The Heart of Love
By Scott and Shannon Peck



Taking Your Place As An Ascending LoveMaster Throughout the evolution of rising life, we have been graced with Ascending LoveMasters individuals whose consciousness and lives have lifted us higher into spiritual wisdom, love, and living. Love is calling each of us to take our place as an Ascending LoveMaster. 

Great spiritual leaders have assumed the presence of Ascending LoveMasters. They focused on Love and rose to it repeatedly — even during times of great oppression, persecution, and personal hardship. In fact, they used their adversities to strengthen their Love stand and soar even higher. Many who were with them also rose higher from such powerful Love modeling. 

Spiritual leaders such as Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tzu, & Buddha (and many more that your heart can name) embodied divine greatness. They so clearly accepted their true state of spirituality that to be in their presence was more than an uplifting, holy experience. Healing also took place — healing needed in collective consciousness. Their acknowledgment of Love’s power and their all-inclusive embrace of humanity uplifted thinking and left an immense imprint on civilization. 

These spiritual luminaries understood that becoming an Ascending LoveMaster was their innate calling, not just for a few, but ultimately for us all. Their Presence as Love was also a call for others to remember who they were as fellow Ascending LoveMasters and awake to their work in the field of Love. 

Who would make your top 10 list of Ascending LoveMasters today — those who you feel are expressing extraordinary Love reaching out to all humanity? We think immediately of Nelson Mandela, The Dalai Lama, Oprah, and so many more. Shannon names her grandmother as an Ascending LoveMaster. Everyone who ever described this woman used words such as holy, joyous, loving. Her physical appearance has been absent for over a decade, yet her powerful mark lingers. 

Living in San Diego, we have journeyed to the ocean to be with the whales. One way you know a whale has just left an area is by the large place in the water that is still and without ripples. It is called a whale print. Just as the spectacular whales, Ascending LoveMasters leave behind their Love print. 

We are all ascending in Love. Ascension identifies the path of a LoveMaster and brings forth the image of one who is rising. As expressions of divine Love, we are destined to rise and ascend with unrestricted freedom. Love soars. So do we. As Love’s presence, we soar in Love’s enlightenment, luminosity, and radiance through knowing, understanding, and assuming the Presence of Love — moment by moment. 

Just as helium balloons rise higher, so do we when we are filled with Love. If, however, a helium balloon is tied down by an earth weight, it cannot rise. So too for us. Ask yourself right now, as an Ascending LoveMaster, “What do I need to release in order to rise?” Guilt, fear, shame, self pity, self condemnation. These are all earth weights. So is even the tiniest irritation, grudge, hurt, or anger. These are destined to be detached from your ascension. Imagine what would happen if you cut those ties right now? Let us open our thought to all infinite possibilities of ourselves as Ascending LoveMasters. We won’t exceed our highest sense of who we think we are. We can rise only to our highest expectation. Love yourself enough to let that expectation be you as an Ascending LoveMaster! Take your place. It is time! And take everyone with you. When the tide comes in, all the boats rise together. No one gets left behind. 

In our ascension, we can practice the principles of expectation: Expect that: 
•You will be guided and lifted by Love as you stay focused on Love. 
•You will grow (ascend) without limit as you stand grounded in your Highest Selfhood. 
•You will operate at higher places in your daily affairs and be attracted to other Ascending LoveMasters — and they will be attracted to you for mutual love, support, and community. 

Each of us is being called to this ascension of character and life purpose. No one is excluded. Love is All-inclusive. Let us begin now by clearly seeing ourselves as Love beings. Let us understand Love’s law operating in our lives to the extent that it becomes the overriding power in any situation, calling forth the Highest Self in each of us. Let us expect healings as a result of our stand! 

Ascending as a LoveMaster is not only a divine calling to live and act as Love’s Presence, but it is your divine, inherent right. Love is calling you. Humanity awaits your love. Welcome to the heart of Love! 

Scott & Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing all humanity into the heart of Love. This article is based on their workshop “Becoming a Love-Master,” their 6-tape audio course, “All the Love You Could Ever Want,” and their books, “The Love You Deserve” and “Liberating Your Magnificence.” Shannon is a spiritual healer and both Scott & Shannon are Love teachers, popular speakers, & media guests. For additional information, call TheLoveCenter at (800) 266-1525, visit , or e-mail . Copyright 2001 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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