing to say about a “deceased” person is “rest her (or his) soul,” followed by the usual “may he (or she) rest in peace” — resting, it is said, in that so-called “final resting place.” But to me such terms of dead-end finality seem harshly false and cynical, for soul is energy and energy can never be fully at rest — a fact clarified by the First Law of Thermodynamics, the true-to-life axiom which reminds us that “energy cannot  perish but only be transformed.” With this understanding, comes the refreshing premise that we need to transcend the habit of wishing souls exile amid some “final resting place,” and instead inspire a sense of perpetual renewal by saying something to the effect of this: “May we give honor and recognition to our realization that all souls shall be RE-ENERGIZED FOREVER...” 

And yet still there looms that shadow of uncertainty, that urge to put a definite timeframe on everything. But still I wonder how it got to be this way, how we came to so massively disregard the universal cycles which show us again and again that nothing ever totally dies, not the trees in winter, not the sun which sets only to re-arise, not the moon which “disappears” only to reappear in shining fullness. Even cremated ashes contain perpetual energy, for those particles can be continually recycled as nutrients for a still living plant —all of which is but a miniscule potential compared to the endless possibilities of a spirit-energy powerful enough to give animation to a living form. 

No Total “Rest in Peace” for Soul Energy 
My dear father passed on in 1997 — “may he rest in” — no, what I mean to say is, “May he be joyfully re-energized forever.” For universal laws give evidence to that transcended reality. But as I find myself being frank and honest about the life and personality of my father, I must admit that he seemed quite old long before his time, a man who seemed sadly alienated from the joys of life even in his 40s (which is a good reason to wish him renewed joy and spirit in his future incarnations). Also, I must admit that perhaps it was partially a rebellion against my father’s premature “oldness” which first urged me to seek the goal of being never “old” — for it is only when we see all  the causes that we’re able to fully mend our spiritual wounds. 

Perhaps one thing that caused my father to seem prematurely old was his habit of being ceaselessly introverted, a dyed-in-the-wool “loner” (which I tend to be at times, and yet just as often I push myself to be socially active, mainly due to an acquired awareness that— 

Being Semi-Gregarious Is a Creative Key 
Let me again emphasize one of the basic creeds of sociologists — the premise that human beings are the happiest and healthiest when we are what they call “semi-gregarious.” In other words, alone when we need time to think and do intensely creative work, and social when the time calls for companionship and direct communication. And it’s the semi-gregarious — sometimes-alone-and-contemplative/sometimes-socially outgoing — (inner/outer self) most connected to the creative part of the mind which makes new skin, new brain cells, new hair, new vision, etc. Also, it’s the contemplative, undivided self  which can be called the real self, for it’s the only one able to forego role-playing. And it’s the undivided, real self which is the most capable of realizing this:


And speaking of present time awareness, I’ve just become aware of the fact that the time to send this column to my wonderful Editor, Darby Davis, has arrived. And so as I sign-off for now, may I continue to wish my readers a heartfelt, eternally living, perpetually energized path of happy rejuvenating!… 

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