The New Frequencies of Healing for Humanity
By M. Darren Gregor



Have you noticed how much we, and the world around us, have been changing? Every year astounding advancements take place in technology, medicine and our understanding of the natural world. Humanity as a whole is evolving in leaps and bounds. Just look at all of the shifts in consciousness that have occurred in the last 20 years.

Spirituality” has become a household word. No one can avoid hearing about the benefits of alternative medicine and holistic practices. Near-death experiences, the after-life, angels, miracles and synchronicity have become popular themes for TV and movies. Spirituality-based self-help books constantly top the best-seller charts.

People want to relate to the aspect of our universe that goes beyond the physical realm. We are in the midst of an encouraging new shift on the planet, one that allows us to tap into incredible new frequencies of healing and evolution.

These amazing frequencies, called Reconnective Healing frequencies, were first discovered and employed by Eric Pearl, D.C., a highly-successful doctor in Los Angeles. He and his staff now tirelessly travel the globe, teaching people how to heal themselves and others, on all levels of mind, body and spirit.

These healings first manifested through him one day when, after 12 years of practice, his patients suddenly began to report miraculous healings from birth disfigurements, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis and more. Not all of them... but a lot of them. Enough of them so the world began to recognize that something very real was happening. And the healings came about without him needing to physically touch his patients. He merely held his hands near them!

These frequencies have been researched and validated by top doctors and medical researchers worldwide, as they attempt to explain their power, source and function. Gary Schwartz, PhD, William Tiller, PhD and Konstantin Korotkov, PhD, all prominent, renowned scientists, are currently conducting new research programs on these frequencies.

Other scientists suggest that these frequencies might be here on the planet for the very first time and they could carry the potential to help us eliminate disease at all levels.
These frequencies have been reported to help facilitate healings from conditions such as cancers, AIDS-related illnesses, cerebral palsy, depression, addiction and arthritis, to name just a few. These frequencies appear to work on all levels, physiological and psychological, affecting our cells and DNA to bring about healings both physical and mental.

Dr. Pearl explains that the frequencies allow us to heal on higher levels than we have ever before experienced. He instructs that healing is not only about the alleviation of symptoms, diseases, pain, infirmities and other hindrances to full functioning. Rather, it is the bringing of balance and wholeness to the person on all levels. In essence, true healing.

What’s more, it seems every-one on the planet might be “hard coded” to receive these frequencies and be able to work with them to help facilitate healings in others and themselves, once you come into contact with them. But you do have to come into contact with them first. You can’t just “ohm” them in.

These incredibly strong, palpable and intelligent frequencies are the topic of Dr. Pearl’s international bestseller, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now published in over 30 languages. According to Dr. Pearl, Reconnective Healing is both old and new. It’s old because it’s of the Universe and has therefore always existed, yet simultaneously it’s new because it hasn’t been here on the planet before!

The benefits of these powerful frequencies are not just limited to helping people. Animals also receive healings. Renee Coltson, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner has been bringing this work to racehorses and a variety of other animals for a number of years with surprising results.

Recently, Renee was called to work with a dog named Bear who was suffering from a tumor so large that the hair on the mass was sticking straight out. The tumor was affecting Bear’s ability to walk or even get up. The animal’s caretaker couldn’t even pet Bear as it seemed to hurt him; she was concerned the end was near when she called Renee.

After the first session, Bear no longer suffered. He suddenly enjoyed being touched again. The tumor had shrunk to half the size. After two more healing sessions, Bear’s tumor became a fraction of its original inflamed size and continued to shrink.
To date, Dr. Pearl and his staff at The Reconnection have taught this new level of healing to more than 55,000 people in more than 70 countries. While several thousand of those trained worldwide are medical doctors, nurses, chiropractors and/or master healers, most come from non-healthcare related backgrounds and include engineers, teachers, housewives, high school students, sales personnel, attorneys, government officials, celebrities and even royalty!

They come from all walks of life, all age groups, and are able to carry this work forward at the highest levels. And they, and their clients, report healings from all types of conditions, similar to those of Dr. Pearl?s own patients.
Working with these frequencies is often a life-changing experience. During a seminar weekend, you are “immersed” in the frequencies, and often continue to experience the healing vibrations long after the seminar has finished. Once activated by this work, your own healing and evolution continue at its own rate, every day, for the rest of your life.

For more information about Eric Pearl and The Reconnection, to register for the upcoming Reconnective Healing Seminars in Los Angeles September 25-27
, or to attend The 7th Annual U.S. Mastery Conference October 2-4, visit, or call The Reconnection Office at (323) 960-0012.

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