Who Me?  An Awakening Leader?
By Kerrie Dancing Butterfly



Yes you! Yes everyone!
Everyone has the potential to be a leader. Especially now, all voices, all ideas, all perspectives, all talents, all skills, all resources and all hands are needed to dream and manifest new sustainable solutions into our collective reality. Each of us will be called to lead in different ways.

What does leadership look like today? We may be using an outdated view of what it is to be a leader... Many think that being a leader means to hold office, be a public speaker, a CEO, a best-selling author or be interviewed on CNN. However, as times change, our interpretation of what it is to be a leader must evolve. As a parent, business owner, teacher, politician, author, craftsman, musician or coach, being a leader starts first with your leadership character.

Here are some simple ways you can lead by being a shining example for others in your family or community to emulate.
• Be in integrity with your word  
• Be brave enough to choose the road less-traveled or even pave a new path for yourself and others
• Follow your true heart’s passion
• Choose compassion over judgment in all situations
• Accept and honor the value of diversity in our world
• Live in harmony with the environment as you lighten your imprint by reducing, reusing and recycling
• Exhibit random acts of kindness when least expected and without expectation
• Speak your perspective passionately and compassionately
• Speak kind words of others
• Express bold new ideas and solutions to old problems instead of complaining about them — break out of your comfort zone
• Choose faith over fear
• Help those less fortunate
• Live financially within your means
• Live a balanced life honoring your health, spirituality, family and profession
• Take ownership for your choices and your reality
• Be loving and authentic in your personal and family relationships

How can you lead in your profession?
• Exhibit exceptional ethics in your business dealings
• Be on time and follow through with your commitments
• Switch out blame and gossip in the workplace for clear, positive communication
• Bring innovative and creative
     solutions to the challenges of business
• Seek to implement sustainable and environmentally-friendly approaches
• Anyone in the community, in addition to parents, can exemplify leadership qualities for our youth.
• Model and teach our young ones how to respect others, exhibit moral values, honesty,
    sportsmanship, cooperation,
    tolerance, patience, exploration and compassion
• Give our youth stable environments, healthy structure and a strong foundation on which to establish their roots
• Give children a space to spread their individual wings and express their perspectives, feelings creativity and passions

Leadership can be that simple and it starts with you and your own leadership character. With impeccable leadership, you can go into any arena and make monumental change happen fast. If it is your calling to write a book, address the school board, be a member of the U.S. Congress, or chair a new organization, these simple suggestions will help you lead in any situation, with integrity, and with the respect and support of your peers. I invite you to look within and find your awakening leader; step up and make a difference today in your life, family and community.

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