A carpenter from England found he has been given a natural gift of healing! 

John Mayo, International Healer, Helps People, 
Animals, and Birds 
By  Kay Walburger 



John Mayo, from England, started his healing career as a skeptic. He was in total denial that he had any special powers helping the very first people he touched to heal. He thought it was all in their mind. The word began to spread, and more people asked him for help. Gradually he began to accept his gift, similar to an artist’s natural talents to create works of art. 

In 1994 John’s wife Hazel was involved in a serious auto accident and John was afraid she might not recover.  She was fortunate to survive but six months later she was plagued by a constant intense headache and pains in her leg. One evening Hazel came home and said, “John, I don’t know how much longer I can stand this headache!” 

John had a sudden impulse to relieve her pain and offered to help.  She agreed and he laid his hands on her head.  They chatted for about 20 minutes and she said, “John, my headache is gone!  You helped me!”  John felt it was all in her mind but was happy his wife had some relief from months of suffering. 

A few days later she reported that her headache had not returned. He was unwilling to believe he had anything to do with her remarkable improvement.  She coaxed him to heal her leg as it was not working right and had pain. He gave in and held her leg for some time. They saw it was able to move an inch or more than before and this encouraged him to continue repeating the process several more times. Before long her leg was healed and she has had no trouble since. 

John warned her not to tell anyone what had happened and she reluctantly agreed. It was holiday time and while visiting family members he saw one of them in pain and offered to help.  Well, to make a long story short, the family told other family members and soon friends of the family were asking for help. Friends telling friends and family members, and the requests for healing came pouring in for help. It took months for John to begin to realize and accept the enormity of his powers. 

“When the word got out, a man from India called and asked me to come to his home to help his father who had a bad back. I agreed and as I started to help the father sit up in his bed, people brought chairs into the room to watch. This was the first time I had a real audience. One by one the other family members described pains and asked me to help. For hours they came one by one, and when I had helped each one of them the women of the household prepared a traditional Indian meal for Hazel and me to enjoy. This was the first time I really got comfortable with my ‘gift’,” reports John.

 A Wonderful Way with Animals! 
“I’m not a faith healer,” declares John Mayo. “I am very much like anybody else except I was given a talent to help people heal. Most people, especially men, are as skeptical or more skeptical than I was when I started. They look at me in amazement and say “I didn’t believe it would help me!” One astonished man said his wife had him ‘under pain of death’ if he didn’t allow me to touch him. He was very happy with his healing.  I’ve helped many people who couldn’t believe anything could help them after years of suffering and pain. I wish I could help everyone but some people are beyond my powers and I must be grateful for all who are helped.” 

“One woman I helped had severe migraines and after I had helped her she came to me one day in tears.  She said her horse was going to be put down as it was suffering from a nervous disorder called stringhalt. The horse involuntarily kicks itself in the stomach. That was the first animal I had ever treated and after a few sessions the horse was fine.” 

“A lady called me one day and said I should meet her at a pub to help a blind man with his seeing-eye dog. The dog had cancer of the mouth and would be dead in several days. He said the dog would not let him touch his mouth so he’d be amazed if I could. Well, there I sat on the floor of the pub with the dog by me, its head in my lap and my hands gently touching his mouth. People paid us no mind and stepped over us as I gave my gift to this wonderful animal. Some time later we learned the dog recovered and was going strong.” 

“I was raised in the country and it seems only natural for me to treat animals that do so much to bring comfort and pleasure to humans.  I have treated everything from a baby hedgehog the size of an egg to a circus camel.  I have the ability to calm animals and often soothe them to sleep during healing sessions. This is handy when I’m working with wild animals in the wildlife sanctuaries and animal rescue centers. These include a baby badger, an owl with conjunctivitis, and a bad tempered swan with an arthritic hip.  The woman in the center told me I’d never get near it.  The swan was asleep in no time with its head resting peacefully in my lap.  I have been able to help all sorts of household pets and even a goldfish.” 

The ring master of the Great British Circus called about his sick camel, stating a friend had suggested he call as they heard he’d had great success with race horses. John came and treated the camel with the chest and wheezing condition.  The ringmaster was thrilled by the first treatment as he said, “Clifford the Camel had the snottiest noses you could imagine but by evening it had cleared up.”  John was by now making headlines all over England! 

Touched by Compassion! 
“Each time the word got out, more and more people called or came by my workroom for healing until I couldn’t get much work done and my wife Hazel said “John we have to decide what it’s going to be — carpentry or healing. It seems this gift is too wonderful to waste but we have to make a living from it if we give up the business.” 

John had never charged for his healing but now his time was used up by his compassion for others in pain and he loved helping people get back to a better quality of life. He had to decide to make a living by following his gift wherever in the world it would lead. So he and wife Hazel chose to go where they were needed, and it has taken them to many distant lands and more to come. 

As John became more available, he was featured on talk radio, and to his amazement some people called in to say they had received a healing just from hearing him on the radio.  Then his phone rang and a woman wanted him to talk to her daughter in Australia and he did. They reported amazing results for the daughter who had not been able to get out and about, now was walking her dog again. The phone has now helped many people everywhere in the world.  John loves to travel and meet people, and says they are very generous with their time, homes and love. 

Hazel and John were in California for one of their family member’s graduation and decided to do a bit of healing work while here.  Once again, when the word got out people told all their friends and he was booked most of the time. They traveled up and down the coast helping people who requested their help.  He helped men, women and children, and yes, animals too. One horse had been attacked by a mountain lion and had hurt its neck, and John was able to help. Hazel and John loved California so much they plan to return in mid-September . 

“John would love a world tour”, reports Hazel.  “His compassion motivates him and he is not drained after touching people all day; he is exhilarated. Wherever we go, if he sees someone needing help, he offers.  An old man walking down the street had foot problems and John knelt down on the sidewalk and held his feet till they were better.” 

My Personal Experience of John and Hazel Mayo 
I met John and Hazel on Fair Day at The Latest Thing in Costa Mesa, where he was helping people and holding classes. I was struck by the unique friendliness of this couple. It was like meeting unassuming long lost family or friends. They chatted with me and I felt such good vibrations. They were ‘real people’ with honesty and good-natured humor as they kidded each other. I had been to my doctor with a health issue and was told to get my BP down. 

I opted for a session with John and was baffled as he placed his hands a few inches under my throat and on my back and we talked about everyday things going on in our lives.  John has a very soothing voice and I felt completely relaxed.  Then it was over.  Three weeks later my amazed doctor gave me the great news I had really lowered my BP. I knew some of the credit was mine for doing my part but John had helped me in a special way that I can’t explain except to say ‘LOVE.’  He is so loving and compassionate with everyone and ‘LOVE’ has the power to heal! 

For more information please Tel: (+44)01453833438, Mobil (+44) 07966438142, Fax: (+44) 0145-3832830, e-mail Mayocons@aol.com  website: www.johnmayo.org.uk 

John Mayo will be appearing at The Latest Thing in Costa Mesa, CA on September 10-12. Call (949) 645-6211 for appointment.

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