Living with Passion and Purpose = True Wealth
By Marilyn August



Recently, I had dinner with a client who seemed to have it all, two homes, one at the beach, and the other a country estate. He was retired from a successful business, flew his own plane and as a hobby sold Mercedes automobiles and drove the top of the line. He took leisurely walks along the beach and spent lots of time with friends. He seemed to have an idyllic life. Yet, all was not well with him. His life was empty. Nothing gave him joy or pleasure. He expressed disdain and negativity for most everything. One bland day blended into another. His life consisted of a series of meaningless events; a trip to Europe (which his son gave him as a gift) and even his nights out with the guys were no longer enjoyable. The hole in his soul seemed beyond repair. How very sad, to have everything and to be so uninvolved and uninterested in any of it. 

I realized that though my dinner companion seemed to have everything, his life had lost its meaning. He was just playing out a hand in a game he didn’t enjoy. 

As I was driving home, I said a prayer of thanksgiving for my life of purpose and passion. I felt sad for this man and the emptiness of his life. Ironically, this dinner occurred at a very low time for me. I was having difficulties with a long-term client and my imagination was running wild as I contemplated worse case scenarios. How would I manage if I couldn’t work things out and this very important client let me go? What would happen to my programs and work? This dinner turned out to be just the blessing I needed. When I released my negative thinking I solved the problem for my client and began to see my life and career through new eyes. 

Another client I was coaching wanted a relationship, but just couldn’t seem to find the right woman. He had convinced himself that he couldn’t be loved, admired or involved and that he was just “unlucky in love”. I asked him what he wanted to contribute to this person whom he was looking for so earnestly? ‘What do you bring to the party?” It got very silent when I asked him to list 5 things about himself that he believed would attract a woman to him. 

Both of these clients share the same perspective of lack and limitations and they both vibrate with an abundance of negative energy. They focus on what they don’t have instead of what is possible for them to contribute. They were very convincing and in a perverse way seemed to be enjoying themselves as they spun their sad tales of woe. 

The best way to crumble your old story of lack and limitations is tell a new story as if it were real. Focus your sacred energy on your passion and purpose. Talk about your vision and expected successes and leave out the downside and losses you have suffered. When I am busy contributing and sharing my gifts with others I don’t have time to bemoan the fact that life sometimes throws me lemons. I’ve learned that these “lemons” are merely ruts in the road when I compare them to living my passionate, purposeful life. 

One of the first activities in my “Money-Wealth and Wisdom” program is to develop a lifestyle vision. I am always surprised at the general resistance to this “assignment.” Some people express fears of describing a new lifestyle and being disappointed if they don’t get what they wanted. One person with more resistance than normal had “done this before.” When I asked her to quantify her earlier results she said that she only got 50% of what she had written down. A classic “glass is half empty” moment. Negative attracts negative. Other people have difficulty telling me what they want. They are experts at articulating what they do not want. Money is nothing more than green pieces of paper and round metal coins. It is a concept that we made up. Money is simply the engine that drives the ship of our full expression as human souls. 

In your work place, a vision for the business replaces complaining and blaming because it connects everyone to a common purpose. Since money is nothing more than energy, it is attracted to a positive focus. The key to a successful business vision is that everyone associated with the company has a personal lifestyle vision that is aligned with and supported by the company’s vision and purpose. 

Most of us have negative myths, beliefs and superstitions about money that are alive and well in our subconscious minds. Replacing these conscious or unconscious beliefs takes fortitude and desire. You can begin driving out these demons with your vision of how you want your life to be. Your visions statement is global in nature. It is written in broad brush strokes describing life as you want it to be. By identifying your passion and soul’s purpose, you change your perspective from lack and disappointment to contribution and achievement. 

Many people have been taught that setting goals is the best way to realize their financial dreams. While this may be true for some people, an overwhelming majority of people I’ve worked with over the years, experience defeat and depression when they don’t achieve the goals they set. A goal is linear in nature, measured in time and numbers. A goal might be to save $1,000 by Christmas. Failure to reach your goals may even create an underlying lack of faith and trust in your Higher Power just as it chips away at your self-confidence. Goals work very well for some people. They accept the fact that achieving only a portion of their goals is still a success. Then, they reaffirm the goal and start again. But, even with this positive approach there is still a significant missing piece of the money puzzle. 

Your intention is the umbrella that sits over the goal. Your intentions speaks to the quality of life you really desire as a result of achieving the goal. Intention is defined as focused thought, feeling and action in a specified direction. The power of a clear intention is that it puts creative universal energy in motion bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

Your true intention is known by the actions you take. Taking action is putting your intention into motion letting God (your Higher Power) know you are serious. The amazing thing about taking action is that the action does not have to necessarily be logical. Things happen more naturally when have clearly written intentions. Consistent action steps coupled with clear intentions produce your true wealth in ways you may never have expected. 

A client wanted to change her relationship to money, but when asked what she wanted she replied, “I want to manage my money well, and be organized.” What she was missing in stating this lofty goal was the intended result of being organized? She came to realize that security, stability and consistency was what she really sought. Until she was clear about what she really desired, she was just running around in circles “getting organized”. 

What brings you joy? What is it that you want to contribute to others? When you leave this planet — what will people say about you? Do you want to leave this a better place than when you arrived? Are you just a visitor whose life is only a series of bland experiences or is there a zest for life within you? Identify and intensify that zest. Pretend that in ten days you will receive an award for the BEST LIFE THAT HAS EVER BEEN LIVED. Write your own introduction. Stretch it to include what you’ve always wanted to be, to accomplish, and to have. Now make this the new “story” of your life. 

Marilyn August is a transformational trainer, motivational speaker, and personal success coach. She founded Wealth & Wisdom Seminars over 11 years ago to help people transform their relationship to money empowering them to increase their income and live rich, fulfilled lives. Thousands of people have completed her programs with amazing results. She is known for her unique approach to the Spiritual-psychology of money. Her book, “Sound bites for Healthy Wealthy Living” is a simple easy to read booklet of inspiring ideas and words of money wisdom. For more information, contact Marilyn August, Wealth & Wisdom Seminars at (949) 443-2508, check out her website at  or e-mail her at 

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