By Kay Walburger



Harmony Biz Expo Is Law of Attraction Marketing at its best... an idea whose time has come!

“Life is kind in that it continually presents situations and circumstances for our growth, expansion and expression of who you really are,” extols impresario Mata.

One day I went to the coffee house for a healthy snack and was disappointed because there were none. So I went home, got out my Grandmother’s Scandinavian Bread recipe and proceeded to make the type of natural, healthy muffin I wanted to eat. I took it to the owner of the coffee house and said, ‘I came in here yesterday looking for this type of healthy, natural muffin and you didn’t have any. Here it is, you should buy it because there are other people out there who will want this too!’ He bought it and that was the start of Bread’s Bakery, recalls Mata, an ‘Entrepreneur
’ at heart.

Anxious to make money and get practical experience, I founded other companies, I’m a street-smart branding and marketing expert. I have a knack for taglines. Just talk to me about your business and it jumps out at me to the delight of my customers — small to Fortune 500 companies.

In the 80’s I operated a talent agency with my partner, acquiring valuable working knowledge of the behind-the-scene’s aspect of the film industry, which turned into a production company. For a short time I parlayed that experience into a film crew staffing service.
In the late 90’s I found out what a ‘promotional product’ was and built a business helping small businesses gain visibility and effectively market their goods and services, then selling for one of the top distributors, Idea Man.

My customers talked me into opening the successful Marketing and Promotions Company in 2000. I continued to expand for 8 years, teaching a variety of industries how to avoid burn-out. This is when I founded and produced the renowned “Vehicles of Promotion Expo.”
Now everywhere I turn, I see new networking groups, but they are unique in their theme with names such as Law of Attraction, Abundance Network, Spiritual Professional Women, or Prosperity etc. They are everywhere and more are popping up.

And their focus is on ‘cooperation rather than competition’… how can I help you? What do you need? Who is your best Customer? Demonstrating that when I help you I am really helping myself. With the Law of Abundance, Law of Attraction, and the Law of Reciprocity as a guide. A whole new way of doing business.

Could it be that ‘Truth’ is seeping into our culture?
I have been entertaining for many years, the thought that my life could be lived as a whole… that there is no separation (really) from personal, to family, to business, to whatever. The harder I tried to compartmentalize my life, the unhappier and less truthful I became with myself and others.

My life was filled with not only pleasing others first, but I had to be perfect at everything I did. And I lived in constant fear that what I did wasn’t going to be good enough, or I would be rejected for my thoughts and opinions. It was just exhausting and unfulfilling living like that.

Now I believe in some wild way that if we did the opposite of what we were taught, being genuine and transparent, listening to our gut feelings and intuition, approaching our daily lives in uncensored expression with the intention of joy and the sacredness of all we came in contact with, we would be much happier, balanced people. We are tired of being ‘on guard’ all the time.

I want to invite people to gather in an environment where we would be honored in our oneness of spirit, be given the opportunity to be noble and generous, to express ourselves in truth, to learn and explore our creativity, and weave our webs of opportunity making ‘truthful’ connections and sharing our wisdom.

We as business professionals know what our leads, prospects, referrals and customers are worth to us, so it is not hard to determine the ultimate value. Think, a leading-edge event that brings excited, willing people together in an environment of cooperation and giving. We are on the forefront of a whole new way of doing business — of being.

Harmony Biz Expo will present “Green Alternatives and Answers.” People are looking for resources and solutions; they want to be happy and enjoy their lives. I think a life lived in integrity and joy can’t be done without integrating spirituality and creativity. I also believe we are far too removed from our true resource, Mother Earth and all the life she nurtures (including us).

The expo will be held on Thurs., Oct. 29 from 4-9 pm
at the Atrium Hotel, 18700 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA 92612.  (across from John Wayne Airport)

For tickets and more information, call Mata at Harmony Biz media, (949) 929-6885, email: harmony , visit: www.harmony


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